Minazuki —ꜱᴛʀᴀʏ ᴋɪᴅꜱ' ᴘʀᴏᴍᴏᴛᴇʀ!❜ ✧

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  • :akorns::?:

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  • I missed u ;(

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  • (mina)(zuki) - {expression}

    minazuki - {step 1: distribute}

    mnazuki1+1 - {step 2: apply exponent rule}

    mnazuki2 - {step 3: simplify}

    are you proud of me :pepe-flirt:

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  • my dp is so pretty now thanks to you! :pepe-flirt:

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    • I'm glad I could help you!

      The dp is really pretty (and with quality haha) :lover3:

  • You will be here for my birthday party tomorrow right :pepe-toilet:

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  • youre a bp stan ? :)

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  • I bored do something :boredr:

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  • im so interesting you followed me, ik.

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  • couldn't say this on the other thread since i didn't want to ruin the mood but holy shit it's another swiftie on here omfg

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    • You just read my mind, omggg

      I wanted to talk to you about it, but since your thread was sad, I was shy

      Glad to know there's another stan of the queen here :groovins:

    • i've been around since 2009, hbu?

      pls i have so many questions i'm so curioussfhvufvifv

      whats ur fave off of evermore

      whats ur fave album

      whats ur fave song ahhhhh

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    • Since 2008 when I was 12 years old

      I've been waiting for seeing her live since then and when she finally announce a show in my country and I bought the ticket, covid ruined everything ;(

      My favorite song of evermore is long story short

      My favorite album is folklore. For years I never had a favorite album, I used to say all of the are special for me, cause every one of them were a important chapter to describe my life at some point. But folklore became my favorite when it was released.

      My favorite song is difficult. But I think its State of Grace.

      What about you??? Tell me everything

    • i finally got the ticket for Lover Fest East and covid destroyed it all ;(

      fave song of evermore is *whew this is hard lol* i think tolerate it, but champagne problems is in close second

      it's hard for me to chose a favorite album because i'm always having a different kind of day, but i've always stuck by Red

      my favorite song is definitely either Clean or Last Kiss but i ADORE State of Grace and Red

      my "forever is the sweetest con" long sleeve shirt just arrived today too!

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    • In your country, did she cancel or she postponed? Here in Brazil was postponed, but I don't know if it will still happen at this point ):

      Tolerate It has one of the most beautiful and relatable lyrics in the album. I love it so much too

      And I totally understand how hard is to have a favorite album, lmao. Every one of them have a narrative and mood that you conect yourself depending on what's happening in your life

      Omgg, this is nice. I dont buy merch apart from her physical albums cause its kinda expensive where I live, but this shirt is amazing

  • imma follow you <3

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  • Jenizuki

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  • :clown::clown::clown::clown::clown:

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    • LMAO


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    • finally got something right :pepe-cowboy:

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    • Sis, can I ask you something?

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    • sure go ahead

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    • whats your nickname?

      Just to know how I can call you, you dont need to answer if you dont want to

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  • mmmmmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnnaaaaazzzzuuukki i got a veeery imporrrtant message for you

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    • I loved your new dp :smirks:

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    • noooo i spent too much time on it lmaooo

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    • ooh ty lol <333

      I actually saw it while browsing Pinterest a few days ago and thought Felix looked gorgeous in it (well he always does lol) so I decided to use it as my dp

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  • Yo what is up

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  • Your icon the speed is kinda of because she does many moves and to be under 300k I had to cute a lot of frames26433aed8b8163a43e4fe53e2443a84024718523.gifv39265b262a39d1e682e445b70cb73eeed1072185.gifv

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  • Badass signature!

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  • OI!

    @kidsgonestray was the first :cursing:


    I love your sig already!

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    • She works fast!

      I blinked and she was already on my profile lmao

      Thank you, but wait

      I don't even know which sig I'm using, I'm on the mobile the whole time ;(

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    • Chan and Hongjoong being the Kings they are.

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    • Omggg

      This sig is kinda old, I already changed it 3x since then

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  • Hullo, I was determined to be your first profile post! How are you doing?

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    • I'm honored, I must say! :D

      I'm fine, just woke up to go to work and I came to check the forum quickly, lmao.

      What about you?

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    • Hehe, I'm at online school - English!

      I'm trying to re-start our guild so I contact the moderators about it - I'll relay when we can reset it!

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    • I hope you can re-start the Guild as soon as possible. I already miss it *raccoon crying*

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    • Just got permission to restart it - formatting might take me a while but I'll try to finish asap so we can discuss!

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    • Okay, love!

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