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  • :blushing:

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  • hello Peach friend O.O

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    • heya there Peach friend x2 seems we have a lot in common!

    • so it seems :pepelove1:

      which similiarties did you notice so far? :)

    • Both are peach pigs who like BP and TWICE! That's like, more than enough (also how did you post that Pepe, I'm new to posting here so I'm a little confused, is it an emoji or an image)? :pepelove1:

    • you're a pig too? :pepe-smug:

      oh I did not know you like Twice too :pepelove2:

      how are your biases in BP and Twice?

      guess you figured the emoji thing out already :-)

    • (I eat like one)

      I just copy pasted your emoji :pepelove2:

      With Twice, I'm Jihyo/Momo biased and it's hard for me to pick because I love them both a lot, and in BP it's Lisa, but there's not a single member of either group that I dislike, I like all of the girls. I'm a multi so I listen to a lot of groups, but I have a few main ones!

      I forgot to ask but how about you?