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  • It's so hard clicking since we had so many replies lmao :pepe-life-support: So I'll just comment a new one.. My reply to your reply:

    The tentative date of our camp is 3rd week of November lmao, sorry if it confused you ahaha

    Yes it's a family thing :iconpepe:

    Aw :pathead-2: I'm doing good, our classes started again which means I have to be not lazy but still good :violinist-pepe:

    • Lmao so true. We're saving a bit of time now, but it was kinda funny :pepe-hehe:

      Ohhh 3rd weeeeeeek, now I get it :pepe-use-head:

      That's cute tho :iconpepe:

      Ufff but you got this :pathead-2: I've probably asked this before, but what subjects do you like?

    • Yes lmao, we should've done this sooner lol :pepe-hehe:

      Also that wall comment I made is like almost 4 months old now lmao, time flies so fasttt :woow:

      Glad you get it now lol :iconpepe:

      Thank youuuu :pathead:

      My favorite is Math :starryeyes-pepe: You?

    • Yeah hahaha :twerkingpepe:

      Damnn that's insane. What have I even done during that time lmao


      Oh damn really? You don't hear that one too often :pepepizza: I think mine used to be math as well actually. Well, at least until I went to uni and had math there lmao Maybe history too.

    • Yes lmao :twerkingpepe:

      Yeah most people hate Math but it's actually pretty fun and not so hard when you focus.. Well what does that mean lol? Like you used to like it then hated it when you went to uni, do you mean it like that?... or maybe not lol :thinkerpepe:

    • Yeah, it just takes a lot of focus. Sometimes even anger, but when you do get it, it's amazing lmao

      Yeah, I mean it like that. Math at uni was :pepe-cross::pepe-cross: The first semester was nice, but after that, damn it went offffff lmao

  • 🍕☕

    • The best things in life :yesr:

    • I don't drink coffee too much, but pizza is just :pepe-life-support::pepe-life-support::pepe-life-support: I will never forget my first time eating pizza in Italy omg

    • describe every detail to me :pepe-notes:

      ngl ily but i kind of hate you for being so close to italia while i'm so far away :pepe-sad: miss the days of working part time in retail last year believing i could save up enough to study abroad :pepe-onions: so much hope back then

    • It was a tiny local shop in Agira, a small town in Sicily. I literally ordered pizza margherita every day :pepe-life-support: It has now been 10 years since I ate those pizzas, and I still think about them and like last year I could practically taste it from my memory, if that makes sense. :pepe-puddle:

      Lmaoo but even tho I'm so close to it, I have only visited it once and as mentioned, that was 10 damn years ago :pepe-comfy: My dad took a spontaneous trip to Tuscany recently, so I wasn't able to join :pepe-sad:

      Ohh :pepe-onions: I bet taking up a student loan for that would be too inconvenient? Idk how student loans work outside of the country I live in rn. Many of my friends did an exchange year, and one even went to Rome now :pepe-life-support:

      But anyway, don't give up! I believe in you and will cheer you on that you'll visit Italy in no time :pepelove1:

    • Pizza WITH coffee? :do7:

  • heyy

    • Heyy, what's up :pepepizza:

    • Not much, i'm mainly just enjoying my school vacations. Had some mexican food today. hru?

    • How long of your vacation is left?

      I'm okay. Just woke up and ate breakfast :pepepizza:

    • I still have 40+ days left :pepe-excited:

    • Omggg wooaahhh what did it just start or do you just have very long school vacation? :pepe-life-support:

  • sup flop cannoli

    • Wat?? I- :pepe-hips: Why u calling and exposing my flop cannoli-ness? :pepe-life-support::pepe-life-support:

      Trying to enjoy the last couple of hours before I gotta go to work :pepe-hips: And you, mashed arancini?

    • mashed arancini omg

      i'm poorly breaded eggplant at least :mad:

    • Cannoli is italian, and so is arancini, so it only made sense to say mashed arancini to me :pepepizza:

      Okay, then, what's up, you poorly breaded eggplant? :pepewash:

    • cosi cosi flop cannoli :danceb: e tu, come va?

    • Oh, is that a rather good or bad cosi cosi? :pepecute: I'm fine so far, not doing much right now. :pepepizza:

      I wish I could answer in italian, but that's a bit too advanced for me rn lmao Are you italian tho?

  • hii

    • Heyy :cheer-bunny: What's up :swing-pepe:

    • Nothing much, I'm getting prepared for my online classes, only 4 days left! Hru?

    • Oh damn, you're still having classes? It's mid july tho :pepe-life-support: But 4 days left, you got this! How long will your holidays be?

      I'm okay, kinda dead rn, but okay :swing-pepe: And you?

    • Oh no I meant my classes will start after 4 days that time.. But our holidays were 2 months

      I'm okay too..

      Btw what should I call u?

    • Ohhh, I see lmao But whaaaat?? Your holidays end in july? That's so early :pepe-life-support: I thought it was like almost a global thing that they either end in august or september. Did you at least enjoy your 2 month break? :pepepizza:

      Hmmm idk what would you like to call me? :swing-pepe:

  • You like eighty six too :pleading:

    uWu 1
    • Before I reply to that, tell me you have watched and love AoT (at least until season 3 cause I'm not up to date yet) or I'm ending the convo right here :pepe-cut:

    • I'm not allowed to watch it :clown:

    • Ok bye :pepe-back-away:

      Why not tho when you're allowed to watch 86? You're missing out BIG TIME :pepe-sad:

    • I mean the gore in Eighty Six is like Peppa pig compared to AOT :sweatr:

    • Lmao I guess you're right :pepe-peek: When do you think you'll be allowed to watch it? :pepe-cowboy:

  • Man, I cried in the final episode of 86 :pepe-sad:

    uWu 1
    • OMGGGG STOOOP I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT IT'S GONNA MAKE THE WAIT SO HARD :pepe-life-support::pepe-life-support::pepe-life-support:

    • I heard 86 isn't making much money, but I hope they'll cover the whole light novel :pepe-sad::pepe-sad:

    • Actually, the light novels are selling pretty well from what I hear :pepe-notes:

    • Hmm okay, then idk, I just hope everything will get adapted :pepe-notes:

      Have you been watching any other animes recently? Except for 86 and Kaguya lmao :pepepizza:

    • Not at the moment, I'm pretty much gaming these days :pepepizza:

  • Latest episode of 86 was so good! It was worth the wait! :pepe-sad:

    Love 1
    • AHHHH I'll have to wait some time until I can watch it :pepe-sad::pepe-sad: Also need to rewatch season 1 and 2 to get back into it again but omgggg good you're saying that :pepe-life-support::pepe-life-support:

      But now there is only one episode left, right?

    • Yes, next week will be the last episode! :pepe-sad:

    • Omg might as well just try to forget everything and wait until season 3 to binge everything then :pepe-life-support:

  • Demon Slayer season 3 has been announced! :pepe-hype:

    • OMGGGGG YESSSS :pepe-heart-eyes::pepe-heart-eyes::pepe-heart-eyes: Soon I'll be able to catch up :pepegrin:

      Btw, if you're wondering, I'm actually dead rn sooooo :pepe-angel:

    • Haha, from Taeyeon’s comeback? I still need to watch it :pepe-notes:

    • You gonna be :pepe-life-support:

  • The latest episode of Demon Slayer Season 2 was insane! :pepe-peek: Have you watched it yet?

    Wow 1
    • OMGG DON'T SAY THATTTTT :pepe-sad::pepe-sad: Nooo, I'll wait until the last episode comes out. So I'll be sure to binge it next week maybe lmao but AAHHHHH now I'm hyped and scared omg :pepe-peek:

      Also heard AoT is CRAZZYYYY rn so omg can't waiiiiittttt

      Have you started watching it yet? :pepe-notes:

    • You better be ready for it! :froghype: I haven't started AoT yet but will watch it very soon :pepe-notes:

    • AAHHHH I can'ttt :pepe-life-support::pepe-life-support: And since the last episode is coming up, it's probably gonna end with a cliffhanger or something since the last episodes apparently have been so much hype :pepe-life-support:

      Okay, I'm waiting to hear your opinions :pepe-notes:

      Have you watched any other anime recently? :pepepizza:

    • Well, that’s anime for you :pepe-shades: Let’s see, I’m still watching Kaguya-Sama season 2 and recently started watching Love of Kill :pepepizza: What about you?

    • Not all though :pepewash: Like I'm watching Platinum End now and omg the first like 15 episodes were so bad lmao only now it's getting a tiny bit better

      Uhh, Kaguya-sama is still going on? I feel like it's been going for a year already or so lmao

      But never heard of Love of Kill though :pepe-notes: What do you think so far?

      I've started and finished Mushoku Tensei, Madoka Magica and also watched the movie I want to eat your pancreas recently :pepe-sad:

  • Any upcoming anime this year you're looking forward to? :pepe-notes:

    • Kinda wanna check out Spy x Family, I've heard the manga is good. Also will probably watch the new season of Boku no Hero Academia. Haven't heard about any other interesting ones :pepe-notes: Other than that I'm just waiting for 2nd seasons of animes I've started (Finest Assassin) and for all episodes of some animes seasons to come out (like AoT, Demon Slayer, 86 :mad: ).

      And you? :pepepizza:

    • I’m definitely going to watch Spy x Family as well! :froghype:

    • Uhhh, so you have only heard good things about it as well? :pepe-hype:

    • Yeah, the good things I’ve heard are pretty much the type of anime I would watch :pepe-excited:

    • Then it must be good :pepe-cowboy:

      Btw, do you play video games too? Since you like K-Pop and anime. If you like games too, the trinity would be complete :peperun: