• What do you say about the two supposed BlackPink-Demo-Song snippets that were leaked recently?

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  • welcome to blink guild :pepelove1:

    I see you finally got your emblem :danceb:

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    • Oh yeah thanks, pretty cool if I must say 👌

    • I love it! I think it looks great with your dp :lover3:

    • Agreed, thanks 😁

    • Rosés your bias right ?

      You always have a rosie dp :smirks2:

    • Yessss, she speaks to me on a deeper level than the other members, she's a Gem 👀

  • you might remember this from the old place hardy! lmaooo and my old self! too funny! I've somehow kept it! Cheerz mate!

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    • That's legitimately funny, u made it?

    • Yes, I had done it myself! lmaoooo I was Splendor then. Then, Splendy, now Solus. I'm done changing UN now, no more of that! :P That gif was like back in June/July of 2020, something like that! We both had been unimpressed with HYLT! Everyone else loved it! lolll

    • Yeah hylt was a disappointment cause of the hype & the teaser showed massive promise lol

    • I mean, it grew on both of us but yeah, it was still a slight let down for me!

    • True

  • stream the superior bp collab my friend :blowing-kiss:

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  • Thanks for the follow back! Much appreciated! ✔︎✔︎

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    • No problem, you seem like a cool blink ✔️✔️

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    • well, you've known me for a mighty long time Hardy ;) I'm Splendy from the old forum ;)

      Yes indeed, I'm a DiehardBlink! :) Nice to talk to you once again and thank you!

    • Splendy.... I do remember you lol

      U left pre Hylt I think

      What made u cb now? Akp has lost tons of blinks recently

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    • It was pre-LSG I think, around that time. I even remember how you and I were genuinely disappointed when HYLT came out lmaooo everyone else was ecstatic! hehe

      I came back after taking care of quite a lot of stuff in my personal life. I was also swamped at work and I had to ease off akp a lil' :D

      As for Blinks, no worries, we usually get a major influx of them whenever the girls comeback. I'm expecting august will very much be the same! Blackpink is the revolution! :yesr:

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  • you believe in taypink rumors?

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    • TayPink is not really my #1 or #2 choice for BP big collab this year in fact it never was an option lol

      Her sound these days doesn't really suit BP so idk

      The rumors are strange...

  • Just wanted to know, are you a guy or a female?

  • i didn't like you last year but now i realized that you aren't mean, you're just dedicated and a bit hardcore :pepelove1:

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  • See ya hardcore, am gone from this garbage site. Wish u luck standing up for bp with the few real fans left

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    • Damn blinks are really dipping 1 by 1 lol

      Farewell my friend 👏

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    • Not much to do. Toxic ratmys get a free pass for everything by mods. It's disgusting how biased the staff is

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  • I love Blackpink.

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  • Lmaooo fuck this shit

  • Did u miss me? ; (

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    • Where u beeeeen?!

      I was wondering perhaps you got banned temporarily but then I thought well maybe u just busy with life.

      I did miss you <3

  • why have you been here for so long fjdksjkd the dedication

    • Lol over 2 years now

      I don't stay long & on some days I don't even log in at all

      I enjoy the 1 hour I spend here when I'm on so why not lol

    • i see

      well we all love hardy :yesr: :yesr:

      lowkey think you're one of the most wellknown and iconic users here

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    • No everyone shares that opinion lol

      But thanks :)

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  • softcoreBLINK :boredr::boredr:

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  • seems u liked rose? :claps:

    • Who's rose.....

      I love GONE & like OTG basically :)

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    • LOL I forgot the accent idk which one i liked better but I think it was a good debut nice to see you btw

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    • That's okay lol

      Glad u enjoyed it!

      I've been here since way back, wbu?

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    • oh I just couldn't log into my account so I was afk from here, but im back now :claps:

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  • BRB streaming - R - ✔️✔️✔️

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  • Hardy gimme 500 akorns

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  • dont forget to tune in


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  • Sorry for bringing the convo here but what do you mean they dont update their numbers anymore? I just thought it was fishy how kworb only counts mvs, a few making film and dance practices +a few japanese versions of their songs (46 videos total) but then for bts there are a lot of trailers, teasers and bs counting as views.

    Twice's case is even more ridiculous as the site is counting 650+ videos for them a lot of which are not music related at all. Idk that site is anti blackpink imo lol

    • Oh well they used to count yearly youtube streams on their website but this year they are not doing it

      Last year BP briefly became #1 but then they suddenly changed their criteria & BP became #4 lol

      That was definitely fishy

      Also since all of BP content is in one channel its easy to track, for example they have 16B as lead artists

      KAMU & SC numbers would give them 400M boost & then ofc there's UGCs that YouTube charts count but Artists channels don't

    • Yeah I'm aware of their criteria change but as I said it's bullshit the way they dont count teasers, bp house all of which pulled massive numbers too but then do it for other artists, it's so biased lol

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  • Are you still at March 19th? Since reports have been saying early march, wouldn't March 12th be likely as well? Guess we'll find out on Monday Edit: March instead of Feb I'm braindead litterally

    • U mean March lol

      Yeah in my thread I actually said March 12th-19th so I'm happy it's going to be March 12th ✔️

  • do you mind if i make a thread called 'why cant hardcore join the blink guild'

  • How dare you call svt nugu? :mad: :mad:

    • Lol I did say "the biggest nugu"

      That's high praise right there ^

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  • where the fuck are you?


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  • When do you think the promotions for RS1 will start?

  • Thoughts on BHxYG recent partnership?

    • Wild lol

      Definitely didn't see that coming but it seems both companies are now seeing each other with warm feelings

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  • Hey my craziest hardcore blink <3

  • Do you watch anime? :eyes:

    • Of course.

      I love anime

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    • Now that’s taste ❤️

      So, I am totally not here to promote Black Clover and tell you how amazing it is.

      Please watch it, it’s so good! I really need more BC moots, like I can not express enough how good it is. Once you start you really get invested.

      (My sig is also BC since I am obsessed with it)

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    • U know I still haven't watched black clover so thanks for the reminder lol

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    • Yess, go watch!

      Lemme know how you like it 😁

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    • Will do 😌

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  • So, do you still think Rs1 on February 1st? People are saying Rosé will come after Bobby and are also questioning why YG would promote her Solo alongside The Show... I'm getting kinda worried tbh

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