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  • hii

  • HI!!!!

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  • Hi haha

  • HI <3

    If you haven’t already can you vote for ONCE CULT in our outfit thread?~
  • Hi I love your sig it is sooo cute also me being a nayeon bias is a plus

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  • Hiii you seem cool :pepeflushed:

    i like your aesthetic too! :pepepizza:

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  • :danceb: hey there, i think the answer was yes.. :flying:

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  • Thanks for following me!

  • Thanks for the akornspepeL at 2x :pepelove1::pepelove2:


  • :mukbang:

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  • thank you for the follow but why me though?

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    • I just like your posts and I think you are a cool person ^^ . That's all!!

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    • well thank you in that case as I always do - tell me a little about yourself

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    • Okay lol. What do you want to know???

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    • your bank account details :wink:

      no just generally - i mean its hard to tell a person from merely their posts so anything really that you care or don't care to share

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    • LOLLL okay i will dm my card number to you. Don't buy anything okayy!!! LMAOOO

      Okay here are 10 things about me.

      1. I am (Amhara)Ethiopian but I live in the US

      2. My ult bias is Nayeon

      3. I have a really lame sense of humor

      4. I am a Capricorn

      5. My favorite color is Yellow because it reminds me of the sunset (which is the most beautiful thing ever)

      6. I am going to be rich in the future

      7. I am really interested in philosophy or just anything about the world and universe

      8. I speak English, Amharic, and a little bit of Spanish.

      9. I hate cold weather

      10. I think I am really beautiful
      okay wbu????

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  • Oh you changed your aesthetic! It looks nice <3

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  • Can you post 'akp's #1 Nayeon stan' somewhere so I can use the clown emoji oRRC6DI.gif

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