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  • Hello, i see you are admin. so i wanna protest about a user called ves. she laughed about my comment that another user erased the brave girls. ;(

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    • I talked to her. She said she was laughing cause she agreed and found it ironic. Brave Girls shooter #1 :alpaca-bow:

    • Ah ok, thats fine then. Please tell her i wish her a nice evening. :*

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    • Hey you're back! :send-love-bunny:

    • not really :pleading: sadly

      just dropped by to say hi to those I miss a lot, like you unnie :borahae:

      It's my last year of college and I'm working towards my residency.

      I'm just all in this year attempting to get everything done by the spring. Thankfully, I don't need no ban to stay away! :-P

      I hope your doin' great! Take good care of yourself and fam :hug-raccoon:

    • You're a med student? Yes, please focus and good luck!!!!!! :borahae::borahae::borahae::borahae::borahae::borahae::borahae:

    • Dental school (Endodontics), close enough and just as insane lol

      I'll be back around xmas time and drop by again :finger-heart::finger-heart: and hopefully for good in the spring!

  • Jimin's smile is just yes

    • NO LIES DETECTED. That folio is gonna be a bloodbath to get

    • what??? sorry im not the smartest 💀

    • Oh, Jimin's photobook!! And it's not a question of smart at all, it was just announced.

    • ohhh ty! :)

    • btw, thank you for the follow. Don't feel any way that I don't follow you back - I don't follow anyone cause I don't want to seem biased to certain users as an admin :send-love-bunny:

  • What a biased mod, have the same energy for the users here who have done even worse, multiple times.

    • Not a mod and this is pure whataboutism. You can say what you like but it doesn't make it true. This is just a small example of how much I have been harassed:
    • And other users have been through worse and none has gotten banned in those situations. And that’s not even tiki in that thread💀

    • Yes that thread is very old. This, however, is what she told another user today:

      What do u expect when Ves herself has expressed her dislike torwards blinks and has let things slide and half the mods here are armys

      Really ? I thought Ves was nice ... Was that fake love ?( ?

      Idk do u think that when the BLM movement was going on and she was saying in private all lives matter sounds good to u? idk idk

      I dunno why she has a personal vendetta against me, I don't know her, but this is a flat out lie. The thread I linked shows how I have been harassed by the same made up rumor for years. The thread revolves around that and that is why I linked it.

      Now drop it. I am not biased for being upset about slander that I am a racist when I am literally a POC and a multi racial one at that. I have been involved and vocal in the equal rights for minorities for literally YEARS. Don't come to my wall with this biased shit whataboutism.

      You have a problem with me? Talk a real mod like @superyeah or @horizonshard.

  • :boredr:

    • May I help you?

    • *Capybara activates Karen Mode*

      Yes, you may. I'd like to speak to your manager :fingerk:

    • LOL, that's johnny, you sure you want to?

    • *Capybara realizes the error of its way and uncancels this canceling*


      (But seriously, what happened to Lawyer?)

    • Ah, she's still kicking, but doesn't come to AKP much anymore! I'll tell her you asked after her though :uwu-party-bee:

  • A R I M Y

    • I feel like there is a hilarious inside joke here that's going right over my head.

    • LOL

      it's just your sig, i read it like that ^^ at first i was like "wait that's not how it is"


    • You can't spell ARMY without RM - get it? So not an I, an RM!

    • ARRMMY

  • Hi ves, how are you?

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    • Life is always very busy, lol. How are you?

    • Pretty much the same, I have a lot of homework I'm planning to do tomorrow.

      I'm just here to tell you not to loose yourself in your work.

      Stay hydrated and keep on being cool Ves :pepelove1:

  • Ves if it's too much work for you to delete the vocaroos I can stop :oops: There'll probably be more replies later and I wouldn't want you to have to delete like 10 in a row

    • I'll get to it when I can if you still want to ping me. Or make @ripia do it. he's the one that led you down this road!

    • well when you put it like that, sure ^^

  • Hey Ves, just letting you know that I made a new account @AtinysBank. Bcoz I'm scared that I may forget its password or it may not open later, I have it logged in from a different phone which I most likely will only check to see when someone transfers the akorns but IP Address will be same so giving you a heads up just in case. <3

    • You can DM me the details if you want. I will not share them.

    • I've noted them down so hopefully I'll be fine now, thanks <3

    • Ok!


    He? :pepe-just-smile:

    The victim becomes the culprit I see :pepe-cop:

    • What's funny is that I actually know you are female from a while ago, but old habits die hard since my mind refers to you as bob who is an uncle and uncles are male, lol

    • my username is just a phrase used :pepe-sad: for you the BTS aesthetic made me think you were a dude not because of the fanbase or anything but because its a guy in your dp :cryingr:

    • LOL you must think all ARMY all male then??? And all stays? And EXO-Ls???? :angryr:

    • i always do at first sight until i take a second and realise this isnt their photo but a kpop idols :pepe-clown-gear: like my mind used to see you as jimin for a milisecond before i interacted with you and same with isaidisaid as kai :cryingr:

    • LOL, funny, but it's natural instinct. Bed is calling me now though! Night!

  • Get well soon ves!! :bts20:

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    • Thanks hun!

  • Get well soon. Take care of yourself :borahae:

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  • ves what happened to ultras thread? :hazmat-pepe:

    • It wasn't going anywhere good. When that happens to a thread and it's contentious enough, mods take action.

  • ves are there any plans for an agust d daechitwa badge? :pepe-narrow-eyes:

    Bts Bangtan Boys GIF - Bts Bangtan Boys Bangtan Sonyeondan - Discover &  Share GIFs

    • Nop, but I know there would be a ton of people who want it. I know I need to start jhope's More too... which to do first?! :sweatr:

    • both :pepe-hips: maybe do an interest check for agust d one though since we already know plenty of people want more but its been a while since daechitwa :pepe-onions:

    • That's a good idea. I am about to run an errand, but can do when I get back. Or you do it (akorns in the kpop section!) and tag me?

    • ill do it in an hour if you haven't yet by that time :eyes:

      also ill tag the army taglist if thats fine

    • I won't be back in an hour so please :pleading: Tagging ARMY is fine!

      @Pandas795 and @butterbutterfly might be interested too. Not sure they are on the tag list

  • 55.gif55.gif

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    • Right back at ya!

  • stay safe ves and dont overwork :cursing: !! wishing u a fast recovery!!

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    • Thank you! :blushing:

  • @Ves:pepe-magnify: i hope everything's ok

    you've been missing for a few days now :pepe-narrow-eyes:

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    • she was sick :waterr::waterr::waterr: shes slowly becoming normal again :waterr::waterr:

    • nothing serious then i hope :flying:

    • Just an on and off fever + hay fever. Was miserable. I hate being sick

    • that sucks :pepe-shame: hopefully youre feeling much better now

  • stream for clear skin gurlie :pepelove1:

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  • HI hru :shuhua-heart:

  • can you add me to the bts taglist?


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  • hi :iloveyoub: do you want to join my opentabs leaderboard?

  • ves happy mother's day to you, you're the forum's mom

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  • :pepefrog: im por

  • Hey, do you have any more info on the BTS Grammy badges?

    • Yes they are being made and are slated to come out May 16th. Did you have something you wanted to request?

    • oh no I was just wondering thank you. I had forgotten the date

    • I'm working it right now!

    • :pepelove1:

  • Hai Ves!

    I noticed you visited my profile! :smirks2:

    so i decidedto Visit you!

    I hope you are doing well btw!

    Keep being the awesome you that you are! :send-love-bunny::cheer-bunny::iloveyoub:

    Image about cute in Namjoon by 𝑪𝒐𝒄𝒐 on We Heart ItImage about kpop in BTS........need I say more 💞💗💞 by Jo

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    • Are you hyped for the TXT comeback? I'd leave cute hearts by them, but that's not what they are going for :eyes:

    • I am very excited for this comeback!

      im excited to hear the tracks! :lover2::lover1::music-raccoon:

  • e4597db42.gif

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    • :kismer:

    • LOL. Isn't Momoland coming back soon?

    • well, tbh Ves, thats my wishful thinking :-( I mean, its almost certain that they'll disband next year considering MLD's new gg is debuting next month. Keeping my fingers crossed :S

  • i want to post a bee here but i can't find themm

  • Ves , your akorns are cool 8)

    You know what else is cool ?

    Me 8)

    perfect match 8)

    make it happen


    • you first ¬‿¬

    • BUT My akorns are poor quality 8)

      they need to be fixed up :clown::clown:8)

    • I'll have to examine them closely to confirm. Send some over

  • :pepe_akorns: this gold digger :pepe-flirt: this chick :pepe-smug: man try to sedoos her :pepe-love-not: it no work :pepe-puddle: man ebarass :pep-pj-pink: other chick apears :pepe-heart-eyes: woah he sae :pepe-clown-walk: hee gu 2 hr :pepe-flirt: she vry wow :pepe-high-five: they now work in the same club as baristas

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