• have you seen blink goals :eyes:

    do they match to your predictions? :pepe-notes:

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  • Fuck YG.

    Sad 1
  • 200 Akron’s please

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  • give akorns pls :pepe-beg:

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  • Yop Hardy how are you doing?

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  • Hey guideur de mauvaise aventure !

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  • :pepe-beg:

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  • this is bittersweet... :cryingr: but my 200 akorns :boredr:

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  • Hey Hardy I didnot forget you! :cursing:

    Gimme my akorns! :cursing:

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  • gimme your akorns to feast on :eyes:

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  • JooE says Hi! :borahae:

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  • Not me finding you on the bp subreddit. May 27th :merongk:

  • could u give me akorns for en le badges?

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  • Btw, do you remember a guy named Hardy (I don't remember his exact username), with the walter white profile pic, who used be on akp a few years ago? I just remember him picking on you back then when you were new lol.

    • Really 🤔

      Nope I don't lol

    • Oh okay. Yeah, it's too bad we don't have any evidence of the old forum. I remember a few times in 2019 when he would bash you, but I guess you guys didn't have as many interactions as I thought.

    • Wow lol

      Yeah it sucks all that data was erased cause ion remember anything from my time here in 2019

    • Don't think anything of it lol, that guy just randomly popped into my head. Anyways, enjoy the rest of your day and hopefully we get BP news soon.

    • Hopefully

      Also u too 👏

  • can i have some akorns?

    help this innocent child


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    • Sure

    • thank you, YG insider. please give us an accurate prediction this time, and i wish you a nice day/night

      kittyCry at 2x

    • U have 9K akorns tho 💀

    • yes, i do. but only because im a good blink trying to get many akorns to spend on my precious blackpink girlies. no shady business here. kittyCry at 2x

    • Lol BP will CB on April 1 🌝

      Interesting I'm going to believe u on that lol

  • It's february, I'm here for my pay :eyes:

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    • What u talking about 💀

    • We bet akorns, a while ago you claimed BP would be coming back in january 💀. You were confident about it and I told you amount of akorns to pay would be the quantity I had when february started :eyes:

    • 💀💀💀

      So what's the amount lol

    • 560. Luckily you got more than enough :moneyk:

    • 💀💀💀

  • What happened to that blink named House something? They used to post theories all the time about BLACKPINK content

  • hardy, your aesthetic is very aesthetically pleasing :thumbup:

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  • What happened with V?

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  • Thanks for following my profile, fortune teller. :rose2:

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  • Wassup?


    Have you listened to Rock With You? I would recommend you do. 10/10, perfection. I wanted to know what you think about it. I kind of liked your Blackpink album review threads in the past, so just wondering what you think of RWY.

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    • Sup

      So I didn't listen to that but cause u asked I'll & I'll make a review thread for it tomorrow 🙂

    • Awwwh I did not expect that, wow, thank you so much! Plz why are you so nice for what?! 😭

    • Lol I'm naturally nice ig & also you one of the nicest users here so why wouldn't I be 🙂

    • :cutes::lovec:  :cutes:

  • Hi, can you please vote for me here?


    Thank you! :jennie4:

  • what you doing with those akorns lol

  • Heard the news? Your chinese sweatshops coming to an end? How your girles gonna keep up now?

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  • Don't mind me. Just passing by :peperun:

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  • :starec:

    • Lol Sup

    • Helloo!

      It’s been so long since I’ve seen you, how have you been?

    • Been good, you?

      It has been a while, I'm not very active as before here that's why 👀

    • Glad to hear you are doing well. I’ve been good too, just school being a pain in the neck (per usual).

      Ah I see, losing interest in forums?

    • I can imagine!

      Not really, I just don't have enough time as before, adulting is time consuming lol

  • akorns juseyo :shyy: :shyy: :shyy:

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  • It's been a while hardcore, excited for lisa's solo? :eyes:

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    • Ahh so you're back!

      I'm obviously very excited but man I can't believe they dragged it out this long, whenever I think there's no way YG will delay it further than this... I end up being wrong lol

      Anyways new music in max 15 days 👀

    • I cooled off and lisa got me excited lol

      I genuinely dont know what is happening within that company, maybe they are losing interest in the label side of it since music industry is not that high up among the most profitable ones, but it doesnt make sense when bp are such a massive selling and touring force.

      But yeah I'm thinking her song is the 10th and bp's new album (though probably a mini with 5 sogs) by november/december. So annoying cause we should be getting another album with at least 10 songs, fucking hate that damn company

    • It seems YGE want to maximize profits so the new strategy is to space out album releases to the fullest

      It'll be about 6 months since Rosie's solo by the time Lisa releases hers

      Don't expect a BP album (it'll be definitely be an album with at least 8 songs) till after 6 months (march/April 2022)

      & then repeat... Till they come up with a new strategy anyways lol

    • At this point is it an strategy? I don't think so, they are just genuinely slow putting stuff out (see all their other artists), now add teddy who is very meticulous with bp, which he seems to consider his creation and it's even worse. I guess we have to wait, I personally really think they are still gonna release 1 album this year, or at least a couple pre release singles

    • Bruh it took them 5 months after THE ALBUM to release Rosie's solo & now 6 months to release Lisa's solo

      It's literally impossible for a BP album to drop before March 2022

      They will definitely release a pre-release single in November & another in January then album March imo

  • What do you say about the two supposed BlackPink-Demo-Song snippets that were leaked recently?

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