• I. Introduction

    Yurim is a south korean singer under GH Entertainment and the vocalist and lead dancer of the girl group 3YE.

    II. Career

    Yurim originally debuted as a member of Apple B on August 1, 2017 with the group's first digital single "Woochuchu".

    The group presumably disbanded in 2018 and on May 21, 2019, she debuted as a member of 3YE with the group's first digital single ''DMT''

    III. Yurim Facts

    - She can play the piano.

    - She is good at acting.

    - She practices taekwondo.

    - Her hobbies are: Shopping, Watching Movies, Taking a Walk, Listening to Ballads.

    - Her charm is her clear voice.

    - She hates beans, cooked carrots and eggplant.

    - The three things that are the most important to her are her family, members and EYE(fandom).

    - On stage, She focuses on her charisma the most.

    - She didn’t want to be an idol at first, but as she was practicing, it was fun so she kept going.