Good Day

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    Good Day debuted on 30th August 2017 and was a south-korean girlgroup founded by C9 Entertainment. The group consisted of ten members: Heejin, Genie, Cherry, Chaesol, Nayoon, Jiwon, Haeun, Viva, Bomin and Lucky. They debuted with their first and only debut EP "All Day Good Day".

    Good Day debuted on August 30 with their first EP All Day Good Day, with the title track "Rolly" featuring the appearance of Bae Jin-young in the music video.

    In October 2017, 6 members of the group: Heejin, Genie, Chaesol, Jiwon, Viva and Lucky were confirmed to join the reality television series The Unit. A korean survival reality show. None of the members make it into the group.

    The group disbanded in November 2019.

    Extended Plays:

    "All Day Good Day" (2017)