• I. Introduction

    Shuhua is a Taiwanese singer under Cube Entertainment and the maknae of South Korean girl group (G)I-DLE.

    II. Early Life

    When she was young, watching actors on the TV made her thought of becoming a celebrity one day. She always told to her family that she will be definitely on TV one day.

    Thinking she was only a child, her family didn't put that on mind. However, she took action. She practiced alone everyday, immersing in the imagination of audiences sitting in front of her while acting various situations.By chance, she saw HyunA's stage and become a fan instantly. She made the decision that she must become a singer one day. With the beautiful dream of becoming a singer, she entered an art school and one

    day her friend said "Let's go to Cube's Audition". She went with them just out of curiosity but was then informed of being qualified. However, it wasn't an easy decision for her going abroad alone at such a young age but the thought of unwilling to be regretted was stronger than fears. In order to fulfill her dreams, she decided to go to South Korea.

    III. Shuhua facts

    - Can speak Chinese and Korean, but cannot speak Taiwanese, which is based on Southern Min.

    - Her English name is Susan. It was given to her since kindergarten.

    - Her hobby is acting.

    - Shuhua hates strawberries and shrimps. She likes chocolate, stir-fried spicy pork and fruit juice.

    - Was featured in 10cm’s ‘PET’ MV together with Yoo Seonho.

    - She knew Kpop through her friends.

    - Auditioned on Cube Audition in Taiwan on 2016.

    - She trained for 3 years and 2 months before debut.

    - Shuhua and Soojin are roommates, and Soojin was the first Korean person Shuhua met.

    (Credits to kprofiles for these facts)