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  • Hey Centen, I was thinking with idle's comeback around the corner, it would be good to add the nevie taglist to the user groups.

    Ripia won't get to it. He's gone. But if you pop in the ask a staff member thread, and ask Ves, I think she'll help.

    After getting it added, if you are the leader of the user group, you can just input all the usernames yourself.

    • Thank you!! I'll see if Ves is up to it.

    • I think she'll agree. There are a lot of users in it, and idle is a big group on here. ^w^

      I can't do much, but I am here to help to the best of my ability ofc.

    • I appreciate you just bringing it up! <3

  • Hi!

    • Hihi!

    • hru?

    • omg, slow~ Sorry I missed this. ;(

      I'm doing pretty good lately! I decided August will be a fresh start for working on my goals. How are things for you?

    • it's ok, at least you didn't do it on purpose.

      That's great! Good but I haven't posted much, I have been pretty lazy this week and I am on discord more these days.. Maybe I'll only get to post a lot when it's akorn weekend.

  • you've been eliminated but there's going to be a battle out of the eliminated ones all face each other once and whoever has the most wins get to go to the third round.

    If you're interested otherwise we'll stop the pings ^^

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    • If I'm around, I'll check it out!

    • Well it's basically active rn!

      So far 4 have been eliminated



      Superyeah and you.

      They'll want to face you and vice versa whoever get the most wins gets the third round spot.

      Nobody has played a match yet tho

  • you haven't played in the c4 tournament yet 👀

    • I know, I fail. ;__; I'll see if anyone is up to it tonight!

    • There will be!!

  • :pepe-beg:

  • do you want to play the produce game ?

    • Signed up! Thanks for the reminder, I've been so tired lately, missing a lot.

  • whats your pfp

  • hello, can you buy jo yuri petition pls ? I can refund

    • Done! It's 10 akorns, don't worry about it. :finger-heart:


      ask me anything in the future

  • Sorry for confusing you I meant to add RV in the title

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    • No problem!! I know sometimes idols have real names or English names or fan-given names, so I was like, idk, maybe Momo's fans call her Wendy and I never picked up on that, lol.

    • what do you think of my idea and the counterparts I chose?

    • I think it's fun! I've been trying to think if I would trade any of them around, but it's so hard because then you end up in this massive shuffle, lol.

    • i'm open to any suggestions and ideas. I had a lot of fun with this. I knew Seulgi fit Ten and Lisa fits Mark!

      I originally chose Jihyo as Doyoung but I thought she suited Kun instead and had Yeji as Doyoung's counterpart

    • I'll think on it and post on your board again, so it gets attention and you can get akorns! :pepe_akorns:

  • HIIIII. I Brought you an imaginary cupcake. :omgr:


    • Lol, thank you friend! :pepelove2:

  • Hey can you help me out and buy the A.C.E badge petition? I can give you akorns if you want. :pleading:


  • Thanks for the follow! :lovec:

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    • Of course! It was fun hanging out this morning! <3

    • It sure was! :joy: :) I’ll try to join again tomorrow. Hope to see you there! Have a good night/morning! <3

  • Akorns :cursing:

  • could u give me akorns for en le badges?

  • Hi! Can you please vote for this? It's only one click and would really help

    Thank you :ak_chuusoft: <3

  • thank you for the follow bud! :danceb:

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  • heyy another Somnia!

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    • Yes! I've always sort of liked them since their debut, but this past year of releases, and I'm totally hooked!