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  • I like your new username! :blushing:

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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :jihyo3:

    So sorry for the late birthday wish... ;(

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  • Happy Birthday!! :rv29:

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  • Happy birthday <3:giftr:

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  • Happy birthday :blade-rest:

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    • Thank you so much!!! :borahae::borahae::borahae::borahae: fyi its only five hours left for me lol

    • hihi ur welcome :blade-secret:

  • HI <3

    If you haven’t already can you vote for ONCE CULT in our outfit thread?~
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  • Hey there. Congrats on all that you've accomplished!

    Is there anything you're saving up for in the Akorn Shop?

    • Thank you and nothing in particular. How are u? 😊

    • I just wanted to know because I was going to give you some Akorns as a graduation gift so you could get whatever you want. I know you worked hard for this, so I'm happy you've come this far. It's the least I could do.

      I'm alright, just trying to figure something out.

    • Ah ok. I have a habit of always complaining about being sad or depressed. Its like I can't look over it or be positive. It consume my whole energy so I dunno what to do. I feel scared that I'm going to feel empty or dead inside for the rest of my life, or I'm just being hard on myself...

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    • I understand that and I can relate entirely. You're still young. I know exactly that time in life you're going through. I think most people have been there in some way or another. Even for me these days, as much as I dislike admitting it, I still let small things ruin my day sometimes. It's not worth it, though. Life is too short and valuable to sweat the small stuff.

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  • BOO

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