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  • "WatchingAll" reminds me of that jerk gush

  • Hey, you know I got that backbone, how you been lol.

    LOL 1
    • Lmfaooo where've you been there's a new account a day coming for your favs don't allow that

    • It's been rough, even before the comeback had some serious bad news...well maybe bad news. I'll know more in like 2 weeks and then that can either be really good or like the fucking worst.

      I would have been on, you know me I like it. But I was even talking with Ripia about banning my account....was just in such a bad mood that I might not take the jokes well and say some shit.

    • Health comes first and even I'm tired of the trolling it's a new account everyday lmaooo and yeah I've had my fair share of warnings it's not worth it

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  • Do you have any requests for "How would aespa sing..." videos?