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  • So how goes that mavs in 6 over celts prediction of yours? :pepe-smug:

    Man you weren’t kidding - you stink at this lol

  • Yama, do you believe that Newjeans debut has surpassed Blackpinks debut?


    • Absolutely. But BLACKPINK is still the second biggest I've seen :pepe-notes:

    • I just wanted to say that I predicted this :pepe-smug:

      but on a real note, this is why I don't think you're so far off when you say they're on track to become the biggest girl group. they have a historic debut imo and if this HYBE shitshow doesn't mess things up for them then longterm they definitely have the potential to get on the same level as Blackpink.

    • If they survive the Hybe drama in tact and relatively unscathed, predicting their trajectory to maybe the biggest girl group ever is an easy call. But there is a lot of uncertainty and a lot of Hybe fans wanting to sabotage them now. We'll see.

  • what's up?

  • All the other hybe group fandoms are completely tearing down newjeans on social media, do you still believe in "hybe family"

  • pls give akorn... i wanna buy nj album badgeee

  • Hello, i am a Tokki now

  • This wall is sponsored by HYBE

  • Who's your favorite member in Mamamoo?



    LoveIt 1
  • Nice profile picture! What group is that on your profile picture?

  • Are you actually this much of a nut job or is it like an act.

    I sometimes think I can tell, but other times think it must be a gag you're doing.

    • You don't have to slide into my DMs to figure me out, fam. I'm an open book and you can peruse my pages any time. You just have to ask.

      And of course both answers are true.


    • :sweat:

  • why are you YamaChwan and not YamaChan?

    • Because I forgot the login creds for my OG YamaChan account and didn't expect to post here that much anyway :pepe-peek:

    • Oh lol, btw what was your youtube channel? I forgot to subscribe.

      Edit:- nevermind, found it.

    • :pepe-toast:

  • You know when I call you the Lex Luthor of AKP I'm just joking right?

    Unless you also stole 40 cakes. That's as many as four tens! and thats terrible.

  • I really did go and check if we’ve ever interacted on OH and we really haven’t it’s hilarious. There’s only one thread where we both commented and it was a blackpink thread that was so funny :angryr: :cryingr:

    • Of COURSE it was a damn BP thread. I may have to go look it up now :eyes:

    • But do you even know who I was on OH 👀

    • (Btw we both called them a top group) that was the thread :angryr: :cryingr:

      It was a DDDD chart thread.

    • If you tell me the name of that thread, I might be able to figure it out :eyes:

    • BLACKPINK's 'DDU-DU DDU-DU' breaking the "BIGBANG wall" with 1,015,669 Unique Listeners in 24 hours (1st GG to hit 1M)

      (Can’t paste the link lol)

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