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  • Idk how short it was but you were an amazing guild leader, looking forward to be in a guild with you again :hug-raccoon:

  • :pepe-hug:

  • why, you told me you'd calm down :-(

  • Not you too 😞 I hate this

  • i am gonna miss u!

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    • miss me?

      don’t tell me you’re leaving akp!


    • :eyes: perhaps. ur gonna have to keep it a secret though!

    • you better not!

      you are one of the coolest users here

      I hope you reconsider

      but taking breaks is really good too, this forum can sadly get too serious/toxic sometimes


  • Thanks for the follow <3

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    • You’re welcome :teddy-pepe:

      You seem like a really cool person!

    • Thank you!! only cool people recognize other cool people :pepe-toast:

    • true that :blue-heart:

  • Hii

    • Hello! Nice to meet you :cheer-bunny:

    • How are youuu??

      Nice to meet you too! <3 I'm Hilary, what should I call you?

      Also I followed you, can you follow back? :oops:

    • I’m good! I was just watching the Korea and Uruguay match! you?

      Call me whatever you like, and I followed back :iconpepe:

    • Good to know! <3 Ooo, you watch World Cup?

      I'm doing good!

      Okay, let me think of a nickname.. :/ Are you a female or a male? (if you don't mind me asking)

      Yayy, thank you for following back! :pathead-2: