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  • Wait…is sushi okay..?

  • RIP Sushi

    I loved you a lot

  • Um are you ok?


  • akorns? 2

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  • How you doin'?

  • HINT: You already have Twice and EXO right!

    You still need the other 3rd Gen groups~


  • Thanks for the follow <3

    I see your getting around nicely! It took me a while to figure everything out


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    • I'm just trying to see if Cherry's description of this forum is correct lmao :teeheek:

      So far, people seem pretty nice :borahae:

    • Haha, I know what you mean :pepe-hehe:

      Yep, I think so too! There are some really nice people but there are some users who are just-- yeah...

      But most of those people get in trouble so likely the only type of hatred would probably be hating idols :peperain:

  • gimmie akorns :akorns:

  • hello welcome to akp <3

    I saw your thread and you mentioned you are interested in joining our guild~ here is the link: exotics guild

    feel free to drop by anytime :lover3:

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    • i will definitely stop by sometime!

      cherry has told me good things about you guys :)

  • thank you for the follow

    so i know why you followed me so as i ask everyone tell me something about yourself

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    • awh i'm such a boring person lmao

      well i'm 174 cm which makes me tall

      and i'm doing art school and i hope to be an artist someday

    • everybody says they are boring

      i'll find something interesting about you yet...

      that is tall especially for a female, you're even taller than me (i'm short for a guy)

      ps: i'm chinese Australian so feel free to use the metric system (stupid americans lol)

      nice what kind of art?

    • I'm doing both painting and sculpturing :pepe-toast:

      I still have to make a portfolio of all of my work.... oop

    • i would love to see some of your works...

      what got you into art and painting/sculpting ?

    • A lot of my friends and family told me that I was very talented :borahae: even my art teacher back in high school would always support me.

      So I thought since I was good at art, I would take advantage of my skills and try to get better.

  • WELCOME ABOARD MATEY (also thx for the follow)

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  • Thank you so much for the follow <3

    I hope that I can get to know you better :lovec:

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