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    They all got emotional. Even those that don't show it much, you could tell they were very touched.

    I do wonder if they'll try the "Once can't speak, you have to clap" at the US shows. It'd be fun to see their reactions when the American Once just keep screaming and being loud!!!!

    Yes, I could feel it. <3

    That would be interesting to see since the two cultures seem quite different! The restrictions must have been hard for everyone, I imagine they usually perform in front of the cheering crowd and people in the audience must have bee so careful not to make the noise. I know it would be so hard for me! I was cheering and singing along almost the whole time :S

    I expect the Christmas songs to be replaced with something else for the US shows in February.

    Then the setlist will probably change dramatically for the Japan shows, since they can do the Japanese songs there. And they have a lot of good ones to do for the first time!

    I didn't think about the setlist changing for each concert! But it would be great if they performed their new Japanese songs, there are so many good ones on the third album!

    I feel like such a newbie, but I never followed concert news for any of my bias groups until now.

    Her reaction after Cactus and Rewind was priceless and precious. "Ahhhhh I'm so embarrassed!!!!!!"

    Nayeon making fun of her was iconic too!!!!!

    Yes, that was so cute! I guess she did it to stop the tears from coming and then they moved on to more cheerful songs <3

    Nayeon was teasing Jihyo so much! She was also the one who said she should perform More & More for everyone, haha. And kept on telling her she should sing those lines again, because she cried when performing.

    And then Nayeon herself got so emotional when she was talking about the concert :pepelove1:

    There will definitely be a DVD and Blu-ray release for this concert. But don't know if it will be this specific concert. Probably another one down the line. Maybe if they do a finale back in Seoul.

    I know they would want the DVD release to be OT9 if possible. I also don't think they'll have the Christmas songs or outfits for the full tour. But we'll have a wait a long time to find out. They don't release the DVD until after the whole tour is done, and then it takes about a year to a year and a half to get through the approval process.

    Thank you for explaining! <3 It would be wonderful if they filmed the show with all nine of them.

    I also don't think they will do the Christmas outfits in later shows, because I just saw that the Japanese concerts will be in April. But it's so fun that they will probably come up with something else!

    But hopefully there is something to look forward to :-)

    And I forgot to say I loved the video the fans prepared for them so much! I remember you told me they did it in the past, so I wasn't surprised, and I thought it was so so touching :pepelove1:

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    I do the same thing - for the albums that are not easily available to buy here, I look for second hand copies. I was a little sad about not getting any inclusions but now that I realised I can get them separately, I don't mind.

    It really is a huge difference! At first I only browsed ebay but now I see the photocards are very overpriced and the shipping is usually way higher too. I couldn't believe my luck recently but I joined a group order on instagram where someone was selling their big collection and everything was around 1 euro - I managed to claim the #Twice2 album with the DVD for such price 8|

    Glad to know I'm not alone :pepe-sad::pepelove1: I feel like a kid in a toyshop, so many pretty cards and other merch.

    If you ever start collecting, I really recommend checking instagram! The most popular tags are #twicesell #twicesale, #twicetrade and #twicego. The price difference really is big between other websites and there. :-)

    I just ordered some cards from their 4th concert there, because I couldn't help myself, I want to have something to remember it by <3

    Oh, I actually thought that the ribbons under her chin weren't tied the way Sana's were, and that's why it was slipping, haha.

    I agree about that! It was really fun how they teased Jihyo and finally she agreed to dance the chorus for us, but both cases were solved really fast!

    Now I wonder if they're going to release the concert on DVD, because I was so stupid at the beginning and didn't realise my subtitles were turned on Japanese for some reason, and I missed the beginning of their introductions :pepe-sad:

    I agree with everything here.

    There were so many tears. A lot of them mine!


    But I love it that there were so many funny moments too. Especially the encore, after seeing photos from yesterday, I didn't expect them to wear the funny costumes ^^

    Nayeon's christmas tree costume wasn't properly adjusted and the top kept on slipping ^^ And this time Momo and Jihyo were snowmen. And Santa DubChaeng throwing paper hearts <3

    And the subunit stages were everything too!!! Each stage was different but so amazing, I was blown away :love:

    Sorry, I can't stop thinking about it and now it seems talking about it too :happyr:

    Oh my gosh, everyone, the concert today was fantastic, I still can't get over it!!! :froghype::froghype::froghype:

    The girls put up amazing performances and like other mentioned, the encore was so long, it's like they didn't want it to end! (me neither!)

    I teared up a little at the beginning, because it was so overwhelming, watching it online still felt like I was there. And then when Jihyo cried during Cactus, when Sana cried and Dahyun at the end talk... You could see they were so happy to have a concert after such long time!

    The only thing I really missed was our Jeongyeon <3

    But the girls did so well, all the stages were fire and I love the setlist (so many songs they've never performed before!). It was so much fun, I laughed and cried and sang along, I'm still full of excitement hours later haha. Even if they never come to my country or near me, I'll always remember watching this concert. They even addressed Once who were online :pepelove1:

    I did! I got Minas book and Jihyos book! Jihyos is so gorgeous. I got the Lemon version.

    I’m so happy to hear you got those albums and Jihyos book! :froghype: Seriously the Yes I Am books are so huge! But they’re so worth it! Which one did you get of Jihyos? The Lemon or the Blue one?

    Did you get any of Jihyos photocards with those? I’ve never took part in trading photocards or buying them off someone before. Although there certainly are some photocards that I wish I had gotten that I didn’t. On eBay I’ve seen a lot of photocards going for like $10 + and for me I feel like I could put that money towards albums.

    Yay, both of them, that's great! :froghype: I got the Lemon version too, I love the cover a bit more. It should be here after Christmas, I'm so excited :borahae:

    I got one of Jihyo's photocards in YoY, but otherwise no. Summer Nights was a second hand purchase, but the seller was so nice, she gave me the preorder cards set for free :pleading: I'm getting TYOY second hand too, but I bought one Jihyo card and will trade for another one, I really like the cards in this album - so gold and shiny, very festive.

    I looked at ebay first and thought the same - the prices are so high, especially for some cards that are considered rare! But then I searched twice photocards on instagram one day and there's a whole trading/selling community, where sometimes you can get photocards as cheap as $2! For example, I looked at the photocards from Once Begins series and someone sold them on ebay for about $50 but I found someone on instagram who had them for $9 :wow: People also organise group orders for photocards that are more rare or albums. Because I live in Europe, the shipping price is sometimes high, but I plan to find other european collectors.

    It's so weird that all of a sudden I feel the need to collect Twice merch, but I guess they really got me addicted, haha. <3 I also don't think I will collect more than one copy of each album, unless I really love the photobook, so I'm tempted to get photocards now ^^

    Then we're going to fly to Florida and spend 5 days at Disney World and 2 days in Universal Studios before we have to go home...

    I can't wait!! I wanna get new Mickey Mouse ears and deck myself out in HP Hufflepuff gear 😋

    Wow, Disneyland around Christmas must be even more magical! :omgr: I hope that you'll have lots of fun!

    And also,for some reason it makes me happy to see that you're a fellow Hufflepuff ^^:claps: