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  • Hey! Just letting you know, you have about 4.25 hours before you can't participate without a Twice aesthetic <3


  • Welcome to All Kpop! im a huge Taylor Swift fan! and i actually follow another user that is a huge Taylor swift fan!

    So please

    make yourself comfortable!


    and i see that you are an Aquarius

    im a few years older than u though

    im 2005 :smirks2:

    im year of the Rooster

    you are year of the Pig! :cheersc:

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    • Hello :danceb:

      How long have you been in this forum? I am quite new to kpop and all. Most people here are so fun to talk to. How are you doing?

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    • Ive been here since the new forums got released, but i was on the old Fourums

      i hope you Love Kpop! plus i get ya, its probs safer to be here than the Kpop stans on twitter, they can get pretty toxic!

      Im am great thank u for asking! :pepelove1:

      and WBU

      what kpop groups do u stan!

      i stan Many groups!

      its in my Bio and in my badge count lol :pepe-hehe:

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    • Twitter is a toxic cesspool :pepe-cross:

      I am a fan of Twice, Shinee, EXO, (G)I-dle, Wonder girls and Miss A

      You stan LOONA don't you, judging by your name and probably TXT too.

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    • No Kidding :pepe-cross:


      there is a Guild for Twice that you can join

      and the Exotics Guild too!

      and u are Correct!

      you can also get their badges for some Akorns! :pepe_akorns:

      Loona, TXT, and Treasure are my top 3, Loona is my ultimate GG and ultimate group! :froghype::froghype::froghype::froghype::froghype::froghype::froghype::froghype::froghype:

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    • How can you join a guild?

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