• Stage Name: Chuu
    Birth Name: Kim Jiwoo

    Group: LOONA

    Sub-unit: LOONA yyxy
    Birthday: October 20, 1999

    Zodiac Sign: Libra

    Blood Type: A

    II. Chuu Facts

    – Chuu debuted December 27, 2017 under LOONA with the song “Heart Attack”
    – Her color is peach and her animal is an penguin
    – Chuu and Kim Lip were close friends before LOONA because they went to school together
    – Chuu and Kim Lip graduated Hanlim on February 9, 2018.
    – She is friends with JooE from Momoland, Yeri from Red Velvet and Bang Suji (a Polaris trainee)
    – The song she falls asleep to is “Upon your Existence, Ophelia” by Lucia
    – She is very girly and feminine
    – Chuu prefers skirts over pants
    – She hates rainy weather
    – She’s always wanted to debut in a girl group
    – Chuu loves macaroons and mint chocolate
    – She has two younger brothers
    – Chuu auditioned for JYP but she didn’t get in.
    – She was a part of FNC Academy.
    – A lot of international fans say that Chuu looks like a female version of Lee Daehwi (Wanna One)
    – Chuu was a trainee for 1 month.
    – Chuu thinks her charming point is her bubbliness
    – Chuu is known among the LOONA members in Korea for her aegyo.
    – According to the members, Chuu & Yves take the most selfies in Yyxy.
    – Chuu likes to eat shrimp sushi.
    – Chuu does not like Yaja Time.
    – Chuu comes from a musical family, her mom sings classical music.
    – Chuu’s mom didn’t like the idea of her being an idol because she knew how hard singing was.
    – Chuu’s dad always supported her, so that was the reason why Chuu kept going.
    – Chuu’s dad buys like 50 albums for every release.
    – Chuu writes in her diary twice a day, and usually before bed.
    – Chuu had a big fanbase pre-debut due to her Instagram.
    – Chuu watched a lot of sitcoms like “Unstoppable High Kick” when she was younger.
    – She used to have an Instagram until she was confirmed as a LOONA member, then she deleted it.
    – Chuu trended 4th on Naver, 2-3 days before the release of her song.
    – Pre-debut, Chuu wrote her own song, called 지우 노래, which simply means Kim Jiwoo’s Song.
    – Chuu is classmate with lots of idols (Red Velvet’s Yeri, Kim Lip, Astro’s Rocky, WJSN’s Yeonjung, Momoland’s Jooe).
    – Chuu’s favorite artists are Dean, MeloMance, Ariana Grande, and Paul Kim.
    – Chuu, Yves, Go Won and Olivia Hye share a room.
    – Chuu was once locked outside of the dorm for 20 minutes since the other girls couldn’t hear her from inside, and Chuu had lost/forgot her key.
    – One time in Budapest, the other members left Chuu in the toilet and she went chasing them while they were in their van. (Fan meeting 080718 – from Go Won)

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)