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  • are you going to make special badges for txt's cb?

    I have to start spamming the guild accordingly :peperun:

    • We'll see... ;-)

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  • Ves, if you make this a allkill sticker I might just get it gangnamStyle at 2x

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    • Done!


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    • I'm waiting

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    • i didn't expect you to actually add it

      i don't have a plan B bunHide at 2x

    • :BAS-draw:

    • Can you add more ways to pay for allkill like with a card Eat1 at 2x

  • Euh please when get esthetic things ?


    • I'm sorry what are you asking for?

    • i wish aesthetic on all the post with pics or gif

  • Hi Vesti!!

    Do you think it would be possible to add these ones to the smilie set?

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  • Ves, staff members can still get custom badges? ?(

    • Who are you talking about?

    • There are a few people who put in orders for custom badges btw before the deadline, but have not finalized them.

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  • Ves, you’re amazing keep going. We purple you 💜

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  • I'm sorry people are big fat meanies with nothing better to do than to be mean to others. I hope all of this gets better and that you're doing ok. Thanks for all that you and the staff do <3  :iloveyoub:

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  • I hope everything gets better for you on this forum. You're a great person and screw everybody who treated you the way they did.

    Keep being my favorite mod <33


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  • I love my Hueningkai badge!


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  • Okay bye flop I'm sleeping :pepecry:

    Gimmie akorns for a present when I wake up :pepepizza:

  • Hello Ves, listen. I know we might've started off on the wrong foot, but I want you to know something. You and I, we can be vest of friends, the vestest even. Right now, I need akorns. Can you give me some? Then we'll be fast vest friends. ty <3:akorns:

    • We did what? When did we get off on the wrong foot? Am I going senile?

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  • :borahae: :borahae: :borahae:

  • c956fa586ddbbdbb00f6261e40dcaff6-7.gif

  • why this human :mads: closed my thread? because triggered ?

    open it back
    • Sorry, I am not a moderator, I only help provide coverage in emergencies, so I can't help you, but looking over the thread, the title seems to be clickbait, which is against the rules, and the actual thread seems to be about nothing more than mocking. Per our rules, topics must aim to generate intelligent discussion and I'd hazard a guess that this was the reason.

      Here they are if you need to familiarize yourself with them:
    • this is why i hate humans

      u guys are overemotional annoying stuffs bye

      intelligent topics? most topics here aint intelligent

    • I'm very sorry to hear you hate humans, but this is misplaced anger. I'm not the overly emotional one here from the sound of your message, so please calm down. There are levels I agree, but yours was very far down the list in even trying to generate actual discussion. What were you hoping to achieve with it?

  • You're my favorite admin :nervousk:

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  • Jimin | BTS Wiki | Fandom

    I know today has been hectic for you on the Q&A section, so I bring some light to your day

    • Thank you! For some reason I can't see it, but I know it has to be something awesome!

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  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

  • Hey, Vest.

    Flatiron Vest - Navy – Peter Manning NYC

  • :borahae::borahae::borahae:

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    • Question: can non-guild members make threads in the guild?

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    • It's up to the rules of each guild for Bulletproof, they can with approval. if it's in Bulletproof Dm me and we can sort it out.

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  • can I ask why i dont get notified when someone replied to me on comment wall???

    • There is a section in your settings that deal with this. I'd outline it here, but if you don't get notified about comments of your comment wall, you probably won't get notified about this either, so I'll DM you!

  • thats a very nice username gradient!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Why thank you! Those 5000 akorns were put to good use! :pepe-toast:

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    • its really good though :eyes: its original right? Custom?

    • Yea! Guild only and all. You'll see all our guild members sporting it. LOL the number of people with gradient names more than doubled when we bought this :-D

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  • I reported this moderator for not doing there job

  • yo ves can you help with something pls?

  • looks like your sigs have gotten a few people triggered :oops:

    • They always do. They weren't fans of the Grammy ones I made either.

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    • jokes aside

      your editing skills are

      Chef Kiss GIFs | Tenor

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    • Many thanks!

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  • :borahae:

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    • These are the best! :borahae:

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  • Image

  • Sorry for bothering you, but I never got my 250 akorns for getting the membership.

    • Please allow 48 hours - I am not sure why, but I am signed up too and didn't get my voucher until 2 days after I did. We're looking into the delay as we are unsure what is causing it.

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    • Hey, I still do not have my voucher. I know you are busy but if you could look into this it would be helpful.


  • Heyy I wondering if there any way for me to get into the Bts Guild. :borahae:

    • We're still full so the best we can do is waiting list right now, sorry!

    • Okayy. Thank youuu

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