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  • Stock market been taking a hit, my goodness. ;judgingpepe::exit-pepe:

  • Current anime season run looking good, but I have no time with work. ;(

    Weekend plz come faster. </3

  • I'm going to watch Death Note again because why not? it's gonna be my 4th time ;(:pepe-sad:

  • What a boring week its been tbh :facepalm:

  • I can finally catch up on few anime I have been putting off this weekend lol


    Today's weather is really hot ||;(

    Good that I brought ice tea to keep me cool. :flop:

  • An asteroid will pass by Earth soon this week :pepe-magnify:

  • :iconpepe:

  • Bruh another busy week....but I kept thinking about Earth like right now we are orbiting a nuclear bomb, how insane is that.

    :pepe-shame: :hazmat-pepe:

  • It's almost 10pm, it's nice to relax during weekend:siptear:

    But I want to eat mash mellow right now :boredr:

    A good movie on side?? :omgr: I don't know what to watch right now though :whatr:

    • I ended up not watching anything and went to bed.

  • I'm just going to take a break.


  • Connection isn't bad, it's actually great.

  • I wish more MVs were creative like Drama, Woke Up, Ditto, Queencard :thinkerpepe:

  • I try to get my sigs works, but they all flops. Should I just leave it like that?


    • I think it's whoever you're hosting your sigs with? They might have a hotlinking limit

    • I think it's because I copy-pasted the gifs without proper URL, that's why. :thinkerpepe:

  • I have to re-watch House of the Dragon before season 2.


    Squid Game, going to have 2 seasons? :froghype:

  • Since it's weekend tomorrow, I'm thinking of going to beach :pepepizza:

    It's great it's summer, and time to get hot.


  • :pepe-toast:

  • Caramel Nescafé coffee is the best, I'm obsessed with the new favour.


  • Should I try trolling a bit if not already, I'm just always honest tbh. :pepelove2:

  • XG music is really insane~

  • I find K-pop boring nowadays, IDK I wish I was fired up about it! ?(:(

  • I feel so tired, as I have been reading a lot of manga lately. I think I should eat some breakfast to energize. :mukbang:

  • Since it's weekend, I'm a relax :ok-bee:

  • I'm feeling orange :orange-heart:

  • It's going to rain soon, I love it.