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  • Babys need spankings


    • The way you spoke tell me your an adult individual but still who spams facepalms on users profile they barely know? I'm not childish, if anything it's you who need some reality opining. So dramatic, and for what bro?


  • Had to make my wall looking cool so should I upgrade?


    Honestly, how the he*l did I got 300 profile viewers

    Am I that popular?


  • I love this memoji, it's my fav for sure


  • I feel honestly sorry for all the other groups comebacks getting overshowed due to all these drama surrounding HYBE girl groups, Kpop community is so drama lived. IVE, aespa, NewJeans comebacks soon, let's hope we move on from all these drama.

    :pepe-excited:  :exit-pepe:

  • All the TV Shows and Movies are horrible nowadays because nothing really catching me at the moment.


  • Talking to kpop fans is killing me ;(

    What's up with X?


  • :flop:

    I'm sleepy


  • Because I can


    • At this point you need to chill bro.


      I will try to ignore you from now on. I will always give you :facepalm: whenever I see your comments cause if your gonna be petty, I will be too. :rolleyes:

    • Ohh ok


  • Hey, this is a nice peacful wall..

    You had...