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  • How long have you used your previous profile picture for before you changed to this one?

    • I don't think I've ever kept track of anything like that. Unless I'm using one that was tied to some milestone date, like celebrating something as the current one does, I couldn't tell you. This one was put up a few days before Jin came back.

    • I remember you used your previous profile picture in 2022. Maybe you started using your previous profile picture before 2022 and stopped using it in 2024. Long time.

  • if possible can u check dms pls :d

    • I did, see response!

  • please check dm! :meme-life-support:

  • Tech moderator san, I need some of your advice in the DM if possible (my question is already in the DM) :annoyedk: , you are the only moderator I happen to know here.

  • This wall is officially protected by HYBE's shaman

  • I think, Yun-jin can be a good AKP moderator. We can offer her 100 akorns of monthly salary

  • This wall is sponsored by HYBE

    • So why are you writing on it? Are you passing on their message?

    • I am Mr.Bang's wallet that became conscious and went out of control

    • LOL, I am transferring those akorns back. I don't need them - either from you or Hybe. johnny takes good care of his staff in that regard :yesr:

    • maybe do you have some girl groups to buy? we have a free dance hall in a basement. On the next week our new cleaning lady promised to remove mushrooms from there, so it will be ready for constant training

    • if you'd like to contact AKP corp!

  • Hello im new and i need a little help

    • HELLO! How are you hun?

    • I’m doing very well thank you

      I’ve missed you a lot! How have you been doing? :hug-raccoon::hug-raccoon::hug-raccoon:

    • I've been busy as usual - skiing though! And yourself?

  • Allkpops LifeVes

    The bes of the bes

    Is never the mes

    Better than the res

    Cool as an ice ches

    Full of charm and zes

    Do-It-All Queen Ves :cheer-bunny:

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  • I'm just showing how lovely army fandom is showering Jungkook with love.

    • Stop believing toxic people who call themselves ARMY - they're not. They're deluding themselves and you.

    • So all those people here are also not army? Incredible. How do tey diguse themself so well with those little 7?

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    • It's quit easy to type anything you want. It's free LMAO

    • I found another one for you.

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    • Answer is the same. You've never seen someone pretend to be something else? People can call themselves anything they want. Doesn't make it true. It's sad that you've let them fool you like this.

      You can stop giving me examples of toxic people pretending to be ARMY by the way. I know they exist. Lots of people pretend to be things they are not. And then there are those of us who can be honest with ourselves. Perhaps your trouble with identifying true ARMY stems from the fact that you are not one yourself and can't imagine anyone liking an entire group without being bitter about the other members. Unfortunately, that's something you need to do yourself - no one can really open your mind but yourself.

  • didn't realise i wasnt following u lol

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    • Please don't be mad if I don't follow you back! I don't follow anyone on principle. But hello!

    • yep I remeber lol!! plus i dont follow ppl just to get follow backs :))

      How have u been? :DD

    • Same old same old. You?

    • im glad!! :))

      stressed haha

    • I'm sorry. I hope it will get better soon :finger-heart:

  • Thank you :pleading: you're the vestest :send-love-bunny:

    LOL 2
    • The vestest is a new one, but v v cute! :send-love-bunny:

    • Do you like h=holidas? You can afford a BTS holiday one. I just made them visible :wink: Or ask someone for 80 more akorns

    • Oh I saw those. I was originally aiming for the Butter Army Version, but you added the 2018 Idol performance :omgr: so I'll buy that one :happyr:

      I'm going on a commenting spree rn lol

    • 2018 Idol is my favorite badge I ever made. Glad you like it too!

    • Ves you're spoiling me, thanks

      I've wanted that Idol badge since my lurking days, I can't believe today I get to finally display it on my profile :teddy-pepe:

      I didn't know it was you who made it:iloveyoub:

  • Imagine how stale one's life must be if they're keeping tabs of ...the akorns they gather per thread...on a kpop forum. Smh

    • You seem pretty hot and bothered going by your latest rant about what kpop idols you don't even stan are doing. Mind you RV- whom I gather you do stan since you a part of the guild - just came back. There a tons of better things to talk about - give it a try (and akorns be damned!)

  • Hello Ves how is your day going?

    • S'ok! You?

    • pretty good, thanks for asking. welp I wish that week gets better for you Ves <333

  • 👋

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    I know I am handsome, but I am also shy :pepeflushed:

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  • Ves 10 how is your day going?

    • What's with the 10? But it's ok! How about you?

    • Ben 10 lol, my attempt of a pun. Oh well ok is better than bad but let's hope tomorrow is a better day for you <3 my day went pretty good ngl, it was chill, thanks for asking.

    • Shit, am I a boomer?

      But I love chill days!! Hoping for one soon. Glad you're doing well!

    • you don't know Ben 10 :woow: the kid who turns into monsters with a watch.

      let's hope that day comes soon, and thank you ves.

  • Haven't seen your ass lately :pepe-hips:

    • Super busy at work plus I had a ski accident then spring break. Made for a really long time away, but I'm still here! How ya doing?

    • Holly shit, skiing is fucking dangerous innit? Way too many accidents I heard happening in skiing than in some sports considered to be more extreme.

    • Yea, it could have been far worse without my helmet. By some miracle, only a hairline fracture in my cheekbone and a huge ass ugly bruise (still hurt like a bitch and needed painkillers), but I was seeing stars for sure when it happened. Thankfully no one else involved, but I hit an ice patch at speed. Gravity still wins!

  • how has my idol been?

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  • :dancer-pepe::twerkingpepe::pepe-just-smile:

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    • HALLO

    • SHELLO



    • Tell them you have covid and cough every other time you have to open your mouth. Then start coughing. :ideac:

  • I just totally absolutely accidentally clicked on your profile. Is there any way to get rid of this profile visitor?… It’s a scary app. :pepefrog:

    • Well, seeing as I wouldn't have known unless you left a comment... you secretly wanted this didn't you? :* I acknowledge the minion! Hello!

    • Pack your bags, we're going to Jeju island :pepe-mirror-glare:

    • LMAO!

      Packs Bags GIFs | Tenor

  • hey ves do you know who controls akp's news page? Because some serious and disgusting stuff is happening over there and I wanna make sure it's handled and does not get worse.

  • Hi bestie :cutes:

    Just wanted to ask, what does the lock on someone pfp mean??

    • Hello! It means that they are banned. How are you?

    • Ah thank you for explaining!!

      I have been good, still a little sick. For some reason it won’t go away, it’s been like this since “that” embarrassing incident.

      Been preparing for deferred chem final, 24 hours away be precise.

      Tell me about you, how have you been? <3

    • It's been a wild ride :eyes: yea... LOL Anyway, decided to take up skiing which I really really like, so that's good!

      Please see someone :(

  • My favorite Tech person! :borahae:

  • teshub is sprouting bs again please ban him

    • Still not a mod :pleading: Have you reported? And left a detailed comment so that mods understand the context correctly?

    • um no i should do that, thank you!

    • Good luck GIFs | Tenor

  • You're back, I'm back. Plain and simple lighter-red-hearts.gif

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    • WHOA! TO STAY????

    • Yes. ILY unnie. And the big guy made all the right moves. We happy! I'm proud of him.


    • Insertado | Kpop girls, Nancy momoland, Nancy jewel mcdonie

  • hello I don't know how to message u. can u help? I am getting notifications of every thread where I comment when they don't even quote or reply to me. How to avoid it.

    • Definitely! Go to User Panel (your avatar in the header) > Settings > General and scroll down. There is an option for "Automatically watch threads when I have replied to them" and you'll want to switch it to "No"

    • oh I did but it still keeps cmng🥲🥲🥲thnx

  • :eyes:

  • ilu :miyeon-heart: that is all

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