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  • and in the end you got banned! Sigh

  • Hii Doki! How are you doing?

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    • hi Hilary-boo 😘

      I’m doing okay, just been really busy lately doing mom duties 👩‍🍳 how have you been?

    • :hug-raccoon:

      I'm doing good, I'm just trying to balance my time. Doing homeworks and activities and farming.

  • I'm happy we have a co led.nim now😊

    As a guild member I'm happy that you are able share responsibility with someone now. :pepelove1:

    I was watching you struggling and wanted to help but my level of social media use is too low :pepe-onions:

    because I was never on any discussion forums like this before I'm a total reader 😅

    so I'll try my best to do what I can as a member of guild.😊

    Let's do our best leader nim❤️

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    • awww don’t worry trolly chan!

      I love having you in our guild? You’re always so sweet and nice! Don’t worry, with time you’ll learn to use forums with ease, I can help you!

    • yup I will do my best :flying:

    • :lover3:

  • you were on oneh*llyu before right? i think i remember you lol. my user name was ethereal there. you were a somi stan, right?

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    • omg ethereal! yes I remember you!

      I was known mostly for being an army and jpop stan on there. I remember we used to go wild in the BTS badge voting threads before the site died. was really good times :pepe-puddle:

    • ^^ yeah i definitely miss OH to this day. i lost touch with a lot of my friends from there

    • I’m still there because I’m too loyal :cryingr: but it’s seriously like a graveyard now, there’s like 10-15 users on a good day now. I miss it back in it’s prime, but at least akp is here for those of us that hate stan twitter!

  • hi can i join newjeans guild :pepefrog:

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    • of course you can! I will let ves know to get you added :borahae:

    • thank you <3

    • the admin has just asked me to make sure you’re okay with leaving the itzy guild, to be added to ours. please let me know :finger-heart:

  • thank for following me and as I ask of everyone tell me something about yourself which I don't already know

    PS: I'll reply in the morning since I'm off to bed

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    • You’re welcome selfiemate!

      Something about me hmmm, did you know I am a kpop fan since second gen? I loved f(x) and 2ne1 mostly, but I liked snsd too. I have had dozens of year long breaks though! also I’m a huge fan of jpop too


    • so that begs the question of how you got into kpop in the beginning?

      one from each of the big3 huh? nice nice...was kpop that different back then compared to now?

      for me I'm a relative newbie since I only got into kpop in 2019 when YT recommended me D4 right before KTL dropped and I was like omg is that bedazzled tank?

    • yeah it was hella different! For starters, everyone i stanned was older than me haha what a time!

      It was a different experience, definitely way more lowkey, forums and YouTube videos were the only other places I saw Kpop discussed, and s**mpi. The community was way more unorganized and chaotic, but honestly really fun.

      D4 is an amazing song, I just recommended it to my sister in law and she’s now obsessed with BP. Great start to Kpop!

    • so kpop has evolved into more mainstream and more organised - is that the best way to describe it?

      so how did you get into kpop in the beginning? like what age and YT? friend? GS??? lol

      well my brother likes kpop as well but my wife on the other hand - nope She claims kpop is literally noise music!!!

  • Thanks for the follow! Also, you seem like a pretty cool user so far.

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    • aw thank you!

      followed because you are always so kind and gracious in the main forum


    • Aw, thank you! I try my best to be.

    • people who go out their way to be kind to everyone are the best people :finger-heart:

    • They really are. Anyway, what would you like to talk about?

    • oh whatever you like!

      What groups do you stan?

  • Wow, allkill!

    • yup:ak_jin-blow-kiss:

      I like support websites I get on a lot!

      how are you hilary honeybuns

    • Cool.

      I'm good, farming a lot since it's akorn weekend, wbu honey?

    • what’s Akron weekend? do you get more akorns if you post?

      I’m good too! Waiting for July to be over, I need august to come around so I can revel in my gg stan life lol

    • yes, you usually get 1 akorn each post right? for users who don't have allkill, they get 2 akorns when it's akorn weekend and for allkill vips, you get 2 akorns when you post right, when it's akorn weekend, you get 3 akorns..

      lol, yess a lot of gg are going to have a cb in august so I feel you gurl

      how is/was your day/night?

    • that’s so good! I need to post more so I can finally have nice badges!

      yes, august is going to be great.

      I’ve been having a good lazy sunday, I made breakfast for my family and I worked out earlier so I feel fresh! but I want to jump in bed and be lazy lol


  • NewJeans album of the year coming soon :lovec:

    • yessss I can’t wait!

      had to add you because you seem so sweet and have excellent taste stanning new jeans and bts!


    • awe thanks :send-love-bunny: You seem to have excellent taste too

      Also Welcome to the forums!! :cheer-bunny:

    • aww thank you for the welcome!


  • Hii :pinky-angel:

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    • Hi!

      thanks for stopping by on my profile!

      Love your ningning DP 💟

    • Aww thank you! Your DP is lovely as well 💚

      How are you doing today?

    • thank you! It’s alexa demi, she’s gorgeous

      I’m doing well thanks! how are you


    • I’m doing well, I just got off work actually

    • oh nice! hopefully you can enjoy time off!

  • Hii

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    • hi Hilary! Thank you so much for adding me dear! <3 <3

    • No prob. You seem like a great person. Also pretty!

      Thanks for the follow back!

    • aww you’re too kind! ♥️

      What are your fave groups!

    • you too :borahae:

      my ult is enhypen and my bias is Jungwon and I stan a lott of groups..

      What should we call each other?

    • aw that’s really cool. I have heard great things about that group, they seem to be very successful! I also listen to so many GG’s! & whatever you like honey :borahae: