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  • well hello :eyes:

  • hello my friend...I know why you followed me so as I ask of everyone tell me something about yourself?

    • TMI time lol

      I've been into Kpop for over a decade.

    • it doesn't have to be TMI...it could be anything really...

      a decade...wow...how did you get into kpop then?

      I was recommended D4 right before KTL dropped so in the grand scheme of things I'm a relative kpop newbie...

    • i've found a Guinness Book article about Super Junior being the biggest BG in number of members and i was like "13?! this is a lot!" and decided to check.

      the first MV from them i've seen was Sorry Sorry and was hooked instantly.

      I was tired of the same stuff on western pop music scene and watching those guys singing and dancing (and wearing makeup!) seemed perfect for me.

      then i fell down the kpop rabbit hole and found many great groups like 4minute (which I loved on their early-career days), SHINee (i'm a shawol to these days), SNSD, etc. and never stopped listening to Kpop acts.

    • nice interesting...that's a first...getting into kpop through the Guinness book lol

      I've never heard that one before...

      so which groups would you say you're a fan/stan of these days?

    • i stan shinee, seventeen and stray kids, but i follow many kpop acts since i like the genre itself and there are some groups i was a former stan but i still appreciate their music. some of the groups i enjoy their discography a lot are exo, vixx, txt, snsd, fx, 2ne1, bigbang, tvxq, b.a.p, bts, block b, enhypen (what they've been doing so far), 2pm, loona (their units actually), onlyoneof (this group has one of the nicest discographies among 4th gen acts imo), so many to mention actually lol, these were the first that popped in my mind.

  • you finally have a Scopus DP again. Balance has been restored to the universe

  • A dp that isn't S.coups or Bang Chan!!

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    • It happens! ^^

    • How are you doing?

    • I'm good! Getting ready for the school year and my new job!

    • That's awesome! I hope you'll do well!

    • Thanks! I'm nervous because I kinda don't know where to start but I'll figure it out.

  • Hello, how have you been >< hope you're doing finee

    Also - S.Coups <3 can't wait for the comeback!1

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    • I'm doing great, and you?

      The aesthetics are cute, right?

      I really wanted us to get group and individual badges, but I don't think it's possible, since Carat Guilds has few official members (me and DWC04, for example, we are in other guilds already).

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    • tbh I'm actually thinking about coming back here to akp since we have more active guilds here (my Haven Guild there is not even a zombie anymore, it's completely dead lol) and I can find more Carats and Stays here than there.

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    • The aesthetic is so cute, Seungcheol's such a cutiee :omgr:

      I STILL haven't figured out how new akp works TT, only recently I learnt that you have to pay akorns from your wallet for badges. And you can only join one guild here? Surprising!

      Don't leave, xoxo. Sure, things are pretty dead out there, but I've been relentlessly promoting SVT (and I think we got a couple new carats!). Plus, we desperately NEED more Shawols there, to revive the guild.

      Out of the other fandoms I'm in - ARMYs, Blinks, and Onces are active enough (though not as much as out here, let's be real, but nevertheless good enough for me). Ngl Daileees aren't as active, but that's okay, Weeekly themselves aren't as active rn, comeback season's far away.

      Speaking of comebacks - I can't wait for Key's new solo album!

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  • Donation of 20 akorn jueseyo

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    • I'm saving every cent for SKZ comeback badges (I hope we'll get them) T.T

    • But I need some pls just 20 is it gonna make it 9953 akorn that is all at least I am not asking for 100 I just need 20 then make 5 post then I am good pls ;(

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    • how is it done? I have no idea.

    • lol thanks the deal has changed now it is 0 akorn

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    • Lol you can go my account page and click on transfer that is how you do it

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  • Garhhh, Taemin, omg, he has no business wrecking me like that in your aesthetic. Seriously, though, Advice was spectacular, loved it!

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    • Omg he killed it completely! :pepe-sad:

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    • I feel bad for not having properly gotten into him (and SHINee as a whole) beforehand.. i will definitely miss him a lot T.T

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    • i'll miss him too

      take this time to keep up with their discography, it's majestic!

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    • btw have you seen this?

      Stray Kids performing a Ddu-du Ddu-du cover!

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    • I know! I haven't gone too deep into their solos as yet, but their group discography is amazing!

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  • Yo yo wanna chat?


  • Holo

  • Hullo! Thanks for the follow (again... lol.)

    What mode of allkpop are you using? - the retro mode is the best in my opinion!

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    • I'm still figuring out how does platform work lol

      I just logged it. Thank you for telling me there's another mode here!

      I'm gonna try the retro one.

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    • Yeah, the layout seemed a little chaotic at first but I think I already got used to it!

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    • I've tried all of them and it seems I'm gonna stick with the default mode.

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