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    no I still think it's newjeans. I think aespa is certainly no2. I'd like to see how their next comebacks do, specifically newjeans. aespa has been killing it since spicy, so I doubt their next comeback is gonna do bad. but newjeans had the burden of coming back during the hybe vs mhj disaster. I also dont want to judge their June release since its Japanese (although that'll show who's popular in Japan). their next Korean release will be crucial in my opinion.

    performance/stage presence wise I think they did good. they certainly hyped up the crowd. their vocals were kinda mediocre. I mean, it wasn't terrible but it felt a bit disappointing. chaewon did way better than everyone, and I was a bit disappointed in yunjin/kkura's singing. there's room for improvement, I don't think they should've been sent to coachella though.

    I hope that 1800-hotnfun song isn't released as a title track, it was a bit corny ngl. it can work fine as a bside I guess.

    when it comes to racism/colorism/disrespecting religions, I have to think "is it even in my place to forgive". I am a black person, I don't think its my place to 'forgive' someone for mocking, lets say, SEA people. however if an idol is being constantly racist, I think you can safely say they're a shitty person.

    when its a legal issue, I think there's a lot more nuance. if an artist was involved in something like burning sun, it just disgusts me and I don't see how anyone can forgive. however if they got sentenced/probation for weed, I don't see how it matters.

    In my attempt of becoming more active here, I decided to do album reviews. I have a few albums in mind that I'd make a review on, but if anyone has any recs, I'm down to listen. Just have the album be more than 5 songs (Although, if it's not over 8 songs, I might do a double review and review another EP of the same artist, along with the recommended one....)

    Why I Chose To Start Out With This Album:

    Despite me only fully standing Shinee during HARD era, they have always been one of the few boy groups who's music I really liked. There's a plethora of girl groups who's music I'm a fan of, but I think i'm more picky with my boy groups. What truly drew me into Shinee, was their personalities! All five of the boys are some of the funniest and more genuine idols i've seen. This was one of the biggest factors of me stanning them. However, I realized i've only listened to their title tracks and a handful of bsides (not counting their past two albums, which i've listened to in full), so I decided to start listening to more of their pre 2021 discography! The reason why I chose to start out with this album, is because I could tell how much passion was poured into it. I only listened to one song of this album before listening to it as a whole, and it perfectly encapsulated the feelings I was going to get while listening. I felt very emotional listening through all the songs. I'm someone who likes more upbeat songs in terms of my KPOP, but this felt so personal to me and its production truly touched my heart. Ironically, despite this whole album feeling somewhat melancholic, I felt a sense of hope while listening. This album just felt like a reassuring reminder that everything in life will be okay, and I think I needed that warm hug that came with listening. This is honestly one of the most beautiful albums I've listened too, and I recommend for anybody reading this to take a listen. Even if you aren't a Shawol, this is a perfect way to be introduced to the group. Shinee is known for their dance tracks, but this album can really show that they are more than that. They are mesmerizing, artistic individuals. Shinee isn't underrated by any means, one of KPOP's biggest and best groups out there, but despite that, I want to scream on the top of my lungs that Shinee should have even MORE recognition. Their current popularity is way less than what they deserve. Big, none the less, but they should be known to everyone who isn't even a KPOP listener. This album proves my point even more.

    I probably wont write an album/artist description this long with other artists haha.

    Highlight Song Of The Album (AKA: Mina's favorite and what she is currently obsessed with):
    Good Evening- Can I just gush about this song for one minute? ITS LITERALLY SOOOO GOOD. The lyrics were so beautiful and the production was top-notch. The pre-chorus is so insane to me. I've never heard a pre-chorus so enchanting and inviting. I feel like i'm longing for something but also ready to move forward while listening. I've literally had it on repeat since I rediscovered it. I heard this song like a few years ago, maybe 2021? But I feel like I can now understand this song with my personal situations. I feel so nostalgic listening to it. Props to the producers here, this is hands down one of my favorite KPOP songs ever. Also made me realize how much I love House.

    My Least Favorite Song (Sorry....)

    All Day All Night- I don't think the song is completely terrible. I just find it a bit mediocre musically. It starts off really promising but the chorus leaves me kinda confused. I go back and forth through this feeling throughout my listen, and I don't like the feeling very much. I also find it kind of out of place with the other songs, maybe it would fit better on a different album? It's decent, but I don't really like putting up with just decent in my opinion.

    Stellar B-Sides- Jump, Retro, Tonight. Top 3 in the B-Side ranking!


    Good Evening (10/10)

    Jump (10/10)

    Retro (10/10)

    Tonight (10/10)

    Drive (9.5/10)

    Who Waits For Love (9/10)

    Lock You Down (9/10)

    You And I (8.5/10)

    I Want You (8.5/10)

    Our Page (8/10)

    Electric (7.5/10)

    Chemistry (7.5/10)

    Undercover (7/10)

    Countless (7/10)

    I Say (6.5/10)

    All Day All Night (5/10)

    Overall Album Rating- 8.3/10. PASS!!! As I said previously, I totally recommend this album! Very good quality in my eyes. Bonus points for being generally cohesive. I'm very glad I decided to listen to this album, it showed me so many Shinee bangers. They never fail to impress me.

    I would love to hear other people's opinions on The Story Of Light! I doubt anyone is reading this far, but I'd like to know Shawols, and everyone elses, favorite/least favorite songs off the album. Also, some albums to review in the future would be nice!

    i think it shouldve been released for their 10th anniversary. it feels like something a group would drop before a hiatus (forever 1 vibes, well idk how long snsds hiatus will be but assume itll be long) as much as i like the song, i dont think that type of music is popular atm. especially the friendship galpal vibe they have going on, would resonate with fans on an important day like their 10th anniversary.

    if twice wants a revival (m not saying that whatever that follows is a guarantee for twice to have a hit, just some ideas!), they need a new vision. i think the company has to get more creeative with things like concept photos, album design, comeback concept, etc. one sparks music video felt kinda eh? alcohol free was visually amazing, or they can be creative along the lines of ttt. i think they need another song similar to feel special, feel special isnt one of my faves (my faves are likey, ttt, more & more, yes or yes, knock knock haha), its elegant and danceable at the same time (also beautiful music video imo).

    another HUGE thing. they need to promote it in korea to do decent there. ive noticed with their comebacks post 2020, alcohol free and ttt were the only ones to chart good. (top 10/15 and top 20/30 respectively, which is a decline but still alright), compared to scientist, one spark and set me free, which charted/charting poorly. alcohol free and ttt were the only ones to have many music show performances. (i think set me free has like 2 or 3 but barely any). i mean i dont expect them to be promoting for like a month like rookie groups, but is a week/week and a half of music shows a lot to ask for?

    also, the english pre releases need to be cut. they shouldve left it at the feels. i dont think an english single is gonna do any more for twice in america, especially because it seems like theyre barely promoting the english single.

    nayeon without a doubt. shes the most famous in korea and one of the most known internationally.

    another thing, a lot of the twice members have their strength in one category while being average or slighlty weak in everything else. an example of this would be momo or jeongyeon! momo is very strong in dance and performance/stage presence but is average in rap (well not by technical rap standards since most kpop idols would fall flat :sweatr: but she could function as a lead rapper) and weak in vocals. jeongyeon is a strong vocalist but average dancer and has weak stage presence. however nayeon is a strong vocalist, good dancer and good performer, id say top 4 in twice (jihyo>>>>>sana>=momo>nayeon>>>>>>>>chae=jeongyeon mina>=>>>tzuyu)

    jihyo is also a good singer, dancer and performer, and really popular internationally, so why did nayeons solo do better? i think it came down to domestic factor. a lot of idols are trying to strive for international popularity only but i think a domestic fanbase is equally as important. sales and touring is good money wise, but streaming/charting helps your song and your face get known in the public (which can lead to brand deals/ads!!!). not only that, nayeons solo debut SCREAMED kpop and was so quintessential twice. (plus was the first solo which was much more anticipated) jihyos solo was on the mature side of things, focusing a lot on vocals, opposite to nayeons bright tunes and catchy hooks. i cant remember a super BIG defining part of killing me good compared to pop (still a good song nontheless)

    does that mean jihyo should change her solo image to be more successful? absolutely not! i think the albums should stay true to the members tastes, so i couldnt care less whos more successful.