Yuri (IZ*One)

  • Jo Yuri is born in Busan, South Korea. She is the Main Vocalist of IZ*One and one of the most recognizable voice in the 4th Gen ok Kpop.

    I. 2017 : Idol School

    In 2017, she joined Mnet's new survival show Idol School as an independent trainee. She would go all the way to the finale episode but would finish 15th, missing the winning lineup by a few spots. The top 9 would debut under the name Fromis_9 the next year.

    II. 2018 : Produce 48 and debut with IZ*One

    In 2018, the young aspiring idol would try to debut another time on a sequel of a famous survival show, Mnet's Produce 48. After 10 weeks of fierce competition, Yuri would reach the finale and finally be able to debut with IZ*One, getting a solid 3rd place. On October 29th 2018, she will officially debut with the Mini Album COLOR*IZ and the title track La Vie en Rose, where she has the job to provide strong vocals.

    III. Frivolities

    - She has a younger sister (4 years younger)

    - Her official color is Orange

    - She trained for 9 months

    - Her favorite ice cream flavor is cotton candy

    - She can play guitar, piano and drums

    - She hates bugs

    - Her charms is her lips

    IV. Discography


    Do You Like Brahms ? Part 7
    Released : September 22, 2020
    Label : Kakao M