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    BTS had 2 BB200 #1s and HOT 100 top 10 when they announced that stadium tour. Blackpink still don't have that.

    It is not even debatable that BTS had more hype in the west back in 2018 than Blackpink have ever had. Because the thing is Blackpink still don't have BTS 2018 numbers in the west. 'Fake Love' had more streams back then than any Blackpink song has ever gotten. Debuted inside the top 10 and spent 6 weeks in the chart. All without any push and Korean song at that. 'LY : Tear' did more digital units (also physical units) back then than any Blackpink album has done. First foreign album in 11 years to top BB200. BTS got more certifications from Europe only in 2018 than Blackpink have gotten throughout their career. So yeah it is stupid to base it on that they did 200k audience each. Because it is very much visible that BTS had more audience.

    Also at the end of that arena tour BTS did Citifield show to test the waters if they can do stadiums in the US or not and you know what they succeeded. That's why extension stadium tour happened.

    when BTS debuted big hit also used BB tags for their MV so bighit/hybe using other groups is not uncommon

    YouTube didn't even have tagging feature when BTS debuted ffs. So that is a straight up lie which is expected from kpop fans. Anyways tagging feature was introduced by YouTube in 2015.

    Also only Big Bang was not tagged, multiple other kpop acts were also tagged. So yeah Big Bang is not special. This MV you are using here as a proof 'Blood, Sweat & Tears' literally broke all the records of the most viewed kpop MV ever in all categories. BTS were getting more YouTube views than BigBang even before 2016 started. So you really think tagging BigBang would have helped BTS in any case?

    Anyways tagging only helps videos to show up when you search that name. Recently we saw Blackpink 'Pink Venom' MV and dance practice show up when searched BTS so what's different than that. It is just common YouTube algorithm. Move the fuck on.

    Hmm. From this thread, you guys? lol.

    Sorry if I’m reading wrong and this thread is not making a fuss about newjeans’ media play as the next BTS.

    You remember that thread you made to call out blinks on this forum just before their comeback? That is what you call making a fuss about the situation. Not this.

    And yes you are reading this wrong. Because this thread is just to inform everyone about HYBE mediaplay for NewJeans using BTS. Am I wrong paradis? And everyone is just giving their reaction to the blatant mediaplay which is normal.

    Your post is telling people to not give their reaction and go to Twitter.

    “If you don't want to acknowledge the blatant mediaplay, just don't but don't tell others not to do so.”

    But I acknowledged the blatant mediaplay from my first post - the one I said all big4 used BTS for mediaplay.

    That was a general statement.

    But do you really think I am obtuse that I do not understand that you made that first post just so that you can use it as a defence when someone calls you out for that second post which is actually your real reaction? :rolleyes:

    I just sharing my thoughts that at this point I’ve change my perspective and turn anger (for them labels using BTS) to acceptance (compliments BTS as a gold standard). It’s tiring being angry all the time.

    It is just weird that your perspective about things change only when HYBE and other HYBE groups are involved.

    Anyways I don't care. Like I said above you can do whatever the fuck you want. Just don't deny the blatant mediaplay and don't tell others what they should do and how they should react. Peace.

    To be fair, very recently SKZ was said to be the next BTS and none of us in akp make a big fuss about it (only in Twitter). So if you wanna see some action, OP, better go to Twitter I guess?

    I don’t know about anyone else, at this point, it’s like a compliment to me. I’m very secured about BTS legacy and anyone being called the next BTS (like a golden standard) just cement it even more.

    OP is just sharing that there is mediaplay and everyone else is giving their reaction. If you don't want to acknowledge the blatant mediaplay, just don't but don't tell others not to do so.

    ARMYs are here for BTS, not for HYBE. So unlike you lot people won't change their reactions to situations depending on which company's groups are involved. Just because it's HYBE and HYBE group doesn't mean ARMYs will treat the situation differently.

    Btw who even is making fuss about NewJeans mediaplay? No one. Neither here nor on twitter.

    When will these kpop fans and companies understand the fact that one successful comeback doesn't make BTS?

    welcome to the other side :teddy-pepe:

    HYBE is learning from YGE on how to use BTS to help their girl group smh....

    Every company from yge, jyp to Hybe all media play using BTS.

    I wonder if armys who fought off other company mediaplay will open their mouth now. Doubtful since most have become Hybe fans, must be happy knowing their new faves new jeans will overcome BTS.

    I don't expect anyone to call out. Just hope they won't deny the obvious mediaplay from their dear company.

    I won't change a shit of my post because its correct. Learn to read or buy a pair of glasses, maybe then you will notice the three divisions of my post.

    Actually you need to learn to read or buy pair of glasses because I'm clearly saying that the TITLE of this thread is misinformation from the beginning. I never talked about your OP.

    onlyfarts, your confidence isn't my problem. You somehow entered here and quickly replied a BTS mention like the helper you are and also made sure to say that in the other chart Seventeen, SKZ and NCT dream are also above BP kkkk if this isn't peak comedy idk more kkkkkk

    I can understand if you felt that was a shade but it's just a fact.

    It is actually hilarious that you want to correct me because you felt I was being shady when I am just stating the truth rather than correcting OP who has clearly unarguably written a misinformative title.

    If OP said "BP is the only Korean act to enter both UWC Charts" then that wouldn't offend you?
    BTS failed to enter the song chart, get over it I guess?

    How can you feel I am offended here illpray4u?

    BTS are also on UWC album chart at #4 with 3.8m+ units. Not only the highest charting Korean but Asian artist. Seventeen, Stray Kids, NCT Dream are also there. All ahead of Blackpink. OP is just exaggerating with the title since Blackpink are the only Korean artist on the UWC songs chart. Let them celebrate.

    I'm just answering the question you asked if BTS is there or not on the list. And proceeded to tell you about others who also made an appearance on that chart.

    Also telling the truth that the title of the thread is misinformation. That's it.

    If you had not asked the question and OP had written the title of thread clearly then I wouldn't even be here.

    The title is like that and in the op is stated right so not an exaggeration, specially when op also put the Album chart info and where it says BP is the only female kpop group.

    And we love how some enter BP threads just to see the achievements and supposedly you don't stan neither care kkkkk

    You are right. I shouldn't have said exaggeration. The title is straight up misinformation.

    Everyone from here onwards read "misinformation" where I wrote "exaggeration", okay?

    I have been on this forum for 2.5 years and I'm quite confident of the fact I have never entered any Blackpink thread that doesn't mention BTS. Not even 99.99% but total 100% confident about this. When I'm saying that I don't care about Blackpink, I mean it.

    Wow I have never seen so many tears over one thread.

    Just say that you don't like the fact that I am not letting you spread misinformation like you wanted to with the title of this thread. If you really wanted to celebrate Blackpink, you would be careful to get what you are writing right. But you are still not correcting the misinformation because you actually don't care abiut celebrating Blackpink.

    You'll get banned soon

    If a user who has never even gotten a warning point in 2.5 years gets banned then..... :/

    Facts noooo, I don't want you banned

    You can't talk about the current state of this VERY ALIVE forum right now publicly here

    Don't worry. I know I won't get banned.

    And even if I do, alts are allowed now right? I'll come back with another account just like how all of these trolls are ^^

    Why you so fucking annoying it clearly says songs? Why bring up BTS here lmfao.

    You people whine when blinks enter BTS achievement threads and then do this shit fucking hypocrites.

    I'm literally quoting your fellow blink who mentioned BTS first, stupid. Keep BTS out of your mouth in your celebration and achievement threads which are titled to spread misinformation and then you won't see me here.

    Omg, in the album chart we have 4 bgs ahead of BP! Otokê?

    Op isn't exaggerating, it's the truth. BP is the only Korean act in the UWC list for songs. And I'm sure they weren't the only kpop act that dropped "songs", but they are the only in the list.

    Anyways, biggest kpop era this year!

    Can't you read? I literally said "OP is exaggerating with the title" because everyone can see it is saying "BP is the only Korean act on UWC chart" without mentioning songs or albums chart in the title which is a misinformation. Because even though BP are the only Korean artist in songs chart, it doesn't change the fact that they are not the only Korean act in UWC year end charts which is the question I answered. Start using common sense.

    Op didn't even mention her fave... Guess this is what happen when you lived your entire live base on twitter fanwar, scary asf...

    You just need to learn how search engine works then you might probably understand why I'm here. I never even click on Blackpink thread ever unless I see them pop up in BTS search which is very common. Because your fandom is full off people who think of BTS first even in Blackpink threads which are usually made to spread misinformation as evident by what OP is doing with the title of this thread and I just answered your fellow blink who asked a question. Not that difficult.

    But BTS and no other Korean artist on the more relevant song list? Damn. Impressive for BP.

    Yeah it is impressive but still blinks feel the need to spread misinformation with titles like these.

    You're back nephew of!

    What's happening?

    I never left....

    Suga alone has more Spotify streams and more GAON digital points and more HOT 100 entries than all Blackpink members combined. Just because ARMYs don't feel the need to spread misinformation or celebrate fake achievements just to make their faves look bigger than they are does not mean they are not doing better than your faves. Sit the fuck down.

    Solo had a pak, 1m uls in 24 hours, 900m+ digital points and it has a platinum certification on both streamings and downloads. I don't think anyone is outdoing her.

    Suga has a song with 1.4m ULs, 1.5b GAON digital points and 2*platinum certification. Just so you know.

    This just goes on to show how impressive BP are considering their 2 song albums outchart and outsell BTS

    And Jin sold 1m+ which is more than any Blackpink member has sold who are supposed to be more popular than him. He did it with only 2 versions while they did 2-digit number if versions.

    RM has already outsold one and gonna outsell the other in few months. Again with 2 versions.

    BTS is bigger than kpop itself. These companies are just part of kpop. So it was given. And numbers show it too.

    BTS are the biggest promoters of not just kpop, but Korea as a whole. Korea gets more help because of being associated with BTS than BTS do with Korea. That's how much big they are.

    BTS haven't released a full album since 2020 :skull:

    Album price do have effect on sales. IMG_20230106_140545.jpg


    No point talking sense with trolls. The only way to deal with them is insulting them. These trolls act out on the internet because they don't get attention in their real life. They can't get attention in their real life because of lack of self esteem and no confidence. Also because they are not good enough to do anything worth in their life. So they use internet as a gateway to take out the frustrations of their loser being and get what they can't in their real life. That's why they seek attention online.

    So just insult them because it will hurt them more. Since they will relate to it because these trolls actually don't like what they see in the mirror.