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  • Miss you

  • :(

  • rip nephew :-(

  • hii

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    • Hiii!!! But why does it feel like I know you but I don't??? :/

    • Maybe you've seen me before.. I followed you months ago but you didn't follow back ):

    • Damn!!! Sorry :-( I usually follow everyone who follows me as soon as I see the notification. I might have skipped over the notification || Sorry I feel bad ;(

    • That's okay! Let's be friends!

    • Thank you :thumbup: I look forward to getting to know you :borahae:

  • you were a guy all along?

    My whole akp life has been a lie, first ripia, then Ves and now you?

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    • But all 3 of us have always had our respective genders on our profile ^^

    • I never checked their profiles until after I found out lol.

  • Hey, thanks for the rankings. That was interesting to see!

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    • I also had fun having conversation with you. I have always liked to talk about numbers. I know you do as well. I have seen you update Seventeen's achievement threads.

    • Yeah, charts, numbers, and graphs can be fun. And, thank you so much for checking out my Svt achievements threads. I thought no one really cared about them. :cryingr:

      but I still made them regardless because it is fun putting them in order and just having them there.

  • Akorns juseyo

    • First say 'Anti Romantic' is better than 'Ghostings' then I might think....

    • I'm sorry Ghosting, I'm only doing it for the akorns...

      Anti Romantic is better than Ghosting :pepe-sad:

    • Okay good :thumbup:

      Why do you want akorns though? You already have so many of them.

    • :pepe-sad:

      I'm saving for a looooooot of badges :danceb:

    • Okay so how many do you want?