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  • Aww man you changed your Leeseo dp.

    • I did lol she is too cute

    • Wait is that her in your new one? I cant tell.

    • It's Wonyoung

      I still have the Leeseo one saved I'll post later if anyone wants to use

  • Can you buy Cix's badge petition for me? I can give you akorns for it if you want, but we're 1 vote away from qualifying for allkill badge, so it would really help us out?…d=sortOrder&sortOrder=ASC

  • Hey sorry to be a nuisance, but do you still want the MX LE badge?

    • I do!! Is the time over? If yes I dont have enough akorns ;( but I can give you what I have if I can pay the rest later

    • Yes that's fine! Thank you! The total is 950 akorns!

    • Done!!!

  • catzii, I love your gaeul aesthetic

    • aren't you following me back? :pepe-comfy:

    • I'm sorry I thought I was but it's fixed now :cutes:

      I love love love your Wony red aes <3<3<3<3<3

    • It's okay! :hug-raccoon:

      Thanks :finger-heart:

  • Xiaoting looks so pretty in your pfp

    Love 1
    • I agree ❤️

    • Yes btw hru?

    • Im fine ty hbu? Trying to collect akorns cause I owe Kairina t.t

    • I'm fine too! What do you owe her?

    • 250 akorns lol. Im glad youre ok what youve been up to?


  • I just realized I haven't followed you yet.. Followed!

    • Hi!!!! How ya doing?

    • I'm good, I will have a hiatus maybe this week or next week, I'll miss being here and talking with you guys.

  • Catzi hello :pepe-excited:

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    • Yeah it has, we haven't talk since last year. How have you been?

    • A bit busy with work, I had to reduce my time on akp too! Wbu? I miss our random games in Treasure's guild :pepelove1:

    • I actually went a long hiatus, and the guild is kinda inactive that much. its good to hear you are doing good though remember to rest!

  • Hi, can you please vote for me here?

    Thank you! :aespa20:

  • I know this has been commented about but your sig is just G O L D

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    • Haha thank you tbh all the memes that came from that Jooheon picture were pure gold ^^

  • LMAOO at your sig

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    • the korean first lady is me whenever i show mx to other people

    • btw that actually really happened even though it looks like a crack edit lmao

    • i supposed it actually happened because the lighting and scenery throughout the whole gif is exactly the same, but i had a hard time believing it at first lol

      i kind of miss monsta x. i feel like no one really talks about them anymore and i hate the fact that wonho wouldn't have left if it weren't for the fake accusations

      never really got into them, now i regret that :peperain:

    • i miss ot7 so badly still haven't got over it and dont think i will so im patiently waiting for ot7 official reunion ;( i love wonho as solo and the direction ot6 is going though!! Gambler is my favorite title track by them in ages. Tbh mx isnt really that popular among kpop stans, i dont even bother making threads about them here cause its more fun when there's fellow mbbs to talk endlessly about them so i do it on tumblr and twt.

      Oh ot7 was awesome, seriously. Its never tok late to get into them though :cutes:

  • RV? WayV? MX? Jaehyuk? Jooheon?! All my favorite things on one user's profile :eek:

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    • seriously??? Omg let's be besties asap it's not everyday i find someone with taste as great as mine

  • Akorns juseyo :pepe-shades:

    • Be gone korndigger ;(

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    • Be gone kornkeeper

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    • call me goddess and u shall be provided of generous amount of this shallow currency that u humans worship so much

    • catzi is a goddess

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  • your dp :love:

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  • girl i’m getting blinded from your background :danceb:


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  • Gimme some akorns I want it fr rose animated badge :pepelove1:

    • Omg thank you so much ur so lovely :lover3::lover3::lover3:

    • I'm all about this loan shark business babe :pepelove2: now get that rosé badge

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    • Thank u :iloveyoub: and am getting it

  • Hi catzi, I don’t know if u still remember me in the old akp but just wanna say i love your signature. <3

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    • SHYBN!!!! OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU LOL you're an aesthetic queen with superior taste

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    • Im so glad you didnt forget me :waterr:
      and thank you!! <3
      i love your aesthetics too. It always catches my attention everytime I see you around the forum <3

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    • Of course i would remember! Also woah thank you, it's a big compliment coming from you. And I'm so happy you're a fellow monbebe, there's few of us around here :pepelove1:

  • gimme 20 akorns :pepelove1::pepelove1:

  • hi ty for the follow :pepeflushed:

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  • Why does your signature crack me up every single time I see it?

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  • wanna join the mafia gc

    • What do u mean? Isn't the one we were just playing? :eyes:

      LOL 1
    • yeah but do you wanna see who the mafia are also you are dead so :froghype:

      also you can't tell no one who they are

    • Ohhhh i would like to!!! I have to go back to work rn tho :pepe-comfy:

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  • :shake-it:

  • wtf is this new dp :pepe-back-away:

    • lmaoooo it's nyotengu ok I'm feeling a bit edgy today xoxo

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    • it’s creepy :wilds:

    • Lmaooo i'll change soon just for you, that's how much i love u :pepeflushed: anticipate my next dp/aes xoxo

    • cute lol

      i was jk btw, you don’t have to change it :(

    • I was jk too lmao but i still luf u

  • your dp pretty <3

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    • Thank u bb i like yours too <3

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    • thank youu <333

      who's in your dp btw? I feel like I know who it is but my brain's not working rn lmaoooo

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    • DIA's Somyi :lover1: she kinda resembles everglow's Yiren in the gif tho

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    • ooh nice, I actually don't know her lol

      she's really pretty :pepeflushed:

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    • I know right?? She's so underrated :pepe-comfy:

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  • i didnt know i dont follow u ur good friend

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  • thank you for the follow me my friend since I already know why you follow me...

    I ask this to everyone so tell me a little about yourself (which i don't already know)

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    • You already know a ton though? Lmao but ok, I'm brazilian and i have a terrible control of time. In fact, i should be sleeping rn and will probably wake up late tomorrow again and rush to go to work. Idk what i was supposed to say :pepe-toilet:

    • well that's the thing though right it could be anything lol

      you've read like 4 pages about me correct so as your new unofficial bestie I gotta get to know about you too right?

      go to bed...females get wrinkles if they dont sleep enough...and you dont want to get wrinkles do you?????

      LOL 1
    • I don't get wrinkles, the skin of my face is so good it looks like i went to the same doc Kim Kardashian got her botox

    • I hate lets not use anymore hate really really dislike the Kardashians lol

      really that good of your skin???

      well you better get some sleep or else that beautiful face of yours will end up old and wrinkly like an old man

    • Haha yes it's that good but indeed, i really should get some sleep. U live in Australia right? Must be morning there. I was going to say goodnight since it's night here, but good morning m8!

  • I'm following the 'bullying' scandal silently. To say I'm disappointed with the replies is an understatement.

    I just want to say I love your replies/posts ♥️

    Thank you for staying neutral

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  • nice sig durrr

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  • is that nancy on your dp :!:

    • Yes <3

    • your user seems familiar, you had that anime mangaish dp b4 i think

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    • Yes haha it was from prison school.. i remember ur rosé, Haruto and junkyu sets (taste girl) btw have u already streamed wrap me in plastic? :pepe-flirt:

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    • sadly no, im not interested in momoland :!:

      Sad 1
    • It's their best song since baam though :( pls give it a listen :pepe-cute: