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  • damn

    Wow 1
    • They got banned?

      I’m actually shook, they are a nice person


  • :skull:

  • Do you like svt?

  • can i call you stormy?

  • Hii Winter! :froghype: It's been a while since we talked here and on Disc :pleading:How are you doing?

    • Hiii I'm alive! In the middle of exam season and then I head off on a trip on Sunday. How are you?

    • Oh really? good luck with your exams!! Ooh did you enjoyed your trip?

      I am doing good!!

    • I just came back from my trip yesterday and it was truly amazing!!

    • Oh was it a long trip then? I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      What did you do there? :check-bee:

    • We went to Niagara Falls, it was gorgeous!! We also did some horseback riding. Three whole days plus two days for travel. Time well spent with my beautiful gf

  • Hi! Can we be friends?

  • Hi Winter :)

    • Hiii do we know each other?

    • We sure do😉

      It’s me, Reverie :pepe-clown-gear:

    • I didn't know you were on here :sob-bunny:

    • I didn’t know either. I only realised it was you in the gc today lmao. Your layout is really nice :)

    • I have a very different personality on here :claps:

      And thank you!! :send-love-bunny:

  • Hi and welcome!! :pepelove1:

    Thanks for following my profile <3

    • No problem at all!! :pepelove1:

      You seemed really nice and it's always great meeting fellow blinks <3

    • THank you very much for your kind comment. You will see that blinks are sweet in this forum ;-)

    • Awww that's great to hear :pepelove1:

      I'm going to assume Rosie is your bias too? :pepeflushed:

    • Yes for sure she's my ult !!!<3

      Btw I like your sig and Pfp ;-)

    • Yay! That's great, she's my bias as well <3

      Thank you so much :send-love-bunny: I tried to do Rosie meets vintage/cottagecore

  • :pepe-just-smile:

  • why did I think I already followed you :pepe-peek:




  • I wanted to follow you first!

    See the source image

    It's nice to meet you, you seem awesome!

    • Muhahaha :pepegrin: I win jk jk it's okay, just happy for the follow <3

      It's nice to meet you as well. I have seen you around quite a lot and have been a little shy to approach anyone tbh, but thank you for being so kind :lover3:

    • See the source image

      That was so uncalled for! Apologize you don't have to, I'm kidding! Right now!

      I'm so glad to hear that you recognize me and have such a nice impression of me. It's okay, I don't bite, and I understand getting shy around new people, but I try my best to be kind, so there's nothing to worry about. No, thank you for being my new friend. Have a great day/night!

    • And what if I don't apologize? Hmph :smirks:

      I saw you in the masked singer event recently (may I add that you have a really pretty voice and that is brave to put your voice out there like that, good job!)

      I've also just seen you in various threads before and you seem quite level-headed and sweet, we need more people like that :claps:

    • Well then, I'll personally call Felix and make sure he never shares any of his brownies with you ever again!

      Thank you so much! I don't think I'm a good singer at all, but it means a lot to me that you think so. Really, it does. I don't hear that from a lot of people, especially so outright like that, so that makes me feel better about it. I guess that's another thing me and Chan have in common: we both think we sound terrible at singing, but our friends disagree. Oh, it wasn't me that was brave, I was "forced" to by my guild. @Minazuki made me do it. If she says otherwise, she's lying to you, don't be deceived. My guild wanted me to do it to get them some akorns. I'm sure you have a lovely singing voice as well. It would match you equally lovely personality.

      That's so nice, I'm glad people are starting to recognize me on here! It makes me feel like I'm famous even if I'm not really. We really do, but that's what you're here for. I thought you knew that by now. Also, I'm so glad to have met another Chan biased person on this website. Only me and one other person in the guild are Chan biased and we're opposites in so many ways. It's a sad, lonely life. Have a great day/night!

    • Good thing I don't like brownies very much (but maybe I might like Felix's brownies lol)

      See, there's a reason he's your bias! There's a bit of you in him, or him in you... either way you get what I mean. It's awesome you took that leap for your guild, it shows how much you care about helping them. I hope you can gain confidence about your voice though. Aww thank you <3 I'm pretty shy about my voice tbh

      Famous can be a good feeling when its positive. I unfortunately was famous for all the wrong reasons under my old name. Oh well, that's the past though, I'm known as Winter now. I'm glad to meet another Stay, and Chan biased at that, who seems so similar to me in thinking! Like I haven't really branched out into meeting other Stays because of past experiences but so glad there's some really nice people here post-revamp.


    • I’m not overly active either so its okay, I’m trying to be though

    • i see, maybe your more active on your guild so i don't see you much?

    • Not really either, I should be though tbh :sweatr:

      How have you been?

    • oh

      im been pretty good. Tbh i think this is the best i've been in the past....idk like 8 months??

      I don't need to study so im happyyy

      also bc theres 16 inches of snow!!!

    • Awww im glad youre doing so well, thats amazing 💜

  • You're sig is so cute :pleading:

  • hi, minkie! :cutes:

  • Hello, nice to meet you. Thanks for the follow! :lover3:

    • Hello! And no problem. We’ve actually met before, I think, cause I do recognize your name from somewhere else

    • Oh really? I think we might’ve pre-revamp, but it’s nice to officially meet you!

      I recognized your user as well, I just can’t pinpoint where we interacted before. 😭

    • Does the name minkie sound at all familiar? And I had a different account prerevamp so maybe 🤔

    • OMG I REMEMBER YOU NOW. Yeah, we definitely interacted in the past, maybe not much, but I definitely remember you. Nice to know you’re still around! ❤️

    • It’s good to reconnect with you! its nice to see you still around too 💜 I do go by Winter now though mostly. I mostly remember the old FMA guild with you the most

  • :lover4::lover4::lover4::lover4::lover3::lover3::lover3:

  • I was supposed to put hearts but it didnt appear ;(

    uWu 1
  • Winter

  • how you like my sig?? its amazing, right? :pepe-flirt:

  • Hi, can you please vote for me here?


    Thank you! :bts7:

  • ollo

  • thanks for following me my friend...so as I ask of everyone tell me something about yourself which I don't already know

    • You know a lot in the music sense so I’ll stay away from that for a bit. And you know what I’m studying now. How about…. I went to a high school with uniforms 🤔

    • when you say uniform do you mean proper blazers and attire like that?

      I mean my school (although public) had a uniform as well in a sense...it was either red or green bearing our school's logo lol

    • Like kilt, golf shirts, blazers - the whole deal. Ours was burgundy and had the school logo where the T looked like a cross

    • with a kilt???? does that mean you're scottish?

      was that a private school thingy or a public school thingy?

    • No not Scottish, that was just the policy. It was a Catholic school

  • Hi sweet!! :borahae::borahae: i really love your whole aesthetic and i wish you happiness :borahae::borahae::borahae:

  • I hope to find love one day

    • You will💖 You’re such an amazing person, someone would be crazy not to love you < 3

    • Awww thank you! You’re too sweet 😭

  • _winterstorm?

  • :pepe-hehe:

  • :jeongyeon4:

  • thanks for the follow :pepelove1:

    • No problem! You seem really nice so, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get to know you

    • aww sure :pepelove1::pepelove1: u seem nice too!! let's be friends :pepepizza:

    • Yay :lover3: