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  • Btw you have your pfp back, so you can add a photo again

    • ok thanks 🥲🙂.

    • I hope you don't think I am harping on you BTW, it is I just have to issue warnings if things become a big enough issue. I do not have any issues with you personally kiddo!

    • :okayc:

  • Sad to see my fellow mhj supporters get banned :(

    Mhj faction will forever remember your service and sacrifice


    • :holding-back-tears: .

      MHJ shooters unite :pepe-sad:.

      you faught well for me soldier :pepe-army::pepelove1: .

  • hehehehehehehehehe

  • :eyes:

  • Oh nooo

    What happened?

  • Oof

  • Are you a troll, Tati??

    Troll should never admit they are trollish, just a heads-up before you answer.

    • i may seem like one sometimes, i might not another time :iconpepe: . depends on people's perception :wellr: .

    • Similar feeling, thanks for the answer. :pepe-toast:

    • for example, i was considered as one when i said illit were copycates as soon as they debuted.

      but apparently, it took only a fiew month for my take to get confirmed by the maker of njs and also the injunction court :pepepizza:.

    • I don't think you followed the judge, there was never an acknowledgement of plagiarism.

    • Well go read the injunction all over again. You will find the details there :pepe-wink: .

  • Hey Tatty, wanna hear a funny joke?

    • You're already making me laugh :pepe-cringe: . At last you're good at something :pepe-hehe:.

      did i trigger you or smth why did you came on my wall :meme-trying-not-to-laugh:?

    • Because your wall is my property?

      I thought we all knew this


      Heres the joke:


    • the first part was funnier :pepe-cringe: ,the second part mmmm less :pepe-shrug:  :meme-tried: .

  • tatiana, who did you stan before Njs and Mhj? i'm curious where your dedication and passion went before Min heejin :pepe-notes:

    • In kpop? SNSD. I was a sowon. That's what got me into kpop. My bias were Taeyeon and Yuri. Taeyeon still is.

      But i always enjoyed fx music more tho. Their albums, concepts were immaculate.

      I just found the group less cohesive and Soshis bond was just too special and powerful. I was in love with them <3 . They gave me so much comfort and so much joy :pleading: .

      Then after 2015 i didn't stan any group until NJs came out. I really really enjoyed fxs and also RVs music tho.

      Unkowingly, i was admiring MHJs work and aesthetics already :sweat: .

      But NJs is peak of peak. I LOVE the group and I LOVE their music / aesthetics. Im in AWE. NJs is truly MHJs masterpiece :love: .

    • and i love how mhjs is trying and has actually been trying since fx to break beyond the conventional understanding of pop music. and therefore of kpop.

      how passionated she is to incorporate indie elements into pop culture. it's just such a mesmerizing and satisfying sight to behold on an artistic level.

      specially when she knows how to deliver QUALITY.

    • But i always enjoyed fx music more tho. Their albums, concepts were immaculate.

      you were a min heejin stan before you even knew about her, she really is your one true bias :cryingr: i'm surprised you enjoyed fx music though since what i remember from it was that it was very "experimental" and the furthest thing from what Njs current music is like.

    • I waaaas :meme-kek:

      my unknown ultimate :pepe-joy:.


      I wouldn't say it's the furthest from NJ tho. Both of them are extremely trendy music and have indie inspiritations.

      Their approache to music even tho through different genras is strangely similar making me sometimes wonder if mhj wasn't actually more involved in fx/shinee that just art direction and concepts.

      But i also have a pretty open minded approach to music, i can enjoy to the fullest a wide variety of genras.

      Beyond genras, what i care about more is the experience, the novelty and the sincerity in the approache of music macking and it's delivery.

  • bluebird1984

    • yes? wdyw?

    • Thanks for the confirmation

    • what's the point your knowing anyway and how did you found out X(.

    • :pepegrin:

      When you misspell simple words incorrectly constantly, it's easy to find other users who make the same mistake. Then just matching similar posts.

      Why'd you get banned?

    • anyway leave me alone you freak :pepe-slash:

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Your profile pic is gone, did you got a lot warning points?

    • I got a major warning for 'insults and rude banter' because i showed exasperation by saying 'Lord Almighty'! And OMG! Can you imagine :meme-what: :meme-u-ok:

      Like wtf??

    • I hope u don't get banned

    • im actually angry. is this forum also controled by some hybe stans or smth 🤨.

      thanks for the concern tho and glad you're back as well ;-) .

  • Hey do you wanna join the Sunmi taglist?

  • smartest bunny on akp (excluding me ofcourse)

    Love 1