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  • Y'know it's fucked up when SM put more effort on the ugliass CGI rather than back-up dancer, stage props, and the girl's outfit :pepe-peek:

  • Make some noise for the new produce group :S

    • Eeeeey...!

      Im overall happy coz my most of my picks are there

    • The line-up being dominated by Korean is expected but still a "yikes" knowing that it is supposedly an iNterNaTioNAl group :S

      Now all we have to do is to wait and see how they performed post-debut.

    • After a few days of analyzing the lineup. It is actually okay, still salty for Yurina tho ;(

    • The Xiaorina ship is sinking deeper and faster than Titanic. Yurina's Instagram post too :pepe-sad: Also, there should be one more Chinese member, either Ruiqi or Yaning not in the final line-up is blasphemy :pepenomad:

    • I hate Yaning at first coz of MNET shitty editing but she eventually became one of my picks ;(

  • Akorns??

    • Im confusion sjsjsksnwix

      Are you begging for akorns or are you giving away akorns


    • Begging :nervousk:

    • Lmao sure imma gib u 100, but later coz Im so feeling lazy rn :pepe-life-support:

    • nvm I already did it. Why me tho? Theres a lot richer than me. Im considerably poor :pepe-sad:

    • Thank you :lover2::omgr: Most rich users won't hand over their akorns :rolleyes:

  • How's aespa? :pepe-peek:

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    • I'm now with naevis :pepe-peek:

    • SM bacc at it again with their wierd song :pepe-peek: (The album is wierder tho)

    • Weirdly enough I fell for it :pepe-life-support:

      Better than waiting for our gurls tho :peperain:

    • Bruv, Orbits are in despair mode RN 2x Which is why I follow multiple groups. Following 1 group especially if that group is in some deep shit is pure pain :pepe-life-support:

    • Fr!! But those vlogs are working to keep me calm enough :pepe-sad:

      Cocomong's MV has been La Maisoned and seems like the Japanese promotions is delayed too xkdndkdkkd

      Perks of being multi stan kekeke

  • You liking Not Friends, btw?

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    • Yes. Surprisingly after listening to it 3x. Since I'm really not sure when I first heard it.

      Really loving the verses and damn those voicesss :pepe-life-support:

    • Good to know :3

      It's not for me sadly, fell a bit short :pepestare:

    • At least your honest and not trying to like it just because u stan them :pepe-toast:

      How do u like Hula & Starseed though?

    • I feel like both of them are pretty ok, nothing mindblowing, just ok :3
      Tho I gotta say, this is the direction I want LOONA to take. This super cheery and energetic but not necessarily cute song is the LOONA I want :pepe-shades:

  • :pepewhat:

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    • Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


      Omg ur still alive and clowning! :peperun:

    • I'm invisibly lurking here and clowning always :pepe-smug:

    • Good to know. Good clowns are still here lurking and watching over :pepeflushed:

      Btw r u still on discord? I kinda left discord dijdjddjdjnd

    • I'm on discord and here too

      Just I'm not posting anything

      Only Kpop section may be


    • Nice nice. And same I'm only here on kpop section. Only left twice when I gone to the lounge.

  • You're a Flover too? :froghype:

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  • What are your thought on Queendom? :pepewhat:

    • Tbh it sounds weaker compared to their other summer songs but it's such a grower for me and now I can't stop saying ladida do ba badida on my head xkdjjdnsjsjszjjaj

      Not really a fan of the rap at first but after listening thousands times now I think iz okay

    • Tbh, yeah Red Flavour, Power Up, and Umpah Umpah is a better song that Queendom I feel like. Doesn't mean it's bad tho, it's just ok :\

      And yeah, I still don't know why they need to force to have a rap in their song. The members can sing pretty well so why not just let them sing instead? :pepewhat:

    • SM might have rushed the song, it's what I think becoz yeah they could have put a killer verse instead of those raps :pepe-sad:

    • If they are still rushing it despite the 1.5 years hiatus, idk what else to say to SM :pepe-peek:

  • :pepepizza:

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  • @Hyoeulgi-@ul1ra fusion dance :o

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    • Can I change my username? :pepe-sad:

      ul1ra might slap me for using her namr :peperun:

    • Hmm.. I don't think she'll be mad, Ura's nice :3

  • Y'think this sounds like something LOONA would release? :/

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    • Omyghad. It sound so LOONA (well except for the chorus I think?) but in general i definitely think it sound so LOONA.

      The rap-ish pre chorus sounds like Gowon would sing also the title is definitely so LOONA :pepelove2:

    • Even the chorus sounds pretty LOONA-esque, imo. The first time I listen to it, I thought I've heard it before from LOONA but nope. Feels a song that could fit in XX :pepemusic:

    • Agreeed it radiates too much XX energy xkdjdndnxxb

  • Thanks fo the follow back hyo!

    I hope you're doin' well!

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  • You know about this? :pepe-hehe:

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    • Ooooh so this is it. I only heard it and doesn't know the story as to why BBC took it down?

    • Take a good look at the name o' the "lightstick" :pepe-hehe:

    • Oooooh lmaooo. Just like the fandom, their bong is also high :pepe-hehe:

      Is it because of weed related stuff why BBC took it down?

    • Yeah, I think Korean is not really happy with drug-related stuff so that's why :\

      They really do not have a single clue about that name before releasing it, huh? Lmfaoooo :pepe-hehe:

    • If the koreans arent happy I bet International orbits are rejoicing zksjsnjsjsjsjsj lmaooo.

  • That teaser tho :pepe-cowboy:

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    • I really love the instrumental :cryingr:

      Is it for the intro or PTT though :whatr:

      And Kim Lip is back in her eclipse era xjdjsjsj

      It just leaves withbso much questionsjdjdjdjd

    • I think the cool instrumental is for the intro since that is what they've been doing for a long while :/

      And yeah, EcLIPse is bacc it seems like :pepe-cowboy: Wonder if the other member are gonna do the same (prolly not for some members since their hairstyle is totally different from their solo era).

    • The new intro better be longer. Since their previous ones are so damn good but it's too short :pepe-sad:

      Yeaah its prolly not going to be all the members but why Kim Lip though :pepe-hype:

      Anyway that teaser alone is giving me goosebumps and im excited as heckkkk

    • My head might get chopped off by saying this but I don't really like 12:00 intro :pepe-peek: # and [++] are better :'3

      Maybe since Eclipse is one of the least lore heavy MV of the solos? Or maybe it's because it's most popular solo, lmao :'')

      Y'think we're gonna get another teaser 2day? :peperich:

    • Yes yes Im confident we'll get another teaser today that will raises new more questionsss xjdjdjdjdj

      And yes prepare to get your head chopped :pepe-cut:

      But kinda agree 12:00 is my least fave :3

  • :pepefrog::pepefrog::pepefrog::pepefrog::pepefrog:

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    • Kittykat :pepelove2:

      How r u

    • I am suffering with work but sexy like always :pepe-cowboy:

    • Jdjdbdjd

      I see. how to be sexy like u :peperain:

      Why u here tho arent u supposed to work :pepewhat:

  • Any expectation for LOONA's CB? :/

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    • Nothing in particular but I'm really looking forward with basically all. The MV which I kept on thinking "is it a colorful MV?" or "Is it a dance oriented MV" then again I also kept on thinkint what kind of sound will they release.

      I'm very curious in short.

      Oh- I expect them to chart now in korea and maybe break their records in the US uwu

    • Based on the teasers they've released, yeah I am curious too about it. I don't know at all where are they gonna go with this CB. Maybe something like Butterfly but darker is my guess.

      I didn't know about their previous CB's chart performances, is it bad domestically? :'3

    • Ircc they manage to charts in all streaming app including melon but not that high not sure.

      Maybe this time they'll be able to gain the attention of the gp.

      It's so hard to predict loona. But since they said its going to be a song with elements of hip hop Im lowkey expecting some colors in the MV. Also I'm very excited for the 'Stars' successor

    • Yeah, they are not really that big in Korea compared to outside Korea, are they? :\

      I don't think anyone can even predict LOONA at this point. Nobody can predicts their last CB either, right? A hip-hop "Stars" sounds interesting tho. Or they might troll us and gives us something completely different from their older stuffs :'3

    • Yep. But whats interesting now is one of the producer now used to produce with SM groups and he produced 'dumb dumb' and f(x)'s songs so Im really curious Im sure it'll be a bop disisjjssjsnsjsnns


  • Hoe seulgi

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  • Thank u for the Follow!
    what caused u to follow me :lover3:

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  • PAM?!

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  • :mooning:

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  • hyoooo