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  • Nothing will spite Tokki's more than if the Le Sserafim guild outgrows the New Jeans guild? Whaddya say you lend me some akorns for that very purpose hehe

    • I'm sending you 1,000 akorns. Do Gods work.

    • THANK YOU! I'll let you know when our emblem is up. Won't spend any till then.

    • Um so uhhh I couldn't resist I bought myself a Yunjin badge...BUT THE REST OF THE AKORNS I PROMISE WILL GO FOR THE LE SSERAFIM GUILD.

      I know you will find it in your heart to forgive me

    • Lol I don't mind one bit. You can do whatever you want with those akorns.

  • drew do you live???????????????????? I'M BOREDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, do a thread or smthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    • Ok but what topic do you want?

    • bro u answer too late TT but thank you lol, hope you had a great day!

  • yo remeber your thread on f(x)? https://www.allkpop.com/articl…k-tape-for-his-solo-debut

    just shows how influential they still are. It's unfortunate that they aren't still active if they were I'm sure they will so popular rn.

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    • Oh wow! That's awesome! Thanks for that link.

    • I agree, I'm happy that f(x) is getting more credit as of lately. No problem drew.

      but umm just wondering why did you change your pfp?

    • Oh I was just trying to be funny by making it look like I'm a BTS stan now since V said Pink Tape inspired him lol

    • Ah I see, has anybody else said something about your pfp?

    • Yeah Ves noticed and now I made a thread praising BTS and people are confused lol

  • Oh dear brother Drew I will take ghostings place in begging for akorns. Please give me some akorns dear high human being.

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    • wait YOU ARE AMERICAN????????????

    • You thought I was Korean or something?

    • I thought you were anything but American, I actually really thought you were Russian or Dutch ;(

    • Nope I'm just a good old fashioned American white boy. Nothing exotic like Russian or Dutch lol

    • LMAOO , I don't know if its only me who thinks like this but you really do give off Russian or Dutch vibes. I'm sorry but when I read good old fashioned American boy I just imagined a random guy with the type of wig the people who wrote the constitution just to rocked in their time.

  • Btw I'm just joking sure as hell F(x) is more iconic they have Victoria just with that they automatically win, but lets keep on arguing I'm bored and I need some adrenaline to go work out

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    • lol it's cool. I don't mind disagreeing. Like you said it keeps things from getting too boring.

      And yes Victoria is a Queen.

    • I agree with you, It has being really boring in the forum as of lately, its mostly just people hyping their faves up or losers trying to clutch for something but failing miserably.

      Yup The only Queen we should serve

    • Also I got kick out of my room and decided to exercise earlier that's why I dipped.

    • Kicked out of your room?? Must have siblings.

    • Yeah, we live in a 2 floor apartment and my room is upstairs along with the living room and kitchen. My mom likes to make my little brother fall asleep in my room so I always get booted out. Mate I hope you have a lovely day it was nice talking to you I'm going to log for the day I also need to sleep, I got vaccinated today and I'm starting to feel the side effects, c u.

  • I just realized Drew B stands for Drew Barrymore

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    • Shh. Don't tell anyone I'm a Hollywood star.

    • But on this profile you said you're a dude.

      I just know she's an actor that exists, but I have no idea what she is actually famous for or what she did

  • wait how did Drew get banned?

  • Are you still into IVE? If yes, what’s your bias ranking?

    • I'd say yes I'm still there fan although I haven't been following them in the last month or so.

      My current ranking is probably..

      1. REI

      2. Liz

      3. Leeseo

      4. Wonyoung

      5. Yujin

      6. Gaeul

    • Ah, so Rei is still going strong! And good news, they’re most likely coming back in mid-April :)

  • Drew revival tomorrow

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  • Hey Drew,

    I was wondering if you could buy the Odd eye circle Max & Match album badge petition in the shop right now for 10 akorns. If you don't want to spend your 10 akorns, I can give you some.

    It's right here:


    Thank youuu <3

    • You want me to just buy it for myself? Sure I can do that. I love Odd Eye Circle.

    • It's a petition so we can have the badge :yesr:

      Thank you!!

  • Ayo WTF. Don’t get me wrong, f(x) is one of the greatest groups of all time but where the FUCK are that cats?????

    • Aww damn. I was hoping you wouldn't notice lol.

  • Please let your dp always be kitty cats :pepelove1:

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    • Kitty cats make the world go round.

  • My bias in f(x) is Amber wbu?

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    • Amber is awesome! Mine has always been Sulli <3

    • What do you think of Amber's duet with Taeyeon aka Shake That Brass?

    • I know a lot of people didn't care for it but I think its catchy. Everytime I hear it I can't sit still. I find myself bobbing to it.

      I do wish that album was as good as Lunas Free Somebody album though.

    • Fun fact: f(x)'s Red Light was pitched to Rihanna when she was recording one of her albums I think either ANTI or Unapologetic

    • Oh damn I didn't know that.

  • :pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1:

    9e4dcfbf79ba43b0b0cfc38c4190694690a8c175.gifv 958d672ed67d5eb0bfa96b4c2d2be01e2d747d37.gifv

    61ff02c1331e2f895d742cbe9cf883a24dda7ea6.gifv b7315c6061cdcb2feb13d016f4fd2fe279b7c13d.gifv

    #gaeul from u+me=love

    e7d2ae3027367e20c4bbe9da644f47c89a041e0d.gifv 66c84ff991b345616bbdfe766b55c3f35a6c6f80.gifv

    de455c0fd8c49a2e1dd5e463519c6935aee12088.gifv c67229bfa5f6840e1f5d4216c5dd587d1893eee7.gifv

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    • Thank you! This just made my day!

  • For you: :pepelove1:

    IVE on Inkigayo

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  • Why don't you have a DP?

    ...Can I give you one? :joy:

    • You can give me one but it can't be kpop related.

    • Okayy! I'll tag you in random thoughts with it

  • pslplsplspslps donate

    • Why you only pop up on my page when I get some akorns built up lol

    • :pinky-pleading:

  • Hey Drew, can you give me akorns as a welcome back gift? :omgr:

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    • You are obsessed with akorns!!!!! But sure. I'll give you 200 for now.

  • :pepe-cut:

  • I agree

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  • Drew, man, where’d your icon go?

  • Drew Sunbaenim

    Can i have some akorns? i really need them right now :omg24:

    I'll send you a bunch of f(x) gifs :omg44:

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  • ban lift reliant on owner approval

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  • What's your favorite f(x) group photo, drew? :whatb:

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    • That's a GREAT question!! I've actually tried to decide this myself lots of times. I even thought about making a thread on my top 10 group photos.

    • Ooh, I see. You always make top 10 ??? threads lol :smirks2:

      Mine's this one:

      f(x) 30 Day Challenge. Day 30 | K-Pop Amino

      They looked stunning

    • Oh yes! That's up there high on the list. I also like the black and white version with Krystal standing in middle.

  • Omg drew, I suddenly wanna give you akorns. Take my akorns and go buy your badges please :txt34: a badge is 400 akorns now by the way :txt32:

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    • Wait. You do? Whys that??

    • Oh you already did?? Thank you!!! I can complete my f(x) set now.

      Any akorns I have left I'll give to you.

    • Don’t ask questions just enjoy them :txt37:

      It’s alright

    • Its been so long I forgot how to buy badges. Where do I go again?

    • Akorn Shop

  • can i have some akorns? :akorns:

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