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  • HI <3

    If you haven’t already can you vote for ONCE CULT in our outfit thread?~
  • Hiya!!

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    • hi !

    • i havent met u before

    • yea me either 🤷‍♂️ i just liked it when you yelled at a homophobic person lmao

    • oh lmao- i just didnt remember us askin for their opinion i think it was bc that he wanted attention X/ if he come back again ill be happily to put him in his place 8o

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  • :starec::starec: edit I realize that was meant to be harmless fun but like I still cringed and acted in the moment. ( im still standing by the chick stare though...)

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  • OMG happy birthday!!! <3

    Let me change your age on the cult age and pronouns thread! You're moving on up!!

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  • happy birthday!!! :flying:

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  • Happy 14th birthday!


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  • happy birthday <3333

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  • hbd!

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  • watch 91 days right now missy if you don't i will call take away your ash(Not unless you already watched it then you are good)

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  • YOUR ASH DP !!!! were now besties :cursing::cursing:

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  • You're an official member of the Once Guild! Welcome to the squad <3

    Thank you for being a representative of Chaeyoung <3


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  • Hi~!

    Thank you for the follow! Pls keep stanning Chaeyeong she's an underrated cutie in Twice! :claps:

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  • thanks for the follow my friend but why me though?

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    • bcs ur cool

      - from a very cool person (aka me, aka senti 😎)

    • thank you and like i ask of everyone tell me something about yourself?

    • mhhh well my ult grps are red velvet and twice, my biases are chaeyoung and yeri : ) i like anime a lot, im more into anime then kpop atm, what about u ?

    • you seemed to have found my intro thread...

      once you finish reading it let me know if you have any other questions

    • yup ive read it, mhh i dont think i have any other questions : ) just u seem pretty wise

  • thanks for the follow, stay safe! <3

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