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    I've been feeling like this about a guy. He keeps offering me a ride to home whenever I leave work, and it's been bothering me so much. I don't think he's got really evil intentions, but at the same time I don't trust him and don't want to give him hopes by accepting whatever he offers me. I already refused over 20 times, no joke. Hell, maybe 50, at this point. I don't get why he keeps insisting. I know that he might be worried or whatever, but it doesn't matter to me. This mf waited for 20 minutes for me to leave work so he could ask me again even though I refused the first time. It's soooo uncomfortable. I keep saying no everytime, but he doesn't get the clue. I fear that addressing the actual situation and be clear about my lack of interest in him might actually end up worse. It's really difficult so for now I kind of pretend the problem doesn't exist and try to avoid him as much as I can whenever he tries to get too intimate.

    I'm kind of like this, but it depends of who I'm talking to. I'm the type of person who needs deep and random conversations so if the other person seem too closed for that usually it's hard for me to keep going, cause i suck at small talk. Personally, i can't control that so i just gave up. I hope there's a solution to this but until then if we vibe we vibe, if we don't then we don't and i won't insist.

    Please don't use personal insults here again my fellow kpop stans :pepe-sad:

    this happens to me a lot. mostly in school. i'm short and uh well endowed, so they think i;m looking for someone and its quite annoying. especially for me and my sensitive self :oops:

    Oh i can totally relate! I think they seek a certain type of people who they mistake for being as needy as them so maybe their chances of success is bigger. It pisses me off :mad:

    reopen my thread pls i did not ask for ppl to insult each other and it had room for healthy discussion

    The good thing is that men are starting to turn away from interacting with women IRL and they are just simping OnlyFan models or egirl streamers. Everyone should know by now that if you aren't physically attractive you should have zero expectations of getting into a sexual relationship with someone, whether long or short term

    It's not even about being physically attractive tbh, it's about not creating any expectation at all and stop projecting what you want to see on other people and get mad if the other person don't respond the way you expect because of *this and that* as if they aren't actual human beings with thoughts and desires of their own and not a random robot that will react the way you want if you do "all the right steps". Whether you're good looking or not, if you do this no one will want your creepy ass. Or at least no one who love themselves first.

    I agree. And the good news is, usually it's worth it. Most of the powerful people I know are like the way you described. It's very human of people to act the way you expect them to act so if you treat them like shit, they will act like shit, and viceversa.

    They buy stuff the girl did not request, make favors that weren't asked for, then get mad if the girl still don't give af about him. I'm sorry but it's their own fault for interpreting every little thing as a sign that she was interested in them. It looks like they project their own desire on the other person to the point they don't even seem to see them as actual people but just an object they want to get. Just because someone is friendly doesn't mean they want to date you, jeez that should be fucking obvious. It creates such an awkward situation that could have been avoided. If you can't be friends with someone without wanting to f*** them then tbh you shouldn't even interact with them in the first place!

    Sorry if i sound too angry I'm just bothered about a situation at work