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    • Yeah, there was a thread about these clips. I thought it was funny (and understandable) that she called herself con lol.

  • hii

  • Hi :borahae: Would you like to join the Merryland guild? Do you like Momoland? :pleading:

  • Hi. You're into 2nd gen, I see. Do you like Big Bang?

    • Hi! Sorry, I don't like most of Big Bang's songs. When it comes to 2nd gen, I'm mostly a fan of SNSD and SuJu, plus individual songs from other groups.

  • may i follow you?? i've always wanted to, you seem very cool and we agree on a lot of stuff :joy: :):joy: :)

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    • :wow: Thank you for the compliment! You don't have to ask (most people don't lol). Good thing I haven't been ranting much lately.

  • lets be friends :pepelove1:

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  • Well at least I have years to figure out what to get for my second badge. Siiiighhh