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    I know I am handsome, but I am also shy :pepeflushed:

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  • Ves 10 how is your day going?

    • What's with the 10? But it's ok! How about you?

    • Ben 10 lol, my attempt of a pun. Oh well ok is better than bad but let's hope tomorrow is a better day for you <3 my day went pretty good ngl, it was chill, thanks for asking.

    • Shit, am I a boomer?

      But I love chill days!! Hoping for one soon. Glad you're doing well!

    • you don't know Ben 10 :woow: the kid who turns into monsters with a watch.

      let's hope that day comes soon, and thank you ves.

  • Haven't seen your ass lately :pepe-hips:

    • Super busy at work plus I had a ski accident then spring break. Made for a really long time away, but I'm still here! How ya doing?

    • Holly shit, skiing is fucking dangerous innit? Way too many accidents I heard happening in skiing than in some sports considered to be more extreme.

    • Yea, it could have been far worse without my helmet. By some miracle, only a hairline fracture in my cheekbone and a huge ass ugly bruise (still hurt like a bitch and needed painkillers), but I was seeing stars for sure when it happened. Thankfully no one else involved, but I hit an ice patch at speed. Gravity still wins!

  • how has my idol been?

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  • :dancer-pepe::twerkingpepe::pepe-just-smile:

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    • HALLO

    • SHELLO



    • Tell them you have covid and cough every other time you have to open your mouth. Then start coughing. :ideac:

  • I just totally absolutely accidentally clicked on your profile. Is there any way to get rid of this profile visitor?… It’s a scary app. :pepefrog:

    • Well, seeing as I wouldn't have known unless you left a comment... you secretly wanted this didn't you? :* I acknowledge the minion! Hello!

    • Pack your bags, we're going to Jeju island :pepe-mirror-glare:

    • LMAO!

      Packs Bags GIFs | Tenor

  • hey ves do you know who controls akp's news page? Because some serious and disgusting stuff is happening over there and I wanna make sure it's handled and does not get worse.

    • Nope, sorry

  • Hi bestie :cutes:

    Just wanted to ask, what does the lock on someone pfp mean??

    • Hello! It means that they are banned. How are you?

    • Ah thank you for explaining!!

      I have been good, still a little sick. For some reason it won’t go away, it’s been like this since “that” embarrassing incident.

      Been preparing for deferred chem final, 24 hours away be precise.

      Tell me about you, how have you been? <3

    • It's been a wild ride :eyes: yea... LOL Anyway, decided to take up skiing which I really really like, so that's good!

      Please see someone :(

  • My favorite Tech person! :borahae:

  • teshub is sprouting bs again please ban him

    • Still not a mod :pleading: Have you reported? And left a detailed comment so that mods understand the context correctly?

    • um no i should do that, thank you!

    • Good luck GIFs | Tenor

  • You're back, I'm back. Plain and simple lighter-red-hearts.gif

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    • WHOA! TO STAY????

    • Yes. ILY unnie. And the big guy made all the right moves. We happy! I'm proud of him.


    • Insertado | Kpop girls, Nancy momoland, Nancy jewel mcdonie

  • hello I don't know how to message u. can u help? I am getting notifications of every thread where I comment when they don't even quote or reply to me. How to avoid it.

    • Definitely! Go to User Panel (your avatar in the header) > Settings > General and scroll down. There is an option for "Automatically watch threads when I have replied to them" and you'll want to switch it to "No"

    • oh I did but it still keeps cmng🥲🥲🥲thnx

  • :eyes:

  • ilu :miyeon-heart: that is all

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  • uWu 1
  • You are super duper amazing.

    Idc if you removed admin from your profile, you will always be admin mommy to me :spammerpepe: .

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  • Thank you ves :bts14:

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  • HEYO!

    I just learnt that apparently you can right on walls???

    I wanted to show you my new drop admin mommy, I got more badges :omgr:

  • hey ves, i just bought allkill for a month and it says i subscribed 5 usd monthly, but im only gonna use it for a month, so how do i cancel it subsequently??thanks in advance:)

    • You have to cancel it through Paypal!

    • And thanks for joining, even just for this month. Can't wait to see your custom badge request!

    • i used a paypal guest account so i dont think i can cancel it that way hmm, johnny is the right person to approach right??

      im excited for the custom badge haha its the reason why i got allkill

    • yes if you pay through a paypal guest account and can't cancel, you'll have to approach Johnny about it

    • thanks ves:)

  • If it helps any, i saw that Bayblade has Twitter, I really hope they are okay :(

    • I am not qualified to give mental health advice, but if we can reach out, I'd Provide a hotline etc if I could

    • I would also do that :drinktears:

  • Vesi im curious what other groups do u like besides BTS?

    • I'm basically stanning Le Sserafim at this point, just gotta get around to putting myself on the taglist. But before them, I was only a BTS stan. I've listened and liked KPOP for quite some time, but I never really stanned groups before BTS

    • Ves you have taste 👏

    • i just realised i called you vesi im sorry i was tired

    • My other nickname is Vesti! Close enough!

    • how did that nickname come to be? :0

  • i think it'd be cool if we could pin comments on our user pages :thinkerpepe:

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  • Thank you ves:waterr:

    PS my keypad keeps autocorrecting ves as best :omgr:

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    • You're welcome!


  • Hello, i see you are admin. so i wanna protest about a user called ves. she laughed about my comment that another user erased the brave girls. ;(

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    • I talked to her. She said she was laughing cause she agreed and found it ironic. Brave Girls shooter #1 :alpaca-bow:

    • Ah ok, thats fine then. Please tell her i wish her a nice evening. :*

  • lighter_red_hearts.giflighter_red_hearts.giflighter_red_hearts.gif

    • Hey you're back! :send-love-bunny:

    • not really :pleading: sadly

      just dropped by to say hi to those I miss a lot, like you unnie :borahae:

      It's my last year of college and I'm working towards my residency.

      I'm just all in this year attempting to get everything done by the spring. Thankfully, I don't need no ban to stay away! :-P

      I hope your doin' great! Take good care of yourself and fam :hug-raccoon:

    • You're a med student? Yes, please focus and good luck!!!!!! :borahae::borahae::borahae::borahae::borahae::borahae::borahae:

    • Dental school (Endodontics), close enough and just as insane lol

      I'll be back around xmas time and drop by again :finger-heart::finger-heart: and hopefully for good in the spring!

  • Jimin's smile is just yes

    • NO LIES DETECTED. That folio is gonna be a bloodbath to get

    • what??? sorry im not the smartest 💀

    • Oh, Jimin's photobook!! And it's not a question of smart at all, it was just announced.

    • ohhh ty! :)

    • btw, thank you for the follow. Don't feel any way that I don't follow you back - I don't follow anyone cause I don't want to seem biased to certain users as an admin :send-love-bunny:

  • :boredr:

    • May I help you?

    • *Capybara activates Karen Mode*

      Yes, you may. I'd like to speak to your manager :fingerk:

    • LOL, that's johnny, you sure you want to?

    • *Capybara realizes the error of its way and uncancels this canceling*


      (But seriously, what happened to Lawyer?)

    • Ah, she's still kicking, but doesn't come to AKP much anymore! I'll tell her you asked after her though :uwu-party-bee:

  • A R I M Y

    • I feel like there is a hilarious inside joke here that's going right over my head.

    • LOL

      it's just your sig, i read it like that ^^ at first i was like "wait that's not how it is"


    • You can't spell ARMY without RM - get it? So not an I, an RM!

    • ARRMMY

  • Ves if it's too much work for you to delete the vocaroos I can stop :oops: There'll probably be more replies later and I wouldn't want you to have to delete like 10 in a row

    • I'll get to it when I can if you still want to ping me. Or make @ripia do it. he's the one that led you down this road!

    • well when you put it like that, sure ^^