• I. Introduction

    CLASS:y is a girl group under M25 and Universal Music Japan. They were formed through MBC's reality survival show "My Teenage Girl". They are set to debut in April 2022.

    The group currently consists of seven members; Jimin, Seonyu, Hyungseo, Hyeju, Riwon, Boeun, and Chaewon.

    II. Background

    "My Teenage Girl" aired from November 28 to February 27, 2022. February 27 revealed the ranking of the final members with Jimin in first, Seonyu in second, Hyungseo in third, Hyeju in fourth, Riwon in fifth, Boeun in sixth, and Chaewon in seventh.

    CLASS:y opened their social media accounts March 3.

    The group was announced to make their debut in late April on March 10.

    III. Members


    Birth Name: Hong Hye Ju
    Position: Leader, Main Dancer
    Birthday: December 9, 2003

    Birth Name: Myung Hyung Seo
    Birthday: June 25, 2001

    Birth Name: Yoon Chae Won
    Birthday: June 4, 2003

    Birth Name: Kim Ri Won
    Birthday: January 11, 2007

    Birth Name: Won Ji Min
    Position: Center
    Birthday: November 25, 2007

    Birth Name: Park Bo Eun
    Birthday: February 11, 2008

    Birth Name: Kim Seonyou
    Position: Maknae
    Birthday: March 20, 2008

    IV. Discography

    Title Album Type
    Release Date