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    Love 1
    • OMG!!! I didn't know about this!!!

      Her voice is sooo rich!!! 1:33 is my favorite part!

      So ... She used to practice in South Korea! :'0

    • Thank you for posting this!!! :'3

  • I saw some red pandas at the zoo the other day.

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    • :blehr: Those are my siblings!!!!

      Nice that you saw them... they are hella cute!!! :eyebrowsr:

      BTW, thank you for writing in here. It's heartwarmin and it means a lot.

      Hope you're doing fine. :happyr:

    • Yeah I'm good! Start a new job tomorrow!!! Still anticipating Craxy's comeback :pepepizza:

    • Good luck on that!! Hope you enjoy the environment in there! :pepe-toast:


      I NEED MA GERLS to slay my entire existence and make me come to life again. :pepe-flirt:

      S.A ITAINMENT Better stick with the date without any delays. :pepe-cut:

  • ahhh why u so friendly? also i've never met someone who knows craxy before

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    • Haha. I guess it's in my veins. Ironically, I'm like a hermit and that creates a "beautiful" duality within me cuz I tend to isolate and stuff. :D :D :D

      I really love CRAXY, I'm still waiting their first ever comeback!! Do you like them?

      *Don't feel the obligation to reply yes*

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    • as long as ur doing good with yourself and others, im all for it :D

      and nah i dont like them, i love em :cryingr: i've been following them since they were a part of wishgirls and release the "yours is mine" mv. i really hope they'll be able to make a comeback soon

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    • Aoouwww, That's really thoughtful.

      WOOOW, It's really nice THAT!!! :O

      Who is your bias??? :happyr::happyr::happyr:

      It's really nice to have someone who enjoys CRAXY!

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    • my bias is swan. i fell in love with her after watching her cover of hwasa's twit. before that by bias was chaey- now she's my bias wrecker :merongk:

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    • OMGGG. My bias is SWAN as well. HER VOICE COMES FROM HEAVEN!!!! Not to mention how pretty she is!!!! <3

      Chaey is also my bias wrecker, She is the representation of MAGIC, she is a fairy, she is a princess, she is a deity!!!