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  • thank you about the transfer, sorry for the lexicon mistake, as I called it sayonara hitori without the english translation I didn't realise about the double lexicon, I'll check properly next time, thank you :pepelove1:

  • You sis/sir are a visual king/queen! Love love ur sig

    and ur badges gave me an idea for a sub unit of TWICE I wanna make for a future video: "How would TWICE Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, Mina and Sana sing..." but you choose the song and ill make it for ya!

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    • Ahhh thank you so much omg ; ;

      I'm a sis! <3

      Ooooh I think a good song for that would be More and More or Can't stop me. Don't push yourself to make something though just for my sake! :cutes:

  • aesthetics always on point! when its a twice member

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  • you really do have amazing aesthetics

    mina is looking gorgeous :lover1:

    • Thank you so much! One of my favorite eras for sureee! I love the mint showcasing her signature color also!

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    • yeah it looks super pretty

  • I love coming across your comments just looking at Mina in your dp brings a smile to my face. Blond is so flattering on her.

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    • Awww thank you so much! Theladybug did a great job helping pick an aesthetic!!! This era Mina was iconic.

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    • Mina makes me question my sexuality. Blonde is not my favorite color on a female Idol but Mina makes it look natural

  • :pepecute::pepecute::peperain:

  • What groups do you stan? :whatb:

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  • Hey :pepecute: Do u remember me :pepecute:

    • WENCH!!!! BB. Of course I remember you omg!! How have you been!!



  • :akorns::?::pepe-hype:

  • Hi melon

    • Hi there!

    • Hi would you mind chatting with me since my guild is kind of not on really right now?

    • I'm always down for convos! Dm me or just here is fine!

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    • Ok thx I am kind of bored right now!

    • It's boring here as well. I'm pretty much done at my job so I just have to wait for 11 to roll around. How about you?

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  • :akorns:  :?::pepe-hype:

  • love that mina badge too much!! Makes mine feel not as good

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    • I mean I can share LOL. Not sure if that's allowed. She's such an angelllll ; ;

    • Oh really.. maybe I'll steal it then hehe

    • It'll cost you > >

      Not acorns though

    • :BAS-run-away: BUT YOU WON'T GIVE IT TO ME!!!! :BAS-cry:

    • wow someone likes akorns a little too much

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  • Mina looks like an angel in your sig. Now all's missing is a cloud and a halo. Beautiful woman.

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    • AHHH thank you! I love the more toned down casual shoots of my idols lol.

      I really love your Rose set as well. Your dp is one of my favorite images of her.

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    • Thanks! I lowkey hope Mina sticks to the blonde.

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    • I hope so too - As long as her hair gets some sort of rest. She can pull it off so well!

  • My kokoro is brokoro :waterr:

  • DOWNLOAD LINK] [AUDIO / PHOTOSHOT] SHINee 3rd Mini Album 2009 Y.O.U –  ~Super Shine Planet~

    May I bring some SHIN to your day?

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  • dbcd3d0af6557a1c8c5f09b518dc579e1397bf4f.gifv

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  • lovebird melon :smirks2:

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  • Ryujin avatar and signature. Superior taste :yesr:

  • :danceb::danceb::danceb: hi!

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  • Your aesthetics is next level. Love the sig!

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  • Hii, i just want to say that i fall in love with your aesthetic, is so pretty :lover4:

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    • Thank you so much! I really love the mint green myself

  • we have the same username gradient taste I see :siptear:

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  • i love your aesthetic

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    • Thank you so much <3 I've gotten a lot of feedback for this. OMG. Glad I made a right choice. I love yours too!

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  • :laughs::laughs::laughs:

  • I love your aesthetic! The mint green goes so well <3

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  • Melon? Is that you? 🥺

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    • Yes bb it me! <3

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    • I'm so glad to see you here again Melon <3

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    • I'm so happy to be back. I'm happy you're here too. I missed you guys

    • I’ll be here if you need anything. ;)

      Also, I love your aesthetics so much! It’s very pretty 😍

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    • thank you bb. I love the mint colors so much. You always have wonderful anesthetics as well. I've always loved the pink vibe you give off.

  • i kinda feel like i know you but i dont.... what was your previous forum identity?

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    • I have always been just-a-melon. I was on old AKP for awhile. Usually I have a Jonghyun or SHINee aeshetic. Sometimes I go by Melon. :3

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    • oh yes i remember you from ... the other place? dont want to get the member wrong but I think you are 28 or something? and have a bf? if I'm cold then tell me now lmao

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    • I'm 29 as of the 23rd, but yes, you've got it. LOL.

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    • hi i think i wrote you a poem one time and flirting with you once or twice.

      Took you a while to come here but its taking users a while in general :ak_irenenotes:

    • I am oblivious when people flirt with me LMFAO

      So I apologize if I never flirted back.

      It's been crazy to say the least, after furlough and me taking a hiatus from AKP due to mental reasons, we're doing a lot better (and AKP isn't blocked at workkkk)

      I hope that everything goes well for the new AKP. <3

      Was your old name like... Vertierse? Or something like that or am I completely wrong too. I've met so many people in the 2 years on akp LOL


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    • Yessu! <3 I had a nice break - it really helped my mental state.
      I hope you've been well (did you change your username btw) I'm trying to remember everyone <3

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    • im not sure you remember me since its been a year since we last interacted lmao

      im xanfyrianii ^^

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    • OH MY GODDD HIII HOW HAVE YOU BEEN OMG ILU <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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  • I guess we can try this again lol.