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  • Can u donate akorns plz :shyr:

    • I am sorry. I don't have enough myself. I was about to create a thread to ask for akrons so I can buy LOONA Chuu badge.

    • Aw, that's okay then. Good luck!!!

  • Nice. You got badges!

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    • Yes thanks to Horizonshard and YouChanDoThis.

  • Go ahead and get yourself a badge for your bias too (or another group badge, or a fandom badge!)

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  • You had no followers and seem nice enough, so I decided to give you a follow. If you ever want any akorns, let me know and you can have some, I give them away freely. Have a great day/night!

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    • Thank you. Yes, if you would like to give me some akrons, that would be great!

    • Sounds great, how many would you like?

    • how many until I can get t pics 1 badge?

    • That depends. If you want a static badge of an idol, album cover, group logo or fandom name, that costs 250 akorns per badge. If you want a special gif badge, those only stay around for a limited time and cost 750 or so. If you only want a plain solid color or a transparent badge, those are 50 akorns.

    • I would like to get a group logo.