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  • imy

  • hello do you remember me

    (also i found people saying happy birthday so i'm gonna say happy birthday too :lover3: :lover3:)


    I wish you both happiness and love on your special day!! <3<3:borahae::borahae::lovec:

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    • thank youuu :pepelove1:

      you're always so sweet :pepelove1:

    • Aw, thanks :lover3:

      But I sincerely hope that your birthday was celebrated with both love & happiness!!! <3<3:borahae::borahae:


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    happy cake day.

    I love your profile pic btw.

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    • thank youuuu :pepelove1:

      my pfp was actually the first gif i made, so it's not the best quality but tyy :))

  • Happy BD

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  • Happy Birthday :pepelove1:

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  • Happy Birthday :giftr:

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  • Happy birthday!! :pepe-excited:

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  • Happy Birthday! :giftr:

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  • Happy birthday :froghype:

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    • thank youu :pepelove1:

    • do u like my new name :whatb:

    • omgg i forgot you were gonna change your name haha, i didn't even recognize you first :pepe-peek:

      it's a pretty name though, me gusta :pepelove1:

    • lmaoo thank you :cutes:

    • np bestiee

  • Hiii

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    • heyy :pepe-flirt:

  • <3:claps:

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    • heyy :pepelove1:

      i'm probably gonna be more active today and tomorrow because it's weekend haha

      but yeah i have my ap exam coming up on june 7th :pepe-sad:

      how are you doing?

    • Well, that is good to hear, as we all missed you!!!! <3:borahae:

      But please be sure to also get a decent amount of rest and breaks between school.

      And oof, that must suck :pepecute:</3

      I am doing okay, what about you?

    • I missed you guys too :pepelove1:

      and yeah i'm taking breaks between school dw haha

      i'm doing pretty decent now, there's not that long till school ends so even with the stress of the finals and final projects and stuff, i'm excited haha

      when does school end for you?

    • Well, it is nice to know that you are still looking after yourself even with all of the stress from finals <3

      YOU GOT THIS!!!! :borahae::thumbup::yesr:

      Well school ends on June 3rd for me, but my graduation is on June 4th :claps:

    • :pepelove1:

      thank youu :pepelove1:

      ooh nice, school ends around june 15 for me I think? what grade are you graduating from?

  • lmfaooo- xD

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  • i just merged jyp and pepe's face together :pepe-sad: how do i get over the trauma of seeing it

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  • Followed you back <3

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  • Hello! Will you be coming to @bangtan-hoodie and @kittykitka 's wedding?


    It's today at 12pm CST <3

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    • I really wanted to attend but I missed it sorry :(

      I had school at that time :(

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    • It's okay <3

      Don't forget to wish hoodie and kitty a happy marriage! :blushing:

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    • yesss i did haha <3

      did you and @itsymoo have an official wedding btw (like how kittykitka and bangtan-hoodie had)?

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    • That's good!

      No, but we're planning on it! Billie and Jae want me to help plan theirs and I'm hoping to get to ours when I'm done with theirs. If we did, I would've definitely invited you :*

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    • aww thank youu <3

      if you want a little help with planning your wedding, i can help (but i understand if you guys wanna plan it by yourselves or have someone else to do it)

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  • If Rihanna was a Kpop idol she would be a visual in a girl group. She and Tzuyu are my top favorite pop star visuals.

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  • how dare you not follow me earlier my friend lol

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    • i swear i'd followed u before but turns out i didn't :pepe-hehe:

      also i finally filled out the form thing for kmc btw, did u see it :peperun:

    • i'm back but tired so i got like a hundred notifications to get through tomorrow i think...

      i will backread each page in the kmc guild trust me... lol

      so i know why you've followed me so like i ask of everyone tell me something i don't know about you?

  • Thank you for the 50 akorns! <3

    Was this my repayment for when I donated you those 50 last time?


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  • thank u for akorns u are the saviour of my life :pepelove2:

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  • hi :pepelove1:

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    • heyy :pepelove1:

      how has your day been so far? :pepe-excited:

  • We haven't talked in a while it seems! I miss my conversations with you, you're so fun


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    • aww thank you <333

      you're fun to talk with tooo haha

      i think it's because we mostly talked in the tag and simon says conversation but now we've moved to the kpop megachurch

      you should visit the kpop megachurch more often :pepelove1:

      how has ur day been so far? anything interesting happen?

      also ur username gradient looks so pretty with ur dp haha

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    • You're welcome <3

      Thank uuuuuuu <3:oops:

      Oh yeah, I remember. I realize that I haven't talked to a lot of people who were in those games in a while...I also think the T&D game kind of flopped, idk what happened to it... :confused:

      I will! Just been having too much fun at the Once Cult :pepe-hehe:

      Pretty good. How are you?

      Thank you <3

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    • no problem <3

      and oh yeah lmaoo we play truth and dare a little sometimes randomly in the guild but it lowkey flopped haha

      ooh yeah I totally get that haha, I'm in the skz guild too so i just check in in both guilds ig

      i've honestly had a lot of homework recently (i feel like i always talk about homework lmaoo) and a little missing work, so a little stressed but i'm on a three day weekend (and it's like the end of saturday) so yayyy that's good

      also the governor in the area i live in announced that all high school will be going back to in-person starting from april 19, following a hybrid thing (like half online, half in-person) so i'm exciiited

      and this air plant terrarium thing that my mom ordered for me a couple days ago came yesterday and it looks super pretty (like the actual plant it self is green but there the gravel or stones or whatever they're called are a pretty blue and there's a purple rock and purple flowers, and a pink little bush like thing). the whole thing is like 4 by 4 in. but it looks soo pretty haha

      ooh did u listen to on the ground btw? i loved it ;(

  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

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    • i would omggg but i'll have to wait a while to get my home comp (because youtube is blocked on my school comp :()

      also i'll probably not have enough time lmaoo

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    • Ohh that's okay. It doesn't have to be now. But ur flopping especially your school :cursing:

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    • my school is flopping not gonna deny that :pepe-hehe:

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    • Students must have a bad history of internet if they blocked it :cursing:

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    • i mean idk, youtube had always been blocked in all the schools i've been to and around my area lmaoo

      other "social media" sites are also blocked, and basically any online games and stuff

      so most of the interesting things are blocked (thank god akp isn't lmaoo), but then again it is a school computer lol

      of course there are ways around youtube being blocked, like for example, for a short time some students found out that putting youtube in google translate (like the actual website not what shows up when u search it up in google) and trasnlating to a certain language makes it so that u can click on the link and it'll be unblocked

      but then they blocked google translate lmaoo

      and lately they've been stricter too so even more stuff is blocked :(

      but u can convert youtube to mp4 and watch and listen to stuff from certain websites, so I do that if i get bored (that's how i listened to on the ground)

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  • do you mind giving me 50 akorns for my guild :pepe-angel:

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  • lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :pepe-hehe:

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    • lmao >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> lmfao :peperun:

  • flop profile


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    • why it flop :(

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    • floppito :peperun:

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    • bc flop

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    • very eloquent :pepelove2:

      is there anything specific that makes it flop and should i change it or keep it the way it is because flop >>>>>>>>>>> flop >>>>>>>>>>>> flop :pepecute:

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    • hmm :/  :pepecute:

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  • dps and sigs

    Looks like you've upgraded :suggestiver:

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    • lmaooo yes I might go back to my pepe sig when I change my dp to something else though :P

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    • noooooooo :mads:

      stay pretty sis

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    • pepe sig is pretty idk what you're talking about :pepe-hehe:

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    • I think several people have lied to you sis


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    • I would never lie to myself 8)

      but tbh I'm too lazy to change my pfp anytime soon and I have to admit it is nice having a proper sig lmaoo so next time I change my sig I'll probably get a proper sig too haha

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