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  • Chae looks so adorable in your sig

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  • Hru?

    I think I've finally accepted you as a maknae btw :oks:

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    • im good. ive been pretty bored with kpop since none of my favs havecame back except like cherry bullet and weeekly. i miss it when it was october-november. we had twice, txt, weeekly, bp, aespa, stayc, bts, loona (though i didnt enjoy the loona comeback) and then there was award season straight after. now theres only bullying scandals (and i really thought nayeon was gonna get accused again because nayeons hot)

      as you should lol

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    • I'd say the same. Other than the bullying rumors and few good comebacks, there hasn't been anything too exciting. I'm also desperate for a Twice comeback. I have a feeling it's going to be slightly less than the FS to M&M drought. That wasn't really worth the wait tbh.

      LMAO I'm considering it... :smirks2:

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    • im thinking its gonna be late may or early june at latest. dont think jyp is gonna do july. i want a title track like up no more or oxygen :(

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    • I think late June since if JYP'S smart they'll give Kura Kura more promoting time. That's the average between Twice JP and Twice Kor cbs anyways. I can't wait and an UNM or Oxygen-like cb would be amazing

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    • jyp isnt smart lol. i want the track to be written by chae/jihyo but im just delulu lol

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  • How did I not follow you before, friend?! :eek:

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  • I'm gonna follow u cos we're dating now :mad:

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  • do you have among us if so can you play?

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  • posie

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    • rosie posie did it again 8)

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    • lmao ok posie do you know who i am

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    • um um um shoot im bad at memory

      uhhhh boney? (i misspelled it on purpose dont you try to @ me) I KNOW YOUR USERNAME BUT I CANT REMEMBER SHOOT

      i hope im not wrong or else im gonna be :pepe-life-support:

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    • if im wrong im logging out of akp for the day :pepe-back-away:

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    • sure i'm boney :shake-it:

      also wow eventhough i don't have a jisoo aesthetic you remember me

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