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  • peepoBrazil at 2x

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    • WOOOOOOW!! Sooooo pretty and cooooool!!! Thank you <3<3

  • Thanks for the follow back :pepelove1:

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  • Gorgeous dp omg!! :lover2:

  • It must be hard being a blink huh :pepecry:

    • Well, it's tiring kkkk, but the pinks are worth it.

    • The world doesn't deserve them, I'm exited for snowdrop :pepe-excited:

    • The universe don't deserve them either kkkkkk

      Me too!!! I'm sooo excited! A great romance pleeeease kkkkk

    • Yes please :pepecute::pepe-comfy:

    • And i hope hope hope the storyline isn't as controversy to be cancelled... Jisoo deserves a ww drama hit!

  • are you on reddit too :pepe-sad:

    whyyy they hate the pinks :pepe-sad: :pepe-sad:…keep_up_with_every_group/

    • I'm not????? Who posted it???? What??????? I never gave permission kkkkk what?????

    • isn't that exactly the same paragraph

      how could someone do that

      they even made a hate thread towards chen </3…ut_he_actually_fucked_up/

    • I commented there and linked my thread. Later I'll make a post there talking about it. I created an acc there now just to talk about this kkkkk omg...

    • I think it was removed by the mods

      they even have sehun in their dp ;(;(

    • It was.. do you have an acc there?? Please link my thread and say that they should've credited me. This is super wrong!!

  • say lalisa love me lalisa love me

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  • Chaeryeong is superior you have taste

  • mona.. the thread closed...

    we lost

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    • Let's not lose faith! Just make a troll thread and they'll let it open!

  • i miss your cursed memes :peperain:

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    • Ooooooooh, after so many bullying now you miss my mind :pepepizza: kkkkkk I'll be back, I was taking a break as some users where traumatized bc of them kkkkkkk

    • still hate them, but i miss your chaos <3

    • Oh kkkkk thanks! :mooning:

    • ofc bestiee <3

    • <3:iloveyoub:<3

  • hi

  • best lisa akgae on the forum


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    • B, you didn't kkkkkkk noooooooooooo, but thanks :pepe-toast: we do anything for the queen!

  • I love money :peperich:

    Lisa's solo :pepe-sad:

    It's so good :pepe-sad::pepe-sad:

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    • I thought you were going to ask me money kkkkkk

      Yeees! Money is soooo good! I'm waiting for her performance bc she said we would get a DANCE BREAK!!!

    • LOL

      same I'm waiting for it to drop :peperain:

    • That fact that she said she doesn't know if she will promote more broke my heart :pepe-sad: I'm glad lilies and some blinks are eating YGE as* on Twitter kkkkkk

    • that was kyungsoo's situation a month ago :crys:

      same but exols and SME lmao

      btw did you listen to

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    • It's sad, uh? They deserve so much more!!

      Still no, later I'll!!

  • You seem really funny. Just thought I'd tell you :groovins:

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    • Oooh, thank you :pepe-sad: such a sweet soul in this hell kkkkkkk

    • You're welcome :pepe-sad:

      So rare that I find a non problematic user... nice people are so scarce on sites like this :pepecry:

    • I'm a little problematic though :sweatr: but i for sure ain't toxic kkkkkk and people these days are all for the fight...

    • You're not problematic to me, don't worry... for me, having opinions and stating them honestly and reasonably is not being problematic. :oks: Though I haven't seen all of your posts :smirks2:

      Yeah it's a real shame... It's still worth staying positive though. The kind people are the reason I stay on this site and I think if we can be that person to someone else then eventually this place will get a little bit better. :pepelove1:

    • Yes, i always try to be reasonable, but like these days one Lisa anti was talking bad about her in all threads so i commented like this: "just bc your ass thinks this you don't need to be shitting on Lisa. Obsessed" something like this kkkkkkk

      And yes, being positive is always the best option and some users here are really cool and friendly so i really appreciate most of my time here.

  • d382a149fdce4549b1c756a6da797823be80f88a.gifvMona Lisa kinda Lisa rarararara❤️‍🔥

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    • :mooning::shake-it::pepemusic::happyr: iconic Lisa!!

      Thanks for the gif!! I'm loving how everyone is associating me so much with Lisa kkkkkk

    • You’re welcome!!! And omg yes! You’re iconic just like Lisa is!! Btw, how are you feeling so far with all of the teasers and everything for her solo?? I’m absolutely hyped!!

    • I'm this iconic?? *dead meme* kkkkk

      I'm feeling soooooo happy. Im literally waiting for her since Solo kkkkk. Surprisingly i think YGE is doing an amazing job with the outfits, make up, hair. Everything seems beautiful and I'm just hoping for a great song showing all her talent! And you? I think her sound would be stronger than BP sound..

    • Lmao yep!

      And honestly, same! I’m so incredibly excited for her solo. I’ve never been this hyped before!! I love Lisa so much, and I’m so glad she is finally getting her moment to shine. She deserves this, and I’m so proud of her! I mean, queen is out here breaking records with teasers only!! She’s a star, and I have a good feeling this solo will showcase that to the fullest. Everything looks gorgeous so far! The looks, the outfits, everything! I’ve got a good feeling about her solo! < 3

      I’m surprised at how well YGE is doing too! I hope they keep the same energy as time goes on, because the girls deserve this type of amazing treatment! I also think her sound will be much stronger!! From the teasers, it seems like she’s going for a more darker sound, which I absolutely love!

    • We going bald kkk for real!!

      Tbh i would love the pinks career filled with group, solo and sub units music... They have so much potential to explore do many different genres and still be incredible! I just hope YGE keeps the good work bc if not .. I'll make do many threads shitting on them kkkkkk

      And let's spread Lisa world domination!!

  • halooo fellow Lisa stan :pepe-shades:

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    • Hello!! The moment I saw you I thought: an angel arrived kkkkk yeeees, this is a win for us!! Thanks for coming back for Lisa!

    • askdkskadks not sure if i'm an angel :pepe-devil: but Lisa sure is! :lover1:

      thank you! I was gonna come back for her just was waiting for her solo and here we are!! this solo gonna be one for the books! :yesr:

    • Yes! I'm soooo excited and happy bc new blinks are arriving here!! Let's go full mood to support the queen!

    • yess! let's goo! :yesr::pepe-hype:

    • thanks for the ff btw :pepelove1:

  • mona lisa kinda lisa needs an ice cream man to treat her

    Lalisa foi uma menina muito má, Jungkook vai dar a punição que ela re…  #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad | Blackpink, Blackpink  video, Gif

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  • :lisa5:

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  • so i know why you followed me so tell me something about yourself

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    • Something about me? Huuuum. I like to sing and surprisingly i sing well and you?

    • you sing? interesting have you had lessons my friend? or is this some sort of natural talent?

      me? i can't sing (except at karoake with friends) nor dance but i can sorta rap lol

      i grew up listening to people like tupac and eminem (eminem is my fav artist of all)

    • Yes i sing, my family sings (mom side) so it's natural.

      You can rap? Thats super cool! I never tried to rap neither dance kkkk

      I don't keep up with every work of Eminem, but I really like his works.

    • nice what do normally sing?

      i know you're Brazilian so Brazilian stuff?

      sorta especially back when i was in early high school i used to try hard rap a lot lol

      i was bullied in primary (elementary scholl) so people like tupac and eminem got me through a lot...

    • I sing all type of music and yes, majority are Brazilians, but I also like to sing Spanish (reggaeton) music too and English. I like pop music in general.

      Oh no, an idol kkkkk

      You were bullied? And are you fine now? I wish you happiness!

  • thanks for following!!!

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    • We aren't strange!! Kkkkk but thanks for following back. If you didn't i would unfollow you :sadr: kkkkkkkk

    • lmao that's fair!

    • Você pode visitar nossa guilda sabe... Kkkk

    • eu pretendo dar uma volta por lá

      aqui no akp fico mais na guilda do SKZ e vez ou outra vou na thread principal pra ler as tretas kkkkkkkk

    • A nossa guilda tá morta, mas a pink e o minigee dão o nome e conversam mais por lá kkkkk

      Essa guilda do skz deve ser boa né? O povo vive lá.

      Já que fico por aqui no kpop forum vendo as tretas :pepe-hehe: às vezes eu sou a treta kkkkk

  • how are you doing? sorry for the Lisa thread :(

    • I'm doing good. Actually i understand that it's not an easy job to be a mod and I'm sorry if I'm harsh sometimes, but some users were really disrespectful and well, they always use such threads to hate on the girls so it's nothing new, but it's tiring... But thanks for asking me and I'm sorry again for venting on you, but if i had quoted se users :pepe-cut: you would've to ban me kkkkkkkk

    • ignore them put them on block!! you're doing well Lisa is just around the corner

    • I don't block people bc i like to see se fights here :pepepizza: kkkkk

      But thanks! And yes, I'm waiting impatiently for Lisa solo kkkk

  • for you 2a268168f665930c91cbd1a5c182a627fc2df755.gifv


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    • Thank you sooooooo much!! I love it! :pepe-sad::pepe-sad:

      I will use it as much as my "kkkk"

  • My brain automatically plays this whenever I see you

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    LOL 1
    • Oh no :cryingr::cryingr::angryr:

      A booooop "baby say yes yes yyyes" :pepemusic: kkkkkkkkkkk

      I can't believe my username is being this iconic kkkkkk





    • Me crying while listening to such an artistic song :pepe-sad: the lyrics hit me as hard as Jennie ram pam pam pam pam pam pam kkkkkkkkk

  • YO what if this post was inspired by your logo polls?…l-group-has-the-best-logo

    Wow 1
    • Do you think it could be possible? The b didn't even gave my credit kkkkkk

      But I did my job and promoted my thread there kkkkk

    • idk but the time between your threads and this article is realistic that they liked the idea and made an official poll about it :smirks2:

      Good job :claps:

    • Well, it's my charm kkkkkk

      Thank you :pepelove2:

    • LMAO I wanna know who you paid tho 2x

      Ur welcome :pepelove2:

    • YGE is paying me monthly since BP debut :pepe-flirt: kkkkk

  • ayo heads up

    artist ye might wanna check out :)))

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    • Oooh. I saved the Swalla fan art too! She is sooooo talented!

    • yaaaaaaaa :blushing::blushing::blushing:

    • Thank you so much for the recommendation! :cutes:

    • noo problem!!!

      I kinda like the art that comes out of kpop fandoms but I feel like they always fall by the wayside....

    • Me too! Looking for BP fan art it was pleasant!

  • What kinda solo do you wish for Lisa??

    • Hi ripia. Tbh i want a rap/trap kind of song to Lisa tt and a pop song kinda fun/reggaeton for her b side!!

    • thats a whole lot you want LOL

      I want a real cool hip hop song tbh, i love her rap and want to hear it more!!

    • Well, i want everything while YGE gives me nothing :peperain: kkkk

      But a real hip hop song will be soooooo powerful. Imagine the slaaaaaaay!

  • Podemos falar no suo guild mesmo se não estamos brasileiros? Não posso falar muito bem, mas eu gosto de praticar a falar. Eu gosto da cultura brasileira tambeense :)

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    • Claro que sim!! You're more then welcome!!!! Muito obrigada pelo esforço :borahae:

    • Muito bem então, muito obrigado! :) Vou fazer o melhor que puder! I've gotta get some sleep here, but I'll definitely drop by! :borahae:

  • Do you think we could be friends one day :danceb:

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  • Hi, sorry for quoting you. It’s supposed to be for the others (you know who they are). My comment is like a continuation of your post lol.

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    • The way bc of your quoting i received a angry reaction... Kkkkk

      But ok, now it makes sense... Unfortunately both sides are super toxic and just inhuman at this point ..

      At least here we are ok kkkkk

    • Sorry again. I should quote the user that you quoted :(

    • It's ok... Somme users already hate me kkkkk

  • thanks for the follow back! :borahae:

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  • Your entire dp is so fierce!

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