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  • my friend do you mind if some of us in the kpop megachurch guild racks your brains for a bit about how to run a guild?

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    • What do you need help with :eyes:


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    • thank you my friend i will remove you from the conversation after a bit just in case people want to ask other questions so you dont get flooded with our random convos

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  • :mooning:

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  • now youre legend status alongside me :suggestiver:

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    • I do feel.... a little different :pepe-smug:

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    • we arent legends for no reason :pepe-popcorn:

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  • original.gif

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  • Hi Kireta, I just transferred 300 akorns for the guild to you.

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    • thanks you so much bunnie <3 :cryingk:

  • You're the best! <3

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  • I’m here to spam your profile

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  • For the sake of your like, I shall follow you.

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    • Ahaha thank you :danceb:

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    • Your welcome, Thank you for being humored by my statment of dislike. *humbly bows*

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    • Ah you followed me? :eyes: Why thank you :kismer:

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    • Your statement made me laugh fr fr

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    • Because it was true, lmaooo I'm glad it humored you tho, you can search up the other acount, I swear I wasted so much time and forgot to do my work all because of that :pepe-peek::pepe-joy:

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