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  • I LOVE JENNIE KIM SO MUCH :drinktears:

  • Hii

    • Hello! Nice to meet you :cheer-bunny:

    • How are youuu??

      Nice to meet you too! <3 I'm Hilary, what should I call you?

      Also I followed you, can you follow back? :oops:

    • I’m good! I was just watching the Korea and Uruguay match! you?

      Call me whatever you like, and I followed back :iconpepe:

    • Good to know! <3 Ooo, you watch World Cup?

      I'm doing good!

      Okay, let me think of a nickname.. :/ Are you a female or a male? (if you don't mind me asking)

      Yayy, thank you for following back! :pathead-2:

  • are you a swiftie?

    • Yessssss I love miss Taylor!


    • Yes!!! I love her music.

      Although I'm actually waiting for the perfect time to listen to her newest album :waterr: Is Anti-hero really the best song from it?

    • you haven’t listened yet!!?

      Yes, I loved anti-hero, you’re on your own kid and lavender haze the best.

      Although there are loads of great songs, the album is special because if how cohesive and interactive it is, track to track. I think you’ll love it.

    • I listened to anti-hero and i did love it :pepeflushed:

      not as much i like willow or cardigan, but i think it's a great expression of who she is :thinkerpepe:

    • update: I listened to anti-hero like twenty times today and yesterday