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  • Spy x Family waiting room :pepe-legs::pepe-toilet: Apparently coming out next month :pepe-cowboy:

    • Yes, I'm excited for it! :froghype:

    • I think it's partly produced by WIT, so it can only be great :pepe-notes:

    • Spy x Family was so good! Very wholesome :pleading:

    • Wow you actually watch a new anime? You're not stuck with op. destiny and Platinum End and all that stuff anymore, Kairina? :pepe-hips: And before you lie, make sure to fact check, cause I have in fact commented on your wall before :pepe-cop:

      But omggg still haven't gotten around to watch the first episode of SxF yet, but I've only heard good things :pepe-just-smile:

    • Omg and you're starting another one :pepe-narrow-eyes: Help this soul, blaze :pepe-pray: Btw omg Platinum End sucked lmao

      I don't remember that :pepe-hips:

  • Eighty Six S1 has ended :pepe-sad: Did you watch the finale ? :dancer:

    • Yep! The last 2 episodes was amazing! They did not disappoint! :pepe-sad:

  • LENAAA :pepe-sad::pepe-sad:

    Wow 1
    • You're a Lena fan as well? :froghype: Lena is the best girl! :pepelove1:

    • Yess she is bestest girl :froghype:

    • You like 86 too i suppose? :nervousk:

    • Yes, I like 86! Can’t wait for the last 2 episodes this month! :pepe-hype:

    • Neither can I :cryingk: I really hope they aren't dissapointing. Also I'm hyped for the upcoming Bubble anime

  • Forgot to tell you that I binged Demon Slayer like two days ago :pepepizza: The episodes passed by so fast wtf

    • Haha, how was it? :pepepizza: It was insane until the end :froghype: Now we have to wait for the next season :pepe-sad:

    • I think it was good ofc, but ngl the MASSIVE plot armor kinda took away some the enjoyment lmao Like yeah, it's a shonen, so I shouldn't have expected anything else, but still :pepeshut: I feel like this was the arc manga readers hyped up the most, but tbh it didn't do too much for me. But I still give it a 8/10 :pepepizza:

    • I see I see :pepe-shades: To be honest, I think many of the manga readers said that there are better arcs than the Entertainment district arc :pepepizza:

    • Don't you agree at least a little bit? :pepeflushed::pepe-back-away:

      Uhhh omg really? Okay, I choose to believe you :pepelove2: Happy that we're getting more seasons tho, especially now that an era is about to end with AoT :pepe-sad::pepe-sad:

    • Oh I do agree with what you said :pepeflushed: To be honest, it frustrates me how long they dragged the fights in the later episodes :pepenomad:

  • AHHDHSDBHWA I'M GETTING TOO HYPED FOR TAEYEON'S RELEASE RN :pepe-life-support::pepe-life-support:

  • Did you play Kuro no Kiseki yet!?

    • Nope, I haven’t even played Trails into Reverie yet. How about you?

    • i am up to CS4 lol

    • Same, but the wait is killing me for Reverie!

    • Me too! and then we will be 2 games behind with Kuro and Kuro 2 :cryingr:

    • Yep, who knows when we’ll get Kuro :pepe-sad: Hopefully late 2024 :pepe-notes:

  • Idk if you remember us talking about the 86 OST, buuuut....

    OMGGGG RJNFEJFEEHUFH I FOUND THE OST ON SPOTIFY TODAY :pepe-life-support::pepe-life-support::pepe-life-support:

  • Lenaaaa :pepe-sad::pepe-sad::pepe-sad:

    • You know your stuff! Lena ftw! :pepelove1:

    • You definitely do too. frrr best girl, best 86 character :pepelove1: Just had to comment. Not often you see anime dps here I feel lmao

      Have you watched the whole show? :pepe-excited:

    • I did! But man, waiting for the last 2 episodes until March is killing me!

    • Ughhh I believe you :pepe-sad: Stopped watching after like episode 17 because I didn't want to torment myself anymore with all that waiting lmao Tbh I wish I hadn't started watching 86 yet :pepe-life-support:

      What else do you watch? :pepepizza:

    • Well, at the moment I’m watching Kaguya-Sama: Love is War and Demon Slayer season 2:cheersc: What about you?

  • Akorns juseyo

  • Hi, can you please vote for me here?

    Thank you! :dahyun3:

  • what is your ult group??? :pepe-cut:

    • lol if I said Twice would you believe me :pepe-smug:

    • ofc, why would you lie to me?? :pepe-cut:

    • Haha, Twice could be my ult but I’m more of a multi-stan where I like my groups equally :pepelove1:

    • are you a communist? :pepe-cut:

    • Maybe, or maybe I’m not :pepegrin:

  • OMG Estelle! :cheersc: