• You can't forever hide hardy, time to come out and face people :pepe-annoy:

  • bro nothing happened 2 days passed then 4 then 6 mate. Sow hat's your lore brother??

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    • Honestly your guess is as good as mine at this point,this is uncharted territory lol

      All I know is that the pinks are 100% joining TBL as BP/solo acts

      When it'll be announced? TBD but I reckon it might be as soon as this weekend 👀

    • ok ok I will trust what you say mate.

  • my 2nd fave blink in the whole world 😘

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  • Onces (god forbid me for uttering the word) hate Le Sserafim because of the J-line competition. You give me some akorns, I grow the Le Sserafim guild, Onces seethe. Deal?

  • Omg Hardcore Blink Thank you bro, I appreciate a lot mate. But are you sure you are ok with donating so much mate, damn brother may you be blessed.

  • Hardy when is the next bp comeback according to your sources :/

    • I wouldn't expect a new era before Q1 2024 👀

    • That would suck not gonna lie :/

    • They definitely need time to rest & recharge & properly plan their new era so a 2023 CB is out of the question

      If it's a late Jan 2024 CB I'm okay with that

      Now if they push it to April or say June,that's what will truly suck

    • Man I sometimes hate the kpop model of promotions so much How hard is it to just drop the album on streaming platforms without performing it everywhere

    • Right?! Not every song even needs a $1M MV

      Also teddy would never so 🚶


  • remember what I told you last year about Jisoo's comeback and you said no way? guess I am some magical bitch

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    • What did u say 👀

    • I told you that it was going to be early this year, and you said nah that doesn't sound right. But guess I was :eyebrowsr: So now lets see if they have a summer comeback now. which I doubt but hey

    • Oh wow fair enough ig 🙂

      They will definitely have that summer CB 😁

    • yup they are

  • hello hardy i see you visted my profile now i visit yours

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    • Not much to see here 😌

    • now I'm curious why did you visit my profile?

    • I don't remember,maybe to follow you 🤔

    • no bc you followed me a while ago i just checked

    • Could by anything then, maybe I commented on your page

  • *sigh* I told u I wouldn't just come here to beg for akorns :clown:

    But I need those akorns this Black Friday ;( saurrrrr :pepe-beg: ?

    Anywayss how have you been?

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    • Yet here you are 💀

      Sure 😌

      Really good,wbu?

    • I was desperate lmao :emotionalpepe:

      Thank youuu :flirt-pepe2:

      Ooo that's good, I am doing good, finally my body doesn't hurt anymore, I was at camp a few days ago and it was so tiring but really fun!

      What are you up to? :iconpepe:

    • Always happy to help 😌

      Glad u had fun :)

      it's the weekend so I'm just chilling

    • :pathead-2:

      It's still the weekend for you? It's already Monday for me :emotionalpepe: What time tho?

    • Lol yep well for a few more hours anyways,

      It's 6:51, what time is it over there 🤔

  • Dont mind me just came to see if I followed u <3

  • Hardy, I have a really serious question that will impact the world several hundreds of years from now:

  • Hii Hardy! :froghype: It's been a while since I backread lol, been busy with school :emotionalpepe:

    Anyways how are you doing? :pathead:

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    • Hello 👋

      That's understandable, everyone's busier nowadays 😌

      I'm doing great,what about you?

    • I realized I only commented on your wall once for akorns lmao ^^ and that was when I don't go to the guild yet haha.

      Yeah I heard, I talked to the other blinks on their walls too.

      Good to know you are doing great, I am too!

      Anything new with you? :check-bee:

    • Almost everyone only comments here for akorns lol

      Cool cool 😌

      Naur I don't think so but what about you? How's school going 👀

    • Starting from now on, I'll try to comment on your wall not just for akorns lol yk like just asking how you are doing

      Oh I see, school is doing great ig, we're already on the 2nd quarter and I'm excited when we'll have face to face classes and ahh we'll have camping soon too!

    • Lol sure thanks 🙂

      Wait u still not attending face to face classes???

  • Bon anniversaire poto :finger-heart:

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  • so thank for the follow now tell me something about yourself which I don't already know?

    • I like watching the sunset.

    • interesting do you do it often?

      is it for romantic reason?

      are you a romantic person generally? lol

    • I usually try to do atleast once a month lol

      No I just know a Spot & it's calming in a way 😌

      Kinda lol

    • that's great I would have never in a million years thought of you as a sunset/romantic person lol

      when did you start getting into sunsets?

    • Interesting lol what vibes do I give off? (Tbh I wasn't initially)

      Like maybe 2 years ago 🤔

  • Hello Hardy nice to meet you I'd like to apologize

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  • follow back! :pepe-slash:

  • lol hardys profil page is so fun to read lol

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  • bruh can you gimme 200 akorns plz? :pepe-beg:

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  • answer your DMS :sleeping:

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  • have you seen blink goals :eyes:

    do they match to your predictions? :pepe-notes:

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  • Fuck YG.

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  • give akorns pls :pepe-beg:

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  • Yop Hardy how are you doing?

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  • Hey guideur de mauvaise aventure !

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  • this is bittersweet... :cryingr: but my 200 akorns :boredr:

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  • Hey Hardy I didnot forget you! :cursing:

    Gimme my akorns! :cursing:

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  • JooE says Hi! :borahae:

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