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  • Happy birthday!

  • can you pm me instead for the p1harmony album because your pm's are off

  • Donate akorns pleaseeeee

  • Purple, great choice.

    Thanks for the akorns. I was just replying to that troll's thread.

    Enjoy your time here


  • so I was wondering lately what happened to psy album ?

    • It's not happening; I think he enjoys running a company more than releasing his own music.

  • I am late but a very Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Brithday!

  • happy birthday my friend

  • Happy cake day, man.

  • akorns please :akorns::akorns::akorns: :pepe-sad:

  • hello it seems you have donate to me

    thank you for kind donation

    why donate to me though? lol

    and the little subtle jab I'm curious

    What's wrong with my taste?

    which one of my groups did I like that you didn't? lol

    • I donated because you asked. And I don't like Blackpink. At. All. I was a YG stan before they debuted; they're a part of why I no longer follow YG.

    • why thank you

      That's ok everyone has their own taste - its all good if you don't like them its all good if you do.

      but i like plenty of GG BP being one of them...I also enjoy twice, Gidle, Itzy, Aespa, Izone (most of the bigger GG)

      what about yourself? what groups do you like then?

    • I don't care to discuss that, since I'm not particularly interested in any groups at this time. I'm only a Kpop fan because of one soloist, but he hasn't dropped anything since 2017 and I don't think he will ever again. Once he officially announces his retirement, I'm out of here.

    • ok I can accept that answer

      would you can to announce who that person is or not?

      or is there anything else you do wish to discuss? I'm happy to discuss mostly anything?

    • You can probably figure it out when I state that artists in his current company have had recent hit songs.