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  • Hello there!

  • I love an æspink stan!!!

  • Would you like me to pick up a Target-exclusive Aespa album for you? I have a Target down the road and can pre-order. I'm also an experienced shipper.

    • wow that's such a cute proposition, i'm really thankful you're so nice

      but tbh i don't easily trust unknow people from internet x))

      i guess i'll just buy the version who are available for us , peasant french x)

  • yo

  • She looks a bit like Solar in your aesthetic imo

  • i love ur sooyoung pfp!!!she's so gorgeous hehe

    • Thanks

      Sooyoung was so etheral this comeback , too bad we didn't see any performance video from them

      Because it was her best styling ever and long hair back

    • my favourite look was the group dance scenes where everyone wore white, that natural look was amazing


    How do you feel about the SNSD comeback? You must be super happy. :pepe-heart-eyes:

    I can't wait. I swear my favorites girl groups of all time all makes comebacks at the "same time" lol. Aespa, SNSD and when I'm lucky Blackpink in August. :pepe_akorns: When other girlgroup confirm their comebacks too, I think I will never leave my room lol.

    So much good new music. :pepe-toast:

    • I'm so happy i've been waiting for this comeback forever and the fact that they decided to do a reality show is just the cherry on top because i really missed seeing all of them together doing dumb shit on tv , i'm just waiting for the pre order link so i can order my album and search if they don't sell autographed album

      This summer is so good aespa girls was a massive bop

      And blackpink coming back in august is even better because i know they'll never disappoint me musically, i just hope it's a full album with 16 track after 2 years but knowing YG and their lack of effort and creativity i bet it'll be title " The album 2.0" and there'll be only 6 tracks

  • :pepe-beg:

  • Loving your Aespa sig its so cuteee

  • Crunchyroll stans Aespa

  • Hi! Can you please vote for this? It's only one click and would really help

    Thank you :ak_chuusoft: <3

  • <3<3<3

  • Heyy Sooyoung, I was wondering which version of the Savage album is the best because I wanna buy one :aespa23:

    • it really depend on what you're looking for

      the POS version is pretty cool because of the AR thing, but the photobook is pretty small

      the Synk dive version is great because it's the only version who include a lenticular photocard with the AE members

      and the Photobook version have lenticular photocard and a big photobook

    • I personally bought the POS (case version) album but i was kinda disappoined and i regretted not getting the photobook version

    • The Photobook version seems like the best one for me :eyes:

      Thank you <3

  • hello, how do we make a petition to make an SES badge?

  • :cryingr:

  • omfg aespa is adorable in your sig where from?

    • it's from their Savage challenge tik tok

    • Savage is THAT BOP! im fucking obsessed with it


    No teaser today, Is it because of Chuseok? ;(

    • i think yes, they might start the teaser tomorrow

  • who's the girl in your sig?

    she looks like trisha paytas

    • her name is liv morgan, she's a wrestler

      and please no she look so much better than trisha ;(

      최고 Liv Morgan Excited GIF들 | Gfycat

    • LOL i'm sorry that's just the vibes her looks initally gave me ;( but yeah she looks better

  • love the beauties in your sig! where are they from?

  • SOOYOUNG, one of your thread that aespa's NL had biggest hit of 2021? became so hit that it got deleted :smirks2:

    • I know , i was reading the answer i was on page 4 because i was at work when everything happen

      and suddenly i couldn't access the thread anymore because it was deleted

      which is weird because i remember the mod saying that they'll stop deleting thread and just close thread who become too messy

  • hi I love the way you write

    • lmaoo what do you mean ?

    • your writing style is great

    • thanks

      i thought you were mocking me because of all the mistakes i make when i try to write in english x)

    • No I admire your english skills

      I wish I was good at English

      By the way aren't you a english speaker?

    • thanks it's nice

      and no i'm not an english speaker , i'm french

  • Who/what is your name based off of? I'm thinking Joy or SNSD/Girls Generation Sooyoung but I'm not sure... :/

    • It's Sooyoung from SNSD, since She's my ult bias

      but it's also a way to say that i always end up stanning people who are named Sooyoung without noticing it

      since Joy is also my red velvet bias

      and Yves is one of my bias in Loona

    • Oh, that's cool! I didn't know that...

      Haha that's funny :cryingr:

      Pretty much the same thing but for me and the name Jisoo/Jisu

    • Weird coincidence x)))))

    • LMAOOO yeah!

      My ult bias is Jihyo who was born as Jisoo

      My current bias along with Jennie is Jisoo

      And Lia is my Itzy bias wrecker

    • LMAOO

      Now i'm wondering if there's still a sooyoung that i didn't add to my bias list :/:/:/

  • I gave you 700 :borahae: <3 GO GET YOUR BADGE

    • I saw, it's so nice from you, thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :blushing::blushing::blushing:

  • Akorns or it's beating day


  • I absolutely love your aesthetic, it's so pretty! I couldn't stop looking at how coordinated everything was :pepelove1:

    Love 1
  • I love your dp

    • Thanks

      i love yours too, Jonghyun is always the good answer to everything

  • Thank you!! :pepelove1:

    Love 1
    • you're welcome, it's to thank you for helping me reach 1K Akorn when i needed

    • You're welcome for that btw

  • akorns :pepe-sad:


    LOL 1
  • Here is your chance to win 1000 akorns