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  • drew are u banned?

    • No. I'm still here.

    • oh well i barely see u around anymore

    • Yeah I've been quiet lately. Just ran out of stuff to talk about I guess.

    • oh u got ur profile pic back

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  • ColossalCoolKronosaurus.webp

    • Dont hurt me.

    • u hurt me HideousFamiliarDiplodocus.webp

    • What was it?

    • stop using BB, G-Dragon in ur thread, this forum is huge anti of them

    • Oh ok. Sorry. I wont anymore.

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  • Hi drew u doing good

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    • Yeah things are ok with me.

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  • drew

    whens your group debuting?

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    • May or June. We are filming the music video right now.

    • Group? R u the fx stan? What's with the dp? 💀

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    • Yeah it's me. I'm just pretending to be a BTS fan cause I'm bored.

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  • 100 akorns please and i will ult storm :giftr:

    • I'm still mad at you.

      I'm not giving anyone akorns anymore.

    • why would you possibly be mad at me :pepe-tea:

      i support storm

  • Drew im bored :cryingk: go make a new troll thread :peperun:

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  • gimme akorns

    Image result for krystal hot gif

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    • OMG!!!! DONT DO THAT TO ME!!!!!

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  • Donate me akorns! :omgr:

    • Have you been mean to me recently?

    • when? :sweatr:

    • I don't know. I can't remember all the people I beef with. So I was just checking.

    • I was super nice to you! I am gonna stan ur new debut group STORM :lover1:

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    • Oh yeah!! Ok I'm sorry. I remember you now. You are very nice to me.

      How many acorns you want?

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  • hit u with that dudududududududuuu

  • within just 10 mins, you got your thread locked :!: how sad

    • I don't know why it was locked. It was just a question.

      Blackpink really have conquered the world. They are beautiful, rich, mega popular and are NOT allowed to be criticized.

      Oh well.

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    • yes yes and yes :!:

      also didnt you want to leave? what happened, is it not fun on here anymore?

    • I honestly never should have come back to begin with. My era with allkpop had run its course. But the new forum revamp had me curious.

      Its definitely time for me to move on. But occasionally I underestimate boredom and keep checking back in.

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  • DREW! Glad to see catch you and I thought yesterday that I haven't seen you around since a while!

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    • Hey! I need to catch up on your covers on YouTube :)

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    • Aww your comment is too sweet. Happy to be backed up by the legend Drew himself 😍. Ill keep saying this more often I guess

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  • ur pretty legendary around here tbh

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    • Well I use to be. My prime has passed lol.

      These days most users don't know me.

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    • can i ask u a question lol. apparently jyp threatened to sue u or sm? ive always wanted to know what that was abt :oops:

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    • I'm going to send you a pm in a little bit.

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    • okie :>

  • Hi? Can you donate me 76 akorns? I need Treasure badge. Please!!! :crys:

    • Sure. Where do I go to do that?

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    • I need only 57 akorns now! I think you should click on the upper right currency logo. Then click on the transfer button. Thank you. :sadr:

    • I see a purchase option but not a transfer option.

    • It's okay. I have already got my Treasure badge. Thank you for your kindness.

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    • Sorry for my slowness lol.

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  • Thank you for the follow but what was it about me that you found interesting?

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    • Well for one your a little older than the average fan on here. So am I. I'm older than you.

      And I found all the facts about yourself interesting.

    • Thank you I'm new and in the grand scheme of things still learning about kpop.

      Well tell me a little about yourself then

    • Well I'm a 42 year old single guy (just the way I like it) from the States. That's about all the interesting stuff really.

      Big fan of kpop (mostly 2nd gen). Favorite group of all time is f(x).

      You might still have a lot to learn about kpop but when I was new I pretty much new everything about everything after a year. Theres hundreds of boy groups and hundreds of girl groups but the history of kpop is so interesting to me I loved learning about it and all the legendary groups from yesteryear.

    • I've already learnt a lot since becoming a kpoppie but of course there's always more to learn from different people with different opinions.

      I like history too but different history - chinese history lol

      I can agree with your sentiments on legendary groups - those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

      So what is the biggest change you've seen from the 2nd through to the 4th today

    • See I knew we were meant to be buddies. I love Chinese history too. The Ming Dynasty is my favorite period in world history.

      Hmm. Well i look at it like this.

      1st Generation (roughly 1995-2003) was huge but mostly local. Confined to Korea.

      2nd Generation (2004-2012/13) is when kpop spread throughout all of Asia.

      3rd Generation (roughly 2013-2020) is when kpop spread globally thanks to rise of YouTube and social media.

      4th Generation (today) so far is just more of the same. I'm sure we will eventually see some changes and differences but right now it's too early to say.

  • drew your next thread should be about why blackpink are flops :sadr:

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  • DROUPY YOU’RE BACK!!! <33333

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    • Hello old friend:)

      I'm back yes but probably not full time. I'll be around though.

  • ive heard abt u a lot :oops:

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  • Will u troll ever again :?::!::!::!:

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  • Welcome back Lengend!

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