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  • How did she get banned? :cryingr:

    • I moved to this account. I'm a guy :shyy:

    • im so sorry :cryingr:

      and im an idiot im sure u told me before :pepe-sad: but i dont remember :pepe-toilet:

  • RIP :ak_iucry:

  • u will NEVER be me!!!

  • thanks for the follow my friend...

    now as I ask of everyone tell me something about yourself (which I don't already know)

    • Well um.. hmm there's a lot about me. I'm sure a lot of people know this but I don't know if you do. I'm a trans male, shocking I know :woow::woow::pepe-notes:

    • No, I have something even more interesting. I don't like sweet food :pepe-peek:

    • nice :thumbup: good for you my friend...

      I've never met someone that young transitioning before - it must've been really difficult...

      I hope your parents are supporting you on your journey

      really? no a big fan of the sweet stuff...what do you prefer then salty? bitter? savoury?

    • Thank you, my parents are quite... unsupportive but I don't need their support to live out my truth. I do love them a lot but they cannot control my life. :pepenomad:

      I prefer savory foods, salty snacks, and sour candy. Super sugary things just aren't that good to me. Plus they make my stomach hurt :pepe-life-support:

    • wow that makes it really hard - are you still living under their roof? ie. living with them?

      oh...interesting...what's your fav food(s) then?

  • Stan Billlie

  • hi :pinky-longing:

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  • I didn't want to derail the thread..but I wanted to know more about your transition :pepecute:

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    • Ask away :pepe-notes:

    • you must've had surgery done, what was that like? was it hard?

    • No I am a minor so I haven't gotten any surgery yet :peperain:

    • oh, do you take hormones then? and are you ready for surgery?

    • Not exactly. I haven't come out to my parents and even if I did, they would tell me to go to church and stuff. My mom is lowkey homophobic (even though she claims she's not) and my dad just pretends that I'm not trans. So I'm waiting until I'm 18 so I can legally purchase hormones and get ready for surgery. It's a long term goal but a goal nonetheless :pepe-use-head:

  • I see akorns :eyes:

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  • are you going to join the TXT guild? :whatb:

    • yes :pepelove1:

    • Awesome :ak_heejinheart:

    • so um how do I join officially I haven't been online in forever and I forgot :pepefrog:

    • First of all, has your first guild removed you yet? They need to officially remove you so that you're open to new guilds. after that you can just say that you want to join in the guild lounge and they'll add you. :ak_happy:

    • Ohhh!! Thank you!! No my last guild hasn't removed me. All the members are inactive and I forgot who the new owner is (since I was the original owner but I went on hiatus and gave up my position). I'll try to PM them about it though

  • Annyeonghaseyo

    I need akorns juseyoooo :omg24:

  • Welcome back goddess

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  • I'm sorry haoluvr I thought you would've been back since I left but I'm just stopping by to poke around :/ Hope you're well.

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  • I hope you are doing okay Haoluvr

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  • I'm in search of a samurai who smells of sunflowers

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  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

  • Halo Orbit :)

  • Hellooo! :groovins:

  • im your biggest fan :|

    • as u should my dear kokopuff :yesr::lover1:

    • No I'am your biggest fan :|:|:|

  • Ayoo, you a Carat? 👀

    • YES :eyes:

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      The very first thread of mine’s is the taglist thread, lemme know which type of taglist you want to be added to or if you want to be in all of them. :)

    • wait I don't know what taglist is :whatr: I don't know why I don't know this but what is it?

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    • It’s basically a list of people who are part of certain fanbase(s)— a lot of groups have a fandom taglist. Carats have one to ensure that Carats are updated and informed of the threads relating to Seventeen.

    • Oh I get it now, sure I'll join. Just add me to all of them idk what kinds there are

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  • omg its an 8star hi bmf

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  • haoluvr, Hao? :whatb:

  • Kori's Playlist


    1.) Midnight Train (심야행)- SE SO NEON (새소년)

    2.) Maggot- Slutever

    3.)Dear Sputnik- TXT


    5.) 별비그대 *:・゚ (RAIN STAR *:・゚) by YongYong (용용)

    6.) Droppin' Seeds- Tyler, The Creator (ft. Lil' Wayne)

    7.) Intro : PERSONA- BTS

    8.) The Shock of The Lighting- Oasis

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