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  • Thank you for your generosity but I can't take it, I sent it back. Maybe there are some Onces who really need it. It's not a time limited so I'm in no rush, I simply can't take it :-)

    • Okay. If you ever change your mind, just let me know. The offer is open!


  • OmG YoU CHaNgeD YouR DP!!!!!

    • I found one that didn't zoom in as much and that I liked even better!

  • Your sub unit special stage thread inspired me, so I have a question; how familiar are you with LOONA?

    • Not very familiar at all. They're on my list to get into someday though.

  • Congrats on ur Royal Wedding, Hope u and Wench last a long time! :pepelove1:


    • You should really know. You introduced us.

    • My idea is flashing in my mind because the evidence checks out but I don't want to say it until it's actually revealed


    • :cutes:

  • thank you for those akorns the other day :cutes:


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  • Thank you for the akorns :claps:

  • What is your favorite TWICE song?

    • Turtle. It's like a warm hug!

    • Awww, I love that song. It's my favorite from the album. :lovec:

    • Yes. It evens beats out title tracks for me. Though I tend to always like b-sides best for my favorite groups.

      What's your favorite Twice song?

    • Shadow or SOS. I can't pick between these two. One in a million is a close second. I get goosebumps while listening to that song.

    • Those are all very good choices!

  • thanks for the follow back :lover3:

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  • hi! I'm giving you 300 akorns for the perfect world badge!

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  • Onces know how to make a beautiful dp. Found so many Alcohol-Free dps on here including yours

    • Thanks. When I saw that scene, I knew I had to use that. God Jihyo breathing out the sunrise!

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  • I'm curious...why don't you make that many threads? :/

    I have 15 pages worth (I have 447 threads total)

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    • I’ve been starting to make more of them. I just don’t have that many original ideas to spark conversations. So most of the ones I make are news related, and they don’t seem to get much traction.

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    • Oh, I see :pepe-toilet:

      Just curious...

    • It might be something I’ll start doing more. I’ve been becoming more active lately, so could be fun.

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    • That sounds cool ... also curious ... why don't you really use the <3 reaction? :/

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    • I do, but only when I really love a post. I have been starting to use more of the Reacts lately as well. So it’s just a process of getting into the habit.

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  • I gave you akorns for your badge! :iloveyoub:


    Anyways, good night! It's almost 3am for me

  • Yo, did I ever tell you about this video I made for Jihyo's birthday?

    I know it's not the best but in conveys the message

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  • Happy birthday


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  • HBD buddy !!

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  • People really underrated Jihyo's beauty. She's a goddess in your sig and profile pic

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  • Happy Birthday!

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  • HBD!

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  • happy birthday <333

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    You share a birthday with Blackpink Lisa! LUCKY

  • Hihihi

    I sometimes get you and me mixed up because of our dps


  • welcome to the once cult!!

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