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  • Hi!

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  • Hey can you buy the A.C.E badge petition? I can give you akorns for it if you want. :pleading:…d=sortOrder&sortOrder=ASC

  • wow dude, you checked out my profile not too long ago. thank you for caring.

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    • your welcome! Have a nice day/night and hope that we can have a conversation one day.

  • Hey bro wassup? :froghype:

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  • yay, you displayed black swan badges! :froghype: i wondered how they would look on profile, when you're making badges you never know how they will they turn out! i'm satisfied :) i'm glad you like them :pepelove1:

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  • took you long enough ;-)

    so as I ask of everyone tell me something about yourself?

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    • Well it's alot I love anime and kpop. I used to play video games but I stopped because of personal reasons. There also my trauma situation and alot of other stuff. But today that's all I have since u have to go to bed for work. When I get home I will continue :ak_gyuriwave:

    • no probs my friend - answer in your own time when you're ready

      which did you get into first? anime or kpop?

    • when I was 15/16 I think it's both. I used to stanned ladies code, Red velvet, Seventeen etc. Fun fact Red velvet was my first ult girl group and Seventeen was my first ult boy group.

    • interesting and how did you get into both?

      what are the groups that you're a fan/stan of now?

    • I got into kpop by discovering Red velvet dumb dumb and Ladies code galaxy before their comeback. It was in late 2015 I remembered because I was a Ariana grande fan so she performed on the amas and that was the last time I listened to apop. As for anime I watched alot of amazing anime like Rosario vampire, high school of the dead, execel saga, Mirai Nikki, blood, shiki and etc.

  • Hey brother it's been a while!! :froghype:

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  • Hi, thank you for all the hearts on my posts! :pepelove1:

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    • you welcome lmaoo :borahae::borahae::borahae: also I'm almost done collecting my kpop merch, I'm waiting for two deliveries and I'm going to buy re:Tara album. I can't wait to show my kpop collection soon!

    • That's great! I saw that Tara is coming back, hope it's a good comeback :-)

  • love your username!

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  • Hi, can you please vote for me here?

    Thank you! :pinky-salute:

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  • You a whole AMBW activist LMFAOOOO ewww.

    Fatou is just someone who black kpop fans live vicariously through. Her and Lana are the same.



    • I dislike those who fetishize interracial couples. AMBW does this a lot. If this doesn’t apply to you, I apologize.

    • im gay thats why i was confuse. thank you for the apology :claps:

    • LMFAOOOOO. I am so sorry for confusing you with them weird mfs. I shouldn’t be so quick to write people off. Please have a nice week okay? :crys:

      I am sorry :cryingk:

    • :pepelove1:

  • i luv ur username!!

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  • How are you doing now, I remember you mentioned weeks ago about taking break :danceb:

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    • umm i never taken that break LUL. mentally and phyically im still the same. i just like to stall to much. how about you?

    • Maybe you should try to take one then! but well if you have fun on akp I guess that's fine. Been doing great kinda want a new bp cmb already :-(

    • i been having so much fun. I didn't take a break because i haven't finish my thread series called "groups no one talks about" as a appreciation thread. I just need to do seven more parts, its a ten parts series. also i cant wait to buy blackswan comeback single album and twice 3rd album.

    • Think I have heard blackswan mentioned but didnt check out their song yet, might do it now or later. Anyways it's good to hear you are enjoying the time here and hope you can sort out the stuff you mentioned on that thread

    • <3:borahae:<3:borahae: also would you mind paying me 200 akorns since that thread has reach 500 guests?

  • you're rich :omg10:

    akorns juseyo? :omg23:

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    • LMAOOOOO thank you. i used to have 6.5k akorns but i spent it on twice feel individual special badges.

    • also i think @selfmate is the richer :peperich: then me

    • Akorna was used well then :-)

      selfmate would never give me akorns

    • LMAOOOO true. im just waiting for the feels badges. im saving money to buy aespa mini album and blackswan close to me single album. after i get those albums i have to wait for a few months because im not trying to get lector by my mom about buying alot of albums. That way i can continue collecting twice korean albums.

  • hihi were you fed up explaining your old name? ^^

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    • well kinda, since I used to stanned Red Velvet. Now I only follow Twice and Blackswan. Also I really love my new name. The old one was good but this one is better in my opinion.

    • haha its a nice one yes!

      I was just confused for a moment, glad you did not switch your pfp at the same time ^^

  • I like your new username! :blushing:

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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :jihyo3:

    So sorry for the late birthday wish... ;(

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  • Happy Birthday!! :rv29:

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  • Happy birthday <3:giftr:

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  • HI <3

    If you haven’t already can you vote for ONCE CULT in our outfit thread?~
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  • Hey there. Congrats on all that you've accomplished!

    Is there anything you're saving up for in the Akorn Shop?

    • Thank you and nothing in particular. How are u? 😊

    • I just wanted to know because I was going to give you some Akorns as a graduation gift so you could get whatever you want. I know you worked hard for this, so I'm happy you've come this far. It's the least I could do.

      I'm alright, just trying to figure something out.

    • Ah ok. I have a habit of always complaining about being sad or depressed. Its like I can't look over it or be positive. It consume my whole energy so I dunno what to do. I feel scared that I'm going to feel empty or dead inside for the rest of my life, or I'm just being hard on myself...

    • I understand that and I can relate entirely. You're still young. I know exactly that time in life you're going through. I think most people have been there in some way or another. Even for me these days, as much as I dislike admitting it, I still let small things ruin my day sometimes. It's not worth it, though. Life is too short and valuable to sweat the small stuff.