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  • There's some :clown::clown::clown: in this house. LOL

  • A foolproof plan on getting a hit thread: Use BTS

    100% guaranteed to at least give you 100 replies.

    Congratulations trolls!


  • The rules are lax but it does bring up interesting things...they should have definitely kept the clown reaction :danceb::danceb::danceb:

  • How can you be an ARMY and not know WEVERSE is free...like WTH???!!!!

  • Hoeing it down with DDaeng because damn that song is sin :dancer::lover1:

  • Me with all this cold cold weather


    Also me an insomniac: :blehr:

  • WTF is this? :angryr:

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  • onionaseyo leader-nim

    LOL 1
  • [IMG] Went Namjooning again today. Its so cold outside but the experience and the view was definitely worth it <3

  • I don't normally listen to bgs and I was wondering how would you introduce me to BTS? I only know Dynamite

    • Hello! Well do you like dance songs more or more ballad type songs? There are also guides such as this created by other ARMYs

      r/bangtan - I have a lot of time in my hands so I decided to make a Guide To BTS Discography as inspired by a post in r/the1975

    • I love both any bsides similar to BLACKPINK's sound?

    • I guess Micdrop, Cypher pt 4, Dope, or Run may be close to BP's sound but tbh I'm not really good at telling what sounds alike :D

    • What are your favorite bsides, title tracks, performances?

      I'm a non army but I like Suga and V

    • Suga’s mixtape is great I’d recommend Dwaechita, The Last, People, Burn It, What do You think and Dear my friend from his mixtapes and Eight and Blueberry eyes for his collabs.

      I like V’s Sweet Night and Blue and Grey was supposed to be in his mixtape.

      For OT7 BTS: I like truth untold, anpanman, go go, black swan, ddaeng and they cyphers as a start.

      Love 1
  • Since I can't make that gif work, I'll just stick with fboy Hobi <3:evil:

  • Hey we can actually remove the akorn number here

    • yes I saw! I thought you were prankinng me when you said I couldn’t remove it. Thanks for the reply though :P

      Stay busy mod. You guys are doing great.

    • We are only just learning the system ourselves sorry

    • nah its okay!

  • The BTS badge is so pretty. <3<3<3

  • I feel so overwhelmed lol and all I wanted was to post those new BTS pics ;(