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  • Omg YOU ARE SUCH A SWEETHEART <3 I just love doing aesthetics! But omg how are you? You are so adorable

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    • Thank you so much, you're so sweet too! <3 I just love the green and pink combination, so I had to say something :pepelove1: And I'm very well, thank you! How about you? I'm having a lot of fun here, and am so grateful that you all welcomed me so kindly <3

    • yay! I’m glad you’re have fun here <3 I’m doing well just getting ready for thanksgiving!! Were you able to get one of the limited edition twice badges?

    • I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving <3 I was, I actually got two limited badges and then three more from the Black Friday sale! I was able to do so, because two nice Onces helped me out and gave me akorns, I still can't believe how kind this was :pepelove1: I got a couple of group badges and some of Jihyo's. I see that you got a lot of them, they're all so so pretty!

    • Yay! How was your thanksgiving?

      And YES! The badges are SO pretty I’m so glad you got some!!! <3

      Which ones are your favorites that you got?

    • We don't celebrate it here, so it was just a normal day for me, but I had a good, quiet weekend :)

      Thank you! :lover3:

      I think that my top favourites are Jihyo's badges from Scientist MV and Alcohol Free, and the Perfect World badge! I love the Once guild badges too, I will get the last one after the Doughnut badges release (I'm saving up for one of them now ^_^). Which one do you like the most? I also really love your Sunny badge! <3<3<3

  • :pepe-excited:

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    • Hi! :claps: I think we haven't talked yet but it's great to meet another Jihyo stan! :-)

  • Hi babe <3

    I see you recently joined our cult? :pepe-toast:

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    • Hi there and yes! Thanks for welcoming me, I'm loving it there :cutes:<3

  • Hello! I love your aesthetic. Always good to see Jihyo appreciation!

    You should join us in the Once Cult if you want to! We have lots of Twice and Jihyo talk there!!!


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    • She applied! She got a lot of requests to join our guild I think :blushing:

      But the Jihyo stans on this forum just keeps growing and growing it's amazing <3

    • Yay!!! :jihyo3:

      There will never ever be enough of us!!!!!

    • Hi and thank you! <3 I just made it today, I absolutely love the jacket photos of her :lover3:

      I just applied, I hope that I will be accepted and can then chat with you all there! I already saw Jihyo's thread too :pepelove1:

    • I'm sure you'll be accepted. We love having new guild members!

      And yes, our Jihyo Temple is mighty! There's a lot there to backread and great content. And we would always love more!!!!


    • @horizonshard @ Rainbowpop2 Yes, so many lovely people invited me to join and I was looking for the place to rave about Twice anyway! :lover1:

      And Jihyo is just too powerful, I could not not stan her :cutes:

  • I love your sig :pleading: Jihyo looks so pretty there

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    • Thank you so much! I loved Jihyo's styling in Alcohol Free and her smile is always so pretty :pepelove1:

    • Facts :lover1:


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  • Welcome to Allkpop! <3

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