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  • i love your jk dp :omgr:

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  • Hello! I'm a JK stan too! I was just wondering if you know any JK group chats where I can gush on JK all I want?

    I don't know any☹️

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    • you can join that Bulletproof Guild or join in on threads dedicated for Jungkook. I don't really think there's a JK group chat here though. 💜

  • OMG ADA IS BACK :omgr:

    anyway hiiiii how are you?

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    • not really. she just comes back once in a few months to interact with me :shyr:

      anyways, I'm okay I think.

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  • I logged on for the first time in a while and wow the revamp

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    • you're back? yeah:!:

      anyways happy new year even though I'm late lol

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    • Not really back to stay just seeing how you’re doing:)

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    • oh. I'm doing great. hbu?

  • first : P

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