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  • aesthetics are fire, once again :pepelove2:

    • Thank you! <3 I paid akorns for someone to make gifs for me since I really wanted a nice T-ara set

    • Sana is so cute!!


    • yeah she is probably my fav twice member although i don't stan the group :')

      2na | Wiki | Twice (트와이스)ㅤ Amino

    • She’s very cute! What groups do you like? I like a bunch lol.

    • i like a bunch too but casually haha.

      2na matching icons | ♥ TWICE ♥ Amino

      my ult groups rn are itzy + RV

    • I love both of those groups too. Seulgi is my bias out of RV

  • Akorns juseyo

  • i see 2ne1

    I see hara

    and we also like avril

    therefore, I must follow <3<3

    • Thank you! ❤️I followed you back! I also love your icon and signature! I see we both like a lot of the same stuff as well! Hara was my bias from KARA and 2NE1 was my first Kpop concert I went to back in the day.

    • oh! i never got to see 2ne1, but hara was my bias as well. <3<3

      midnight queen was amazing...and she looked so beautiful :pepe-sad:

    • Omg I agree! She looked so stunning and Midnight Queen was such a bop. I loved Hello as well.

      I also loved her first mini album too! Choco Chip Cookies was such a good song. She looked amazing in the video too.

      I miss her so much, she had such an amazing personality.

    • She will always have a place in my heart.

      imma go listen to her music now...just reminded me:)

      I miss her too. </3

    • She’ll always have a place in my heart too! Im actually listening to KARA right now. Pandora specifically. Such a good song and the video too! They looked amazing.